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Treat all provinces equally PF Government told

Headlines Treat all provinces equally PF Government told

Mongu residents watching the fund raising walk ahead of this years Kuomboka ceremony

United Party for National Development (UPND) leader, Hakainde Hichilema and United Liberal Party (ULP) President Sakwiba Sikota have jointly advised the Patriotic front government not to treat people of Western province as children of a lesser god.

The two leaders said there is no need for the government to behave as if they are doing the people of Western province a favor but it should realize that they are equally entitled to the benefits other provinces are enjoying.

Speaking at a joint press briefing, UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema said there was no need to spend billions of kwacha on a commission of inquiry into the causes of last years Mongu riots.

Mr. Hichilema said the money should have been used to facilitate the dialogue that people wish instead of wasting it through a commission of inquiry.

He has since advised the Patriotic front government to develop a plan that will help accelerate development in the province.

And his ULP counterpart Sakwiba Sikota says the joint meeting should not be misunderstood but should be embraced by every leader that puts the welfare of the people at heart.

Mr. Sikota says dialogue is the only sensible and reasonable way forward for the country.



  1. Thumbs up to HH & Saki.If you cant fight for the betterment of your people,nobody will.Aluta continua…

  2. It’s true the provinces of the country are equally important. One Zambia One Nation is one of the greatest achievements of our first republic and PF don’t seem to value it or understand the consequences of disintegrating the nation. Additionally, PF have treated the entire country like little children with their failed promises. It’s hard to prove they are capable to govern now that the economy is in free fall.

  3. wat are u guys talking abt?ths country is poor frm kaputa ,to shangombo mwinilunga to nabwalya in mpika.we need development across the nation.sakwiba concentrate on yo law practice as for hh the editor in chief of the ZWD site,go round the country & see how u can galvanise yo fallin political fortunes.yo press conference was useless. take heed.

    • Bashi kay, Ubupuba kumyobe, not in public like here, you are filled with stick tribalism and hatred such that you have no taste for beauty and message of Unit. You are better as corpse

  4. HH is a fool who can not even think about the principle of law,yea when you follow law it’s costly but people who were behind that should be hunted down. we know that HH is supporting RB and the crew.the first thing that you have to know is PF   didn’t cause this problem but RB and the MMD the one you are supporting.thats why people say that you can’t be a president of zambia cause your brain is to small 

    • What is your problem with HH? You sound like an adolescent that can’t reason with the smallest of issues. What they are saying is common sense regardless of what you think. You may not like him and the party, neither do I, but its true that we need to ALL be treated as Zambian citizens. My girlfriend is from W Province and I know nothing ever improves in that place which is sad. HH will not be president of Zambia but he needs to be heard out on this whether he is being sincere or just trying to gain political mileage!!!!

    • it seems you do not think with yo brains. Too childish, stop commenting on issues you do not clearly understand

    • God will give you exactly what you wish on others… as the bible says “forgive us as we forgive others”

    • you dont wish bad on nobody, no matter how you hate them..we all go through stuff this is life we are human beings we are all mortal.

  5. Fair point. However, wherever a citizen of our amalgamated nation loses his life under these circumstances one would expect it not to be brushed under the carpet. That is if that life is as important as those of a greater God :)

  6. That is the spirit younger leaders need to unite. HH should have embraced leaders like Saki and Chisanga he had found in UPND. We all make mistakes time to make ammends, join hands also with Chipimo and Milupi, otherwise we the younger generation will have ourselves to blame for the chaos being continuosuly governed by an ancient leadership. We had RB, MCS and God forbid we shouldn’t have another pre-historic leader again.

  7. Bembas will never accept that other people from other provinces are treated differently. It is the same as a WHITE BOY not accepting that there is RACISM, but just BLACK PEOPLE being cry babies. The white boy finds it hard to accept something that does not affect him or does not feel it, the same thing as Bembas. This is not about HH or SAKI, but for people of western province.

  8. The commission of inquiry was a necessary undertaking by the PF govt especially that there was needless loss of lives and there were cover ups by the previous govt. We have learnt a lot from the little info that has so far leaked from the report.
    There is currently no province in Zambia receiving preferential development programmes at the expense of other provinces.
    HH is too greedy to even be a ward chairman….He is just another wasted sperm!!
    Sakwiba’s statement on dialogue makes sense.

  9. stinking bembas, i remember levy. he was correct. but time will come, we will reduce u until u run back to congo u imwas

  10. So president Sata has just had an operation for prostate in India. Thanks to watchdog.com This dispels all speculations the PF govt was hiding and shielded by Lubinda. The wachdog.com gives way to access Indian Times who have given more info. on the Zambian president with the hospital where an opration was carried out and other information. As usual to PF members DECEPTION is VIRTUE and the perception that they will continue to do things in secrecy will not succeed. Sata is a public property to Zambia and Zambians are entitled to know what’s going on with their president (we reject defacto leadership) LT perfom proper journalism of informing the public.(Zambians reject PF satelite news media out lets like the pro PF Post news paper)

  11. Saki is childish and has easily forgotten how he was dislodged from UPND because he is not Tonga. Has Saki become Tonga today? what development has taken place in northern, eastern, north western, luapula, Muchinga that western province complains about? Southern province is more developed than these provinces. HH was cursed by his own mother for trying to rape her that’s why he hallucinates. The problem is that people think Lusaka, CB and central provinces are bemba lands when they are not. These guys are preaching blank msgs

  12. HH you made a mistake to be tribal in the beginning. Now that you see a single province cannot win an election your start crying. Just look around the voting pattern an see who is tribal you *****ss. You blame the Bemba who as matter of facts occupy more provinces but have voted in none Bemba president.

  13. HH makes me feel good. Young, an economic specialist, a seasoned accountant an acomplished businessman. Compare to membe, deep in debt, poverty stricken, a bigot being protected from bankrupcy by SATA an egocentric son of a Bit…..

  14. There are always two sides to every story. HH and Saki are right to demand that all provinces should be treated equally but, at the same time all provinces should not behave as if they are more special than others. Been the only province asking for certain agreements to be enacted will make you different from others and will be treated differently.

  15. HH please go and visit Kaputa and Nsama districts in Northern Province. If you think Western and Southern Province are the most underdeveloped, you will think twice. The two districts have never seen a tar marked road. Kaputa only relies on Diesel Generator for its electricity. Nsama district has never seen electricity. Bridges in the two districts are in poor state of affairs whether during rainy or dry seasons. Schools and clinics are a far cry and lack teachers, doctors or clinical staff and nurses. Nsama District has no Police post. The cost of fuels, any form is expensive. You name it, the allocation of resources have never been equally distributed. You have more taken to Southern province to cover retorical demands when genuine needs of the people lack so much!

  16. LT you are idio.ts. Why are you holding on to my comment and yet you allow this fool number 17 to print unpalatables. I.diots.

  17. @# 17. Since you seem to know how people who rape their mother look like. Did you rape your mother? You are a disgrace to humanity.

  18. Word of caution I have lost a parent in  my life and it is very awful 

    Ever heard of what it means when someone says ‘ Karma is a b***’ If you don’t please do a research, in summary, It means…”Whats goes around comes all the way back around”

    To wish someone dead and especially your leader or talk ill is a disgrace and one day there shall be no hiding place for you

    everything being equal It does appear the president is/has had surgery how about everyone wishing him well ?

    I dont foresee people of South Africa, European state or any country that is a democracy and oddly oneself to be a christian nation come up with such malice and drivel

    I wish the president well and you should , Karma is around the corner….sick


  19. its really amazing to see fellow zedians insulting each other like this,now all those saying ZWD has said sata underwent a prostate cancer op…how does that matter to u..? if ur source of info is ZWD what difference does it make..? whether u like it or not u and ZDW all are on the losing side,hence the yapping and wishing for the worst,why are u chaps bitter..? u must be ashamed of urslves coz it will owez come down to one thing…God is in control and Sata will survive any disease u may think of so give us a break…..get a life u losers and do something positive for once,ur minds are too corrupt..!!!!!

  20. If Ukwa’s time to die is now, he will no matter how religious you want to sound. No one will kill him he will just be meeting his appointment with God.

  21. Imbeciles with their alshabaab tribal parties,ati hh all he thinks about is tribalism this gd for nothing lunatic.ati successful businessman wen he is worth a mere $8 million. He can’t even appear among the top 1000 rich africans

  22. And you Zemuntu, you are ati no.? in Zambia? Africa is too big for you. I actually meant what number are you in your town or village Nabwalya???

  23. @mimi,just dispute wat I hav sed m nt interested in insults,tell me how many workers hh has, problem wit u u want to point at manda hill that he has shares which is nt true. Wich company has hh apart frm sitting on some boards and exaggerated land, u can ko owning cattle as wealth supposing ndekete strikes wat happens

  24. @mimi,all u think about is tribalism no wonder I wud rather vote 4 a frog than that al mujadeen u ko hh.no wonder at unza u hav tongas doing hopeless koses at education and few dare do engine if u understand me. No wonder most of them r either teachers or policemen

  25. I Blame Zambian media and theor programs. If ZNBC was to bring a program about Zambian towns, design and services, it would help the people to understand that in fact towns on the borders with Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia will get better because of the higher economic activity. Same applies for the Congo. But the fact that Muchinga has been born, they have their right to say that. Anyway, what is development? And do you think there is a developed city or town in Zambia?

  26. @Zemuntu I didn’t insult and I do not insult. Check your post at #30, who sounds more insulting? You say all the negatives about a person who has done nothing wrong to you. Just answer my questions HH is few million dallars rich, what about who is belittling him?

  27. I thought it was the people of western province who consider themselves superior to the rest of us and hence want to secede from the rest of Zambia. They feel like they are self made people. Useless chaps.

  28. My dear I hav enough, am ansalin u from my spacious house and m well educated and did extremely welll at both bachelors and msc and currently finishin my phd in econometrics.continue listenin to empty tins like mbozi who for lack of a better term wil ko tripple I meanin incompetent idle ***** with a lazy mind. I hav used alshabaab coz de behaviour of most tongaz together with this lost tribe(lozi) who stil don’t realise dat we r nt livin in the times of shaka is nt different. U will be left behind. By the time u realise pipo wud hav relocated to another planet in the cosmos

  29. I never knew that Mushota can speak sense once in a blue moon. I have always considered her to have a metal can instead of a heart.

  30. The other provinces look like there is development because of Indian businessmen ie Chipata. I did not see any in Mongu. I thought mongu was better. Unless Lozis feel are a special class because in the Eastern province there is poverty there also. The picture is the same in all provinces in terms of poverty levels. Acommodation for the litunga is better than all the chiefs in the country. My sugestion is the Lozis should fight for better life for all zambians and not just for western province.

  31. The only province that is better off by Zambian standards is Lusaka,all Lusakains think Zambia is Lusaka or Lusaka is Zambia.Even in Lusaka its not the Solis with money,such is life.There is no need for poor provinces to be fighting each other,Northen province is as poverty stricken as Western or Southern or etc,Fight for equality with Lusaka province were HH and Saki live and have forgotten about their home provinces.

  32. Ooooh @Zemuntu, I rest my case, you are still at the level of boasting about your academic credentials. Anyway, I understand your excitement and I don’t blame you but it would be wise to just imagine that you could actually be talking to someone who has gone past what you are boasting about right now. Anyway I understand you but if you really are what you say, try hard to be objective and not myiopic in you analysis of issues. Why do you hate HH as an intellectual?

  33. I don’t hate him as an individual but I hate his type of politics wich is very tribal and I don’t envy him coz he is no where near vibrant zambian businessmen. Problem wit u guys u like pointin at companies wich he doesn’t own. M nt boostin but ur de same characters wu r ever boosting about yr education

  34. Change year hate speech coz u need every zambian vote.u shud try to convice some of us on y we shud vote hh nt this tribal tok coz one region won’t give u de presidency

  35. Kwalolo mwela eko twalola mayo kalolo mwela eko twalolaa kwalolo mwela yeyeye,it was pact wit fdd,then pf,then ken ngondos party,den mmd,den now sakwiba.pliz help this man before he goes to chainama.very desperate indeed katwishi mwandi maybe hh2046 coz by then he wud hav gained enough experience and wud hav realised dat sp alone can’t giv him the seat

  36. Zambia moja ,mataifa mengi na sio vile tuliambiwa ati zambia moja,taifa moja.Wabemba hawataki kugawanya matunda ya zambia kwa wazambia wote kwa usawa.Pia Tonga nao wamejitenga kwa kupiga kura kwa watonga wenzao pekee.Walozi nao wametengwa na serikali kutoka enzi za uhuru wa zambia.Ukabila upo zambia na tunajidanganya kwamba tuna amani lakini kumbe tuko kama wakenya.Wabemba wakiacha maringo na kufuata umbwa yao inayoitwa Sata ndipo zambia itakuwa taifa kamili.Hivi sasa hili ni taifa la wabemba pekee yao na lazima tumalize “Bemba expansionism’ au “Bemba hegemony”.Wakatwe chini kama wakikuyu huko kenya.

  37. Number 36 or zemuthu you an educated fool,this thing you wrote is an insult to Tongas and what makes you think having a Phd means anything intellectual scam a lot of people have them and yet they are *****s like you.Econometrics my foot..think again.

  38. @lov my country,don’t insult u lunatic just dispute wat I hav put across and better off puttin u where u belong and if u hav passed thru unza u will undertstand, try to go to eng dept or ridgeway or at economics u will count them but go to sch of edu lizanda,kekekekeke

  39. @Zemuntu, you are wallowing in envy for the Tongas lol. You do not even have those credentials you boast about. Whatever level you went to in school, you have just been schooled and not educated at all. That’s why you think your tribe is superior. You know people that behave like you have a complex if you know what I mean.

  40. Yes all provinces should be treated equally. The two gentlemen HH and Sakwiba should have talked about all provinces instead of concentrating only on Western Province. Or is it the editor to blame for using a wrong title?

    And why does some kaponya on this blogg boast about qualifications. A PhD in the hands of an African, especially a Zambian kaponya is as useless as giving pearls to a pig. We have so many PhD holers in Zambia but they have done nothing for the country except boasting in bars and intimidating their students (if they are lecturers).

  41. Yes all provinces are equal but what has disturbed my brain cells is the heavy presence of security forces in W/Province.I only pray that they exercise their duties in accordance with the natural laws of justice.

  42. If I may ask, why is Hichilema more concerned with the word “region” in his vocabulary ai. I seems the word region is more pronounced in Hichilema’s mouth. I now believe what the Bible says that from the abundance of the heart one speaks. Hichilema is too full of tribe and regional politics

  43. Kwena ba Hichelema naba Sikota mwalanda ifyamano sana. Mr. Hichilema and Mr. Sikota you have spoken a lot of sense. However, as other bloggers have alluded to the whole country is neglected and it is not only Western Province. If you go to Nsama and Nsumbu in Northern I can assure sir you will shed a tear. Some people in these areas walk almost naked. As I always propose to you Mr. Hichilema the ground for you to make headways in getting other regions on your side is now. Blunders by PF government is fodder to propel you to victory come 2016. Mr. Hichilema, 2016 is just around the corner, start you campaigns now and sell yourself. If you wait for 2014 it will be too late. Bemba we have a saying ‘shi mucita panono apokele ndoleshafye umukashi’ literally meaning Rome was not built in a day

  44. What HH and UPND has been doing is an eye sore and the further retribution. Anyone who is aware of the importance of security and maintaining it can not just corruptly with others start fighting the govt. If anything those saying Bembas are thiefs, show us what have stolen from Tongas that has made Bembas super rich or Northern province the most developed province in Zambia in comparison to Southern province. Northern and Western provinces are the least developed compared to the remaining provinces. The issues of HH gang up with other individuals to fight the PF govt to the extent of bringing in Bemba will back fire big time. Northern is not bembas but a collectiveness of many tribes. Sata, chiluba are not Bembas its just that Bemba is widely spoken than Tonga. Your hate will never win


  46. @mimi, ur just a frustrated man coz u think by campaigning on tribal lines hh will win, my dear ur very few. just concetrate on teaching iwe chigidi. @mulamu, ur the pipo this country does not need coz u still think wer in the 15th century baba this is 21st century and if u continue with this tribal talk u tongas will never rule this country. m not bemba but lunda from nw province and i was brought up on the copperbelt where tribe doesnt matter ,so pliz ,dont include us mufyabututu

  47. @42 Majority Rule. What a loser! So where you come from you equate development to having Indian Shops! You are a muppet. If you cannot run a simple business as running a shop; what exactly are some of you Zambians capable of? Congratulations to Westerners for owning and running shops in their land! As I understand it; the major cry of the people in Western Province has been the poor road network and not Indian tuntemba!

  48. #64 Native zambian businesswoman# The cry is misplaced because there is no road network to talk about in the rest of the rural areas in the country. The more reason cry for development should be country wide not just some selfish regionalism.

  49. Why do we southerners and westerners fall victim all the times. Lusaka, copperbelt and central provinces are not Bemba Lands please please. :d

  50. The Old guard are being phased out they are out of touch, first it was A. Wade of senegal.Its time for us the young people to take the reigns of power the shikulus are a let down its because of the generational gap,they cannot tweeter of face book! They are relics from the dinosaur era viva Young leaders HH, Milupi,chipimo

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