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Illegal land allocation rampant in Lusaka

General NewsIllegal land allocation rampant in Lusaka

Illegal land allocation is said to be the biggest problem facing Lusaka Province.

Provincial Deputy Permanent Secretary Kaizar Zulu has observed with saddeness the lawlessness in the way land is being administered.

He says time to address land issues in the Province is now.

Mr. Zulu was speaking on Tuesday when he opened a stakeholders consultative meeting on planning issues in Lusaka Province.

He says there is need to come up with guidelines which must be communicated to the public clearly at which point acquired land can be sold.

Lusaka province has been facing a major challenge on land while some of the less privileged have been greatly affected, like Ng’ombe displaced Persons who are yet to be fully settled.



  1. And this PF government wants to take this lawlessness to Chirundu and SP in general!This country is in a terrible state.Might as well declare ourselves a failed state.Its really irritating and anoying

  2. This problem has been around since Chiluba’s time and he and his successors allowed cadres and councillors to carry on with the rot. It’s ironic that during KK’s time, town planning and land allocation was more organized than the lawlessness that prevailed when the midget and his cohorts took over power. Zambia has so much land at it’s disposal and if well managed, we can all partake and enjoy legal rights over this precious resource; alas, it’s been the wild wild west since 1991.

    • Well said. This problem was not ‘born’ yesterday. We need to seriously resolve this matter. We need complete political will to stamp out this scourge.

  3. It is these Power Failures (pf)who are not following any law regarding land matters.. They realiagned chama district out of greed.

  4. The truth is, this lawlessness in land administration is an old and well known problem and it cannot be brought under control because big shots have always been behind it. The problem has been identified and why then is law enforcement not being applied to contain the rot?
    I can’t think of anything that has been well managed in Zambia. It’s all about shady deals, corrupt transactions and dirty free-for-all attitudes.

  5. the problem with most of us is our mindset,what type of mindset for one to blame PF on land issues,which saw gladys nyironga jailed and many pipo fired.first the problem is with the buyers,you ur suppose to follow the law waiting for offer letter ,of which i know to some it will never come but the town plan will be well organised.second,the procedure in acquiring land is not ideal for a fair deal ,becoz sonme of us think cadres ar the ones responsible for land alocation,so pipo need to be sensitised on the right procedures.and lastly enforcement of the law,unfortunately this doesnot work under the current scenario,becoz of political interference from above,same with street vending,LCC wants the city to be clean but the MCS say leave the WHAT TYPE OF MINDSET is this,there is no laid systm.

  6. Did I get this right – PF is holding a “stakeholders consultative workshop”?

    Well, OK then…. good luck with that.

    Only by the logic of the day, I’m sure the next will be to reverse ALL land transactions SUSPECTED of being illegal since colonial days with immediate effect.

    That that will improve investor confidence, right?!?!

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