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Upcoming Zambian rapper based in the US

Headlines Upcoming Zambian rapper based in the US

The hip-hop artists and musician that blare on radios, parade across TV screens and earn millions when their albums go platinum have changed the culture of music as we know it forever.

21-year old musician Dwani, was born in Zambia; but raised in america. claiming not only Zambia as his hometown but also claims Indiana, Atlanta and Cleveland as his hometowns since he grew up in several places. While going back and fourth from Indiana to atlanta where he is treated like familly. this young talented new celebrity on the scene  is proving his point to being the best. Dwani began rapping at an early age.  He wants to prove to the hip-hop community/music industry that you don’t have to make songs that people are being forced to hear.  the best music comes from the heart its all about songs that inspire the souls of one’s life.
Dwani has been rapping ever since he was thirteen, but never really got serious until the age of sixteen. recorded his  first song on his sixteenth birthday.

He is currently working with several producers based  in London, Germany and america. Dwani says to this point, he has never had anybody write his  lyrics. he says  “Lyrics are the part of making music that comes easy for me”.  and 90 percent of the time he doesnt write anything down on paper he takes some time to listen to the beat then writes all his verses in his mind It’s something we call organized freestyle.

“i must also admit that as an artist we all know that there is certain songs that deserve to be very poetic so it can stick to the mind easier or give you the vibe its supposed to give you, so its alright to write lyrics before a studio session sometimes i’m in the mood to write poetry and i end up taking my poetry to the studio to turn it into a song, and most people don’t realize it was once a poem.”

This unique individual full of music and a heart that goes out to all his people, has been recognized to be motivational and inspirerational through his lyrics and lifestyle. Dwani quotes,  “i want to inspire people and I want to make my mark in the music industry, I just don’t want to be like another ring tone rapper, or a one hit wonder that came in the industry just to make a couple millions then vacate. No, I don’t want to be like that. I want to be somebody that people will remember. My soul tells me i came to prosper, im blessed with the ability to make something out of nothing, im here to move mountains so that’s what i will focus on is moving mountains and showing my people they can move mountains too.”

Fans and supporters get ready to see Dwani performing at a city and country near you soon. we are currently launching the “INTERNATIONAL TOUR”, in the following places: Zambia, London, Atlanta, Chicago, Ohio, New York, Indiana, Germany and many more upcoming shows.

Dwani’s music career has made great progress with singles like My Boo’thang, Jamaican Girl, Ready and many more hits included on his latest cd called “THE INTERNATIONAL E.P” you can download Dwani’s music on Itunes, amazon, Rhapsody, Zune, Napster, many more online and distribution stores.

He recently did an interview with Zambias Finest Talents (ZFT)

Dwani: Zambian born ,American raised


My Boo’thang


By Kapa187


  1. # 2  Pulamasaka,,,,sooo true hahahaha ati Zambian with so many homes funny,,,,he us just a wanabe trying to act big,,,,you how these tu ma so called rappers act,,,

  2. ba jelita his surname is Phir,both parents are zambian mother from northwestern and father from eastern.

  3. I have watched this young man in Atlanta GA, He is good and talented.It appears he’s been trying to connect with his roots – Zambia, but he is becoming big on the American market.His first album “Dime piece” was a hit -not sure if Zambians got it.

    • YES america is supporting him BIGTIME!! now its time for zambia to support there very own zambian born.

    • @Imatan, When you say ‘support’, what exactly do you mean? Why does Zambia need to support someone’s personal career? We’ll buy his music if we like it. You don’t just support someone just because hez a musician in the US neither do you support someone just because hez a teacher in the US.

  4. this talented young man has been livin in amrica for a long time now and he is still representing for zambia he hasnt forgotten about his people. i think everyone should be proud instead of judging him.

  5. his music is nice,i like the rapping part at least he has mentioned zed in his hit.his voice is laka,hop mack 2 can catch him on twitter to learn more…

  6. These kids who come from Africa get under so much pressure to conform to the american culture in the schools they attend. They are ridiculed for being african and constanstly made fun of. It doesn’t take long for them to lose their identity and start hating on anything african. It takes real guts to continue seeing themselves as african. Cheers young man.

  7. his name is kondwani phiri thats why he calls himself DWANI, is good leats support the young man. i enjoy his music.

  8. out of all the #Zambian artists profiled on this site, JK and Danny included, DWANI is the most talented. And please note the boy was raised in the US but the still id’s with his Zambian roots.Big Up man, hope you reach higher heights. Imm download you man on itunes. one!

  9. When I first saw this headline, I skipped it because I thought it was just another ordinary rapper or wannabe MCs. Once I listened to him, it was hard to imagine he has even lived in Zambia before.
    He’s authentic, not pretending, not imitating, he’s just being himself. That’s the recipe for success. Let’s hope he breaks through to the international audience and gets his own artistic pull, to keep him afloat in this tightly competitive business and all of us, especially Zambians happy. Big up yourself Dwani!.

  10. Princess Mwamba, Dwani and many others make big name in zambia but us who live with them dont see what others see. Dwani is talented and that cant take away from him. But he should get rooted with Zed culture. Princess mwamba nichakolwa.

  11. everybody needs to share this article to even more people this is a big inspiration zambian doing big things all the way in america lets support

  12. Dwani has very good music you should all download on itunes and search him on youtube if u wanna see videos

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