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Sata castigates UPND for politicking at the expense of livestock problems faced in Southern Province

Headlines Sata castigates UPND for politicking at the expense of livestock problems faced...

President Michael Sata has castigated the opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) for politicking at the expense of addressing challenging problems such as cattle diseases in Southern Province, where the party was heavily represented.

Meanwhile, Mr Sata has directed newly-appointed Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Livestock, Luxon Kazabu to initiate mechanisms that will strengthen animal husbandry to boost the livestock sector in the country.

Speaking at State House in Lusaka yesterday when he swore-in Mr Kazabu, Mr Sata said during campaigns for the September 2011 general elections, many unfounded allegations were levelled against the Patriotic Front (PF), especially in Southern and Western provinces.

The whole Southern Province is controlled by UPND. They never talk about the way the animals are perishing and you (Mr Kazabu) are going to the Ministry of Agriculture specifically for animal husbandry

He said Southern Province, which was being controlled by UPND, had been faced with livestock diseases but sadly, the opposition never talked about the issue.

“The whole Southern Province is controlled by UPND. They never talk about the way the animals are perishing and you (Mr Kazabu) are going to the Ministry of Agriculture specifically for animal husbandry,” he said.

Mr Sata said at the time when Alexander Chikwanda was Minister of Agriculture under the UNIP government, Zambia used to import beef, a move which prompted the government to set up an animal husbandry unit at the ministry.

“I want you to go and build it up. I want you Mr Minister of Agriculture (Emmanuel Chenda) to give him a vehicle, give him petrol and I will give him enough money to tour the entire Southern Province, the whole Western Province and the whole Eastern Province,” he said.

Mr Sata said Zambia had a lot of potential in goat rearing and a ready market was there in the Middle East.

He urged Mr Kazabu to take an inventory of goats available so that the first consignment of exports could be made.

He also urged Mr Kazabu to work hand in hand with Agriculture and Livestock Permanent Secretary, David Shamulenge, a veterinary doctor, to boost the livestock sector.

He said a number of stakeholders were ready to help the Government combat animal diseases.


  1. Now LT today has decided to tell the truth on what was said about goats other than the misleading story they gave us yesterday. I watched the news on Muvi and ZNBC and I was disappointed with LT on how they frazed the same story. I am asking all the people that read these site to be careful before the start insulting our republican president and opposition party presidents. ZWD I think is owned by UPND and is by far the worst when it comes to missleading the public.

    • Well said. We should ensure that the press, including LT and Watchdog dont have unholy agendas to embarrass honourable servants of Zambia both in govt and opposition. We should not abuse our freedom of expression. We are one nation. We should strive to create peace among ourselves.

  2. This is why RB formed the Ministry of Livestock, and employed profession veterinary professors to run it and animal diseases were stopped in Souther province.

    Kazabu is now Deputy minister meaning that the ministry of Agriculture now has 3 deputy ministers….. i think that the PF government is much bigger than the MMD governments… how do you have 3 deputy minsters in one ministry? 

    • I agree with you.  It is Sata, and not UPND, that scrapped the Livestock Ministry and remerged it into Agriculture.  The whole focus that RB put on livestock has been reversed.  That is not unexpected given that Sata is a monkey-hunter who has no clue about livestock rearing.

  3. This Boma is good at finger pointing. Baba its you in government and its you who needs to take care of the livestock diseases in Southern Province. How do you expect HH to do it when he is not mandated to do that.

    • I agree!  Maybe Southern Province should just secede and run their own affairs under HH, instead of being ignored by Ukwa who has no interest in cattle and has probably finished eating the monkeys at State House by now.

  4. UKWA is a foo.l He should just do his job not to talk like a two year old. Are those goats he wants to count his. Cimbwi no plan.

  5. Has Ukwa really reduced the number of cabinet ministers and their deputies or he has doubled the no#? Cobra,when are you going to stop swearing in your relatives and sit and do serious business you were voted for? A big liar you are.

  6. Our govt needs to be more realistic. From what is written here, our kids would be forgiven for thinking that the domain of animal husbandry means jumping into a car, get petrol & run around the country counting goats.

  7. Mr president u a spot on; upnd and its anda 5 president must plough back some of the money they stole from privatisation. Privatisation made these chaps stinking rich as most our citizens were sent to their early graves because of hh and ftj reckless policies. No wonder when ftj passed on, hh cried the loudest.

  8.  It is Sata, and not UPND, that scrapped the Livestock Ministry and remerged it into Agriculture.  The whole focus that RB put on livestock has been reversed.  That is not unexpected given that Sata is a monkey-hunter who has no clue about livestock rearing.

  9. akutukaneni ine ndelya..open you mouth and insult as loud than louder…i am enjoying plot one and i am the boss…nga chakukalipa kaitobe umutwe ku cilibwe pa lupili….

  10. Both RB and Sata are addressing the same livestock issues, only in different ways. Let’s look forward to better days for this sector of our economy. Indeed we can start exporting goat meat. Beef and Pork are big business in the West. We should endeavour to grow our livestock exports.

    In the UK, farmers sell pigs at £1000. Chinese love trotters, the nose and the ears of pigs. China is a huge market. We can sell pigs there too.

    Lets comment our presidents, both RB and Sata for their efforts to boost livestock in Zambia.

  11. The ministers was told to go and carry out a census on goats. Me and my family almost died of laughter when we watched the Muvi news.

  12. @No.1 kci
    There was nothing misleading about LT’s story yesterday. Its only that it didnt have UKWA’s accusations that the UPND isnt talking about livestock diseases. Otherwise, the directive to count goats in the 4 provinces is still there in this story. 


  14. Just as UNIP – Umuntu Nacula Icibi PaZed, MMD – Mwalya Mweka Dad will never rule again as long as NEVER is his name. May be in 2050

  15. The biggest problem with PF, the party and its government, is failure to accept responsibility. Did they expect UPND to start vaccinating cattle and treating animal diseases when there is a government in place? What shallow thinking! Everything is about joking and apportioning blame and yet veterinary services are a responsibility of government. Nonsense. This is the reason PF is failing on its promises because they think someone else, maybe the Chinese, will come and provide services on their behalf. Five wasted years till 2016.

  16. # Joseph Daka; are also reading LT & its commentaries with your family? Don’t you think goats deserves better than most people, I mean if goats are exported ALIVE to middle-east, they will have a better life and end a holy slaughter called HALAL meat.

  17. No 6,7 $8;You are too immature to give comments.If UPND has MPs in Southern province,are they not pat of government to help curb diseases especially in areas they come from? Dont insult the president because I am sure he is even older than you own fathers.Learn to be constructive than tribalistic.Somehow I understand why Tongas can not be presidents because each time they fail they blame it on tribe.Further there is a perception that if they come into power they will only be accommodating fellow Tongas. No one chose to be born Tonga or whatever.Grow up please people of this wonderful country!

    • Its your Sata blaming others. Pls call him and tell him that he is now governing Zambia and not PF what ever it means. Make that clear to him, sit him down over a glass of water. 

  18. Kazabu deserves recognition by mother Zambia for his efforts in a number of undertakings. He has contributed something to Zambian soccer, something to welfare of the city of Kitwe, and quite a bit to the political milieu in Kitwe and the copperbelt, without any whiff of stain.

  19. It is true that while animals (Cattle & Goats) have been dying amass in Southern Province, HH has not bothered to seek audience with government departments on this important matter, but he is extremely vocal in useless issues like the suspension of the corrupt Judges and Mutembo/Membe Vs DBZ saga. The latter are not economic matters but political & a leader worthy his sort must be an advocacy of uplifting peoples’ standards of living. The day we start having politicians pointing out shortfalls in economic policies and giving alternative policies is the day we will have real democracy, rather than this political synchophancy we are subjected to day in and out!

    • Please check the Hansard and see how MPs have been reminding and lobbying GRZ regarding state of animal health in Zambia. go to ZIAH in mazabuka and see the diplorable equipment and ask your self whether GRZ is equal to the task.Go then to NISIR also.Cry the beloved country.Extensionservices died with Kaunda after leaving office.Opposition parties are part of government and HEMCS should ask his minister for the action programme but it has funding allocated to it but money never reaches districts.BLAME GAMMME

  20. @Tony Brair:Sata and the chiluba cabinet made the policies for privatisation.The policies were not made by HH and at no time did HH consider stealing your money but it was FTJ and his cabinet which included SATA the don’t kubembwa man.Wheather Sata appointed kazabu to be animal husbandery D.minister without the political will to develop the livestock industry the ministry will remain a waste of money.mark my words!

  21. So Kazabu, as a deputy minister, will go around Zambia counting goats? What a job description!!! This is classic!!! May be his title should be Deputy Minister for Goats.

  22. What should come feom the PF govt is a policy on animal husbandry and follow through this with implementation plan of how there will control disease in Southern province and beyond. As for now appointing a minister/s won’t make a difference. Dochi kubeba does not work while in govt and every one must be told how, when and by who will carry out the master plan. Based on the govt white paper we can measure the performance of this sector. Otherwise this is shooting in the dark hoping to shoot down a bird for lunch.

  23. ANOTHER MZUNGU ZNIKONDE REWARDED.. nonsense he clapped and shouted enough to be heard and rewarded.

  24. mundia m above u ar pefect example of moron hw can u describe suspension of judge who pass judgement against sata’s friend as useles. U ar more than useless yo self. Mmembe an fat layer should pay back the money period. Yo sata is worst corrupt pre ever to rule zambia. Watch this space.when sata ws in opposition he used to condenm the govt on all issues and now he is in govt he condenmin the opposition what a presndent.
    Sata is not presdential material period.

  25. A person who does not know where to start from is very dangerous. Kazabu is interested in football and Kitwe. He left his village in Musokotwane in 1970 and never to return again. He does not know how to raise a goat. What is needed is a person who will advise farmers on how to raise goats and not driving around. In fact the President has no idea on what should be done about animal husbandry. A goat must raised be fore one can count it or indeed kill it and use it for “nyama yambuzi yakucoma”

  26. We need vet.doctors with equipments to analyse and stop the disease, people have lost their animals because of luck  veterinary doctors.
    On the list include also central province  animals are effected by diseases many animals have perished without help from GRZ. 

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