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Killing of Dogs in Lusaka

General News Killing of Dogs in Lusaka

I felt compelled to write today after I watched on ZNBC prime news of 12th May 2012. I am shocked to see police officers using guns on the
defenceless dogs.How can they be killed in such a way. I write to you out of deep concern about current plans for dog killing in the capital of
Zambia Lusaka.

We understand large numbers of stray animals can cause disease and annoyance to the neighborhood, but killing is not the solution for overpopulation of unregistered dogs.

Think ahead because you’ll have to kill the new generation of dogs.Killing may be easy but it is also ineffective. Besides, it shows a
total disrespect to life. You work in the name of the people of Zambia. If the killing goes ahead, you will bring shame on us and the

One proven and effective method to overcome overpopulation is through asking well wishers to adopt some of these stray dogs.

We urge you to work together with animal welfare organizations to ensure the whole process accords with good animal welfare practices. We
believe international organizations would be more than happy to have the opportunity to help.

Carefully planned dog control programs will prevent stray dogs from multiplying. If rabies still poses questions, still mass rabies
vaccination should be carried. And never forget both to educate and to apply laws and punishments strictly to irresponsible pet owners.

I always hope Lusaka will set the example for other local governments in animal policies.

I also hope, in the name of all people concerned about humanity, we will hear from you about this matter at the earliest possible




  1. Why are you surprised… thats a basic sign of uncivilisation. No regard for animals.

    • Which ‘no regards’ kapala ?
      Wa jomba mu diaspora wayamba nokufumya akasungu kamumatako !

  2. Very soon even chicken will have rights. We kill animals all the time. Cockroaches, rats. Personally I fail to understand people that keep Pets and those that smoke cigarettes. I would rather keep cattle, goats and pigs because I will have not problems getting rid of them.

  3. can public health find another solution to this than killing these defenceless animals please..i am with you Mubela….

  4. A quick response will be:
    1. It is nearly impossible for Zambians to adopt a dog, since licensing costs money; then there is treatment and feeding. If they can’t treat their families or feed them adequately, how do they take on the responsibility of dogs?

    2. The local authority should look for the support of SPCA or similar bodies, to house the animals, get the dogs  spayed or neutered in order to control their population.

    Lastly, provide free vaccination, and if owners don’t get them licensed and vaccinated, have the owners fined/jailed – as in community service.

  5. Most so called middle families in Zambia can hardly afford 3 square meals a day how do expect them to manage pets like dogs?

  6. …this is animal croping gone wrong. Stricly speaking, the man who was mawed at 02 hrs is the one who strayed not the dogs……………..dogs deter people who move in the night with evil intentions. “Shoot the chief and save the dog”

  7. Zambia cant even run a valid contraception programme among our pipo infected with HIV, do you think at this moment in time we have the resources for pet programmes ?. The best way is to engage western donners who sepnd millions on pets to help.

  8. Very soon even chickens will have rights. We kill animals all the time. Cockroaches, rats. Personally I fail to understand people that keep Pets and those that smoke cigarettes. I would rather keep cattle, goats and pigs because I will have not problems getting rid of them.

  9. Everything has to be done kaponya style. Why should such an act even be shown on TV? Is that what we want our children to learn? Find a stray dog then kill it? You can see that most of these in decision making positions grew up in areas where any dog seen would be stoned to death screaming ‘pondo, pondo’…..its just not right that we can have a leadership both in Government and councils that is clueless about what is right and wrong. And to the cops i say, take a chill pill. Your mate was killed at 02…what the hell was he doing at someones house at that ungodly hour? The dogs were protecting the owner and his property. If you have any common sense, think please!

  10. Capture and ask people to donate dogs to rural communities. Imagine a truck of FREE 100 dogs stops in Mumbwa, who will not go and get one dog from TOWN?
    Any villager would love to have imbwa yaku town, why slaughter lovely smart dogs, next time the police will be shooting street kids.

  11. This is barbaric and a gross indictment against Zambia as a civilized society that such a thing should ever be allowed to happen.


    And when will these blockheads in government learn you simply cannot run a country by doing everything with “immediate effect”? If over-population of unregistered animals is a problem, then find a humane way of dealing with it (….after all, that’s we’re called humans!). 

    So please, LCC pull you heads out your backsides and get serious before someone comes and shoots you…. with immediate effect.  

  12. mweba tonga kwena mula kompulena,kwambila kuli hh (over judges )siakalima,mweetwa.mapenzi,chimpenzi (duo citzen ship)and now it is you. anyway people are now sleeping with dogs

  13. Increasing funding to the Veterinary Association of Zambia so that they can move from door to to door to educate people on animal welfare and subsdizing vaccinations will go a long way in bringing positive change. That will also allow to gather statistics on numbers of dogs and other animals in the country. There is absolute no need for LCC to be charging 55000 kwacha to register a dog with them! if its not a scam they should inform the public what those funds are being used for!

  14. I find this to be hypocritical and ridiculous. if you can not care bout your fellow human being, how can you pretend to have concern for a dog. A lot of people have been bitten by dogs these stray dogs and have to struggled to find money to pay for treatment. while the unfortunate ones have even died from rabies. for those suggesting that govt should collect dogs for possible adoption or offer free vaccines, I find that unacceptable, were are we going to find the money for such things. when there are so many people out who are in poverty where to get a meal its a straggle. I support the move taken by council, if anyone wants to own a dog, let them take full responsibility and not cause a public nuisance.

  15. There is nothing wrong with shooting a dog, it is merciful compared to clobbering it with a bat or drowning it. Under MMD, all programmes concerning animal warfare were scrapped, kennels have been sold to MMD cadres. We have not cropped these stray dogs in 20 years they have been breeding, which is unhealthy and dangerous to the society. The writer should know that even here in the UK, they ‘put down stray dogs’, which is a politically correct way of saying killing stray dogs. The people must come first, so the police and Council should be commended for doing a good job.

  16. imwe ne imwe…imbwa ni imbwa? fake buga life…adopt a dog…for what and yet we have street kids rooming our streets of lusaka….be real? The police should just pay attention to innocent by standers, besides that is how they used to contain rabbies in the 70 and 80’s.

  17. These bazungu keep dogs for a reason…..! they make movies yapa zicas with dogs. Na bu african bwenu ati adopt dogs…what a bunch of BS.

  18. Ba kabwa! Spare them pse. Donate them to villagers and farmers where they can be used for hunting.

  19. Bafikala you eat imichopo from dead goats every day but you want to make noise over fukin damn dogs? be real amatole

  20. Why Kill it if cant eat it? Have you people never heard of SPCA ?? What a bunch of ignorant savages !!!

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