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MMD refutes media reports that it will not go to the convention to choose a new leader

Headlines MMD refutes media reports that it will not go to the convention...

MMD Deputy National secretary Chembe Nyangu

The opposition Movement for Multi-Party Democracry (MMD) has refuted media claims that it intends to do away with the party convention, but instead elect the its leader using the National Executive Committee (NEC). Reacting to the report, MMD Deputy National Secretary Chembe Nyangu dismissed the assertions as pure lies.

Mr Nyangu stated that the party’s NEC has not considered such a route to elect the party’s next president other than the convention.

Earlier reports by QFM suggested that the MMD was said to have abandoned plans for a convention to elect the party’s new leader opting instead to use the National Executive Committee to elect the party President to replace former president Rupiah Banda.

Quoting sources within the party’s top brass, QFM reported that former Zambian High Commissioner to Canada Dr Nevers Mumba was the preferred candidate to takeover the leadership of the country’s largest opposition party.

The sources disclosed that when the NEC members meet to elect the party’s new leader it mostly likely that Dr Mumba once Republican vice president will be endorsed by the majority members.

The move by former ruling party to use the NEC to elect its new leader followed the failure to raise the K3 billion required to hold the convention by the committee tasked to mobilize the funds.


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  1. Nevers Mumba once failed to run his party ended up liquidating it,now MMD wants to bring this liquidator to run the party,were are the true blues MMD?Dr Mumba is just an empty vessel,talks too much meaning nothing.I am not MMD but i wish MMD to exist,putting Nevers as president will be worse than dealing with the registrar of society.

  2. Who cares what happens with mmd. To be honest I’m fed up to my teeth with mmd. I’m more focussed on PF and Sata now. MMD had their chance and blew it. For all I care they can put Nevers Mumba there and end up never being voted into power ever again until they are so small they will just disintergrate. To hell with MMD. Sata is a nutter and PF looks in shambles right now, but they are still fresh and mmd can go where my toilet tissue goes I don’t give a breath.

  3. Nevers Mumba is just a failure. How do u let a person that doesnt even own a house run the biggest opposition in a country? This guy has no brains at all

  4. I agree with rodrik too. I think that for MMD to survive and remain a credible and formidable party, it needs Dr Musokotwane or Mr Pande in the alternative.

  5. Nevers is a very divisive element to entrust with the leadership of MMD. They may be banking on the assumption that he is ‘clean’ and can help erase the corruption tag that MMD conspicuously carry, but he has no capacity to unite the party and effectively deal with the opposition party’s overpowering challenges
    Nevers is considered as an outsider and not popular within the rank and file.
    Saleniko umbi paba shala aba four

  6. #7 I am strong PF supporter but putting Dr Musokotwane there will be yet another big blow…. put Felix Mutati who has been vocal in parliament and is a bit charismatic so to speak…the doc is “I know it all” some of us who know him… MMD needs to survive for the sack of check and balance. #6 Nevers has many houses, I remember a white old lady when he was a pastor gave them their first big house in the Copperbelt, he is just confused right now pray for him

  7. #9 Zero Boyz, I also happen to know those two gentlemen, fairly well. I think that we have learnt enough lessons from the so called charismatic leaders, that all that glitters is not gold. As a strong PF supporter you know what I mean. I would rather have a focussed and knowledgeable leader for Zambia, these two attributes alone more than make up for any charisma that Dr Musokotwane may be perceived to lack.

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