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Fuel shortage due to a burst on the TAZAMA pipeline-Government

Economy Fuel shortage due to a burst on the TAZAMA pipeline-Government

A critical shortage of fuel has hit Mansa District again. This is the second time that Mansa is experiencing fuel shortage this year. Here, Motorists queue up in anticipation of the scarce commodity at AMICO filling station.

Government has attempted to clarify the fuel shortage which has hit some parts of the country.

Energy Permanent Secretary, George Zulu has attributed the fuel shortage to a burst on the TAZAMA pipe line which happened at a place called Ilinga in Tanzania.

He says the government of Tanzania has since repaired the pipe burst and Indeni oil refinery in Ndola has started receiving crude oil.

Mr. Zulu has assured the general public not to worry as the fuel shortage is temporal.

A check by MUVI TV news around some filling stations in Lusaka found several motorists stranded while some isolated stations had the commodity.



  1. This is real agony to the people. But, the question is what happened to the buffer stock that is supposed to be used when a predictable breakdown like a pipe burst occurs? This is the annoying part about our planning, or lack of it, in our Country. Someone somewhere did not do their job. Why do I get a feeling we are not told the full story?.

    • Stragegic reserves were scrapped off by PF Govt as a way of reducing fuel prices hence no more 15 days stock in the entire country. The initial idea of having strategic reserves was to cushion incidences such as bursting of a pipe in Tanzania.

  2. Bradus your reasoning is a good starting point to start speculating that the shortage has really nothing to do withe mechanical faults but rather the logistics problems between our government and the suppliers (probably in Iran, who have been hit by flame). I guess payables were not settled on time to ensure continuous flow of the crude.

  3. then why did you cheat us last time saying RB is to blame???
    and remember when you removed K400 it meant you had to ensure enough back-up stock, it seems you did that blindly without keeping stock

  4. There is a lot of fuel in …..Malawi – just go and ask Judge Chikopo at Taj Pamodzi hotel.

  5. Mr Sata went to do his usual antics at Spectra, he can be seen in that picture stepping on a container dressed in a striped T-shirt.

    Insoni, balelolesha panshi

  6. Can we have a photo of Sata at the empty pump please! And he can take the stage to explain what is happening. He used to blame RB and today he can also blame the opposition if he likes. I just want to see him at the pump looking eager to prove a point.

  7. Ukwa scores a plus, he is never wrong it is either HH is criticising him too much or RB is not performing. He is an angel just wait for the POST to sing praises tomorrow

  8. A crisis is when a government waits for a thing like this to happen before letting the citizenry know in advance so that they  can prepare themselves for eventual shortages. Why should  people be taken by surprise?

    Shame Mr minister of energy. The worst thing is lying from a public office.

  9. Liars! When did this bust occur? Ki ma rubbish they just screwed up the oil tender in their fake fight against corruption!

  10. @Brabus #2, the first thing Ukwa did when he came into office was to remove the fuel surcharge (approx K400 per litre) meant for strategic reserves. Using PF logic, they were ‘reducing’ the cost of petroleum products to put ‘more money’ in people’s pockets. Govt already heavily subsidizes the pump price of fuel but Wynter Kabimba and his sham commission lied that former politicians and civil servants ‘stole’ trillions of kwacha through oil procurement. I’m anxiously waiting for Ukwa’s men to arrest even one person in relation to this bogus crime. Zambian’s especially those excited CB chaps voted these semi literates into office and we’ll have to live with this comedy till 2016 (unless God intervenes sooner?).

  11. Every that voted for PF, is this what you were promised??? Please answer me???? I do not understand Zambians, why are we always cheated. We need to stand up and open our eyes. Like I have insisted the best alternative to RB was HH regardless of tribal lines or anything else that people associate him with, the young man would have moved the country in the right direction because like many of you have said it seems our President does not know what he is doing. This was clear before the elections and evident now after the elections, the only ones to blame is ourselves. God help our beloved nation!

  12. running government affairs is not as simple as ‘ukutongola imbalala’ and the PF fellas are learning it the hard way…. Am based in Iringa, Tanzania and PS please be truthful or is it your government policy to Cheat?

  13. Our president has no economical agendas, HH should help this old man,he is creating economic crisis in Zambia. Just promises will not help this country.

  14. Agony is to donate ‘bunga’ for a funeral only for your children to be admitted for staving. This PF govt will go a long way in showing people that being tribal at the expense of the truth does not help. Ba Sata and his team are failures at planing but experts in lying and not following procedures. A pipe burst can not cause fuel shortage, it is not like we are buying fuel straight from TAZAMA Pipeline. Logistics needs to well planned in order to support constant supply of fuel in Zambia, not dochi kubeba reasoning.

  15. Voting MMD out was the logical thing to do. The party had over stayed. 
    We needed to wake them up. PF is not an absolute failure they are not the best or the cleaness Gov we will remove them come 2016 if they do not perform but we need a better choice of leaders. It will take a while before people in zed can start voting for good leaders. Another thing to remember is we have a very poor leadership pool to choose from in zed. Most people in politics lack integrity. 

  16. Malawians must be laughing us, barely two month after receiving free fuel from Sata, ( I suppose to impress them for lifting his entry ban)queues resurface everywhere. Its shows that he neither had no plan B to fall back on nor an idea on stock levels, typical of this president’s unitary decisions. What a disgrace! and his energy minister can claim there is no shartage, just a mehanical problem. lesson sane and credible too. In Sata Zambia lost!

  17. Lesson must be learnt not just to hear what sounds good but to verify whether the source of information is a sane head and credible too. None of that existed in this leader, Zambians must regret their choice.

  18. Ati Fuel shortage due to a burst on the TAZAMA pipeline. Pathetic useless Gov’t!  fake scandal of lies to hoodwink the people who are still short of sight to see that PF are going to bring Zambia to ruin. And anyway, lets assume that to be true…… where are our reserve tanks for fuel??? I know where some of our Fuel is – in bloody Malawi. Does this govt think? We are in trouble with this Gov’t!!!! Shortage of fuel can cost lives if someone needs to get to hospital etc.  Shortage of fuel can ruin the day to day running of peoples businesses. Shortage of fuel can delay transportation carrying food supplies>>>>>

  19. >>>>   And he wants to get a national airline – Lol. Shortage of fuel can threaten the country’s national security.  Where are the contingency  plans for fuel shortages in the country? Let me guess – UNIP mcgyver way….. Standing  by petrol stations in a queue with all sorts of containers waiting to fill them up.  Its a joke! foolish  Incompetent Gov’t!!

  20. They are still learning the art of running government. ‘Give them chance please’ is the usual refrain from pf cadres. How pathetic that sounds as we approach 1 year of pf rule.

    • We all remember some old man telling us that HH had no experience in government. What learning time should they be given when they claimed to have experience. This is tantamount to submitting false qualifications to get a job.

  21. We need a wise Joseph as a leader…. like in ancient Egypt (Pharaoh), as hard times coming and not this PF in power who want to spend time suing everyone and chanting ‘Pamberi ne Zanu PF’. Is that all they do all day?! What a waste of time and money!!!  

  22. “Fuel shortage was caused by a leakage on the TAZAMA pipeline” what a FOOLISH excuse, when buying fuel at a filling station are we tapping fuel directly from TAZAMA pipeline?

  23. first it was the ship that delayed docking now the pipe has burst…these are symptoms of a headless chicken running in all directions looking for a lame excese.where is sata’s expreience.

  24. Experience means nothing … a log can float on water for years, but it will never claim to be a crocodile. 
    Were is ERB in this, is it not their job to make sure enough supplies are stored? 
    Where is the energy minister?
    Until we start demanding that the people we put into power account for such actions, we will never see development!

    Fuel prices dropped last week. No one is saying anything! Pump prices remain the same. 

  25. The gov’t is telling a white lie here, when that pipeline was built the planners envisaged something like this happening or worst the pipe being sabotaged…and measures were taken like having reserve tanks with 4 weeks fuel supply or more as we are a landlocked country. 
    Its a shame that that all newspapers are pro-government and hence investigative journalism is extinct. 
    Imagine if we were at war what is the first thing our enemy would go for? If i recall that pipe burst in the past and we didn’t have all these shortages.
    Wake up people!



    I can asure you it is rocket science for someone who did not go far in school and he/she is from the old school.

  28. The Tanzania Zambia Mafuta Pipeline is a CRUDE OIL pipeline from the Single Point Mooring terminal at the outer anchorage of in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania, to the TIPER refinery in Dar-es-Salaam and the Indeni refinery in Ndola.
    Now if TAZAMA pipe pumps crude why is it that we are experiencing shortages of refined petroleum now? Was there a cover up? How long has the pipe been undergoing repair? How much refined fuel did we have in reserve?  Has this got anything to do with fuel levy being removed?
     People the likes of Sata when in opposition and the Post kept then ruling party on its toes and in-check by constantly raising issues and if this happened 2 years ago Sata would have reaped them to sheds…let’s not give them an easy ride as they is more to this than meets the eye

  29. Government has always known about Tanzania law breaking citizens stealing our oil and yet nothing has been done to put a stop. George, please don’t put “don’t kubeba”! This time kubeba abena Zambia! That silly tribunal on energy, did not come out with strategic options which are: (a) remove our pipes from Tazama and re-connect them to Harare/Maputo corrido 600 km (b) remove our pipes from TAZAMA to the Angola option 1000 plus km (c) a pigmentation report in 1998 showed that most parts of Tazama pipes was rusted and needed complete replacement 2000 km (d) bring back Njeleka (now advisor to Zimbabwe Government) to help you plan the petroleum sub-sector.

  30. if Zambia had an oil pipeline that ran through her country and this pipeline burst causing fuel shortages in her neighboring county surely the newspapers would pick it up and report it…no? if that’s the case then why is it so hard to find anything on burst TAZAMA pipelines from Tanzanian newspapers? Ba Zulu…unless you are telling me that you know what happens in Tanzania before the Tanzanian’s themselves know about it, i feel there is little truth in your statement…

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