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Contractor re-appears after abandoning an Irish Aid funded project for ten months

Headlines Contractor re-appears after abandoning an Irish Aid funded project for ten months...

The contractor engaged to construct ten conventional hand-dug water wells funded by Irish Aid government in Luwingu district in the Northern Province has resurface with an apology after ten months of absence.

Chipembele General Dealers of Lusaka made an apology through a letter dated 16th July 2012 addressed to the District Council Secretary, Michael Katemwe, and signed by Loti Chipembele, that he delayed completing the conventional hand-dug water wells due to high water levels.

The letter of apology also states that the delay was caused by a number of factors, among them the on-set of the rainy season and the high cost of materials in the country, forcing management to decide importing the materials from India.

It further states that the arrangement to import the materials from India was mismanaged and the company money got lost in the process.

“The delay was caused by a number of factors, among them the on-set of the rainy season. We had to stop working during the rainy season due to high water levels. We also had a management problem regarding the source of pumps due to high cost of materials in Zambia. The company decided to import the materials from India but this arrangement was mismanaged and the company money lost in the process,” read the letter in part.

Chipembele General Dealers resurfaced yesterday aboard Chibangamoto Coach Services with assorted materials for conventional hand-dug water wells situated in Lubansenshi constituency.

And Luwingu District Council Planning Officer, Chansa Mwila, confirmed the development to Zambia News and information Services (ZANIS)in Luwingu yesterday, saying the contractor re-emerged in the district after a long unexplained disappearance.

Mr Mwila said the local authority had almost terminated his contract and that he would be allowed to continue with his work for the benefit the community in the outskirts who are in dire need of clean and safe drinking water.

He further said Chipembele General Dealers was given K33 million for mobilization and K66 million as 20 per cent first payment.

Other companies engaged to construct conventional hand-dug water wells funded by Irish aid government were Goi goi, Corporate Premier and JPNEM.

Goi goi was paid K31 744, 000 as mobilization and k63 488, 000 as 20 per cent first payment, Corporate Premier K35, 960, 000 mobilization and K71, 920, 000 as 20 per cent first payment and JPNEM K35, 700, 000 and K71, 400, 000 as 20 per cent first payment as at 3rd September 2011 respectively.

He said the works are going on well with other contractors constructing conventional hand dug water wells in the area.

Mr Mwila said Irish Aid released over K700 million for the construction of 40 conventional water hand-dug water wells in Luwingu district.

Irish Aid is currently supporting a number of developmental projects in Luwingu, Isoka, Mbala and Mpika districts



  1. Throw him in jail and shut down the fake construction company. Put him in the same jail with Dora Siliya and Simon Miti

  2. Chipembele General Dealers resurfaced yesterday aboard Chibangamoto Coach Services with assorted materials for conventional hand-dug water wells situated in Lubansenshi constituency.

  3. But its kind of surprising at the way these contracts can only be awarded to some  one from lusaka like there are no contractors in mansa. I wonder if the selection of suppliers   was actually followed through the tender box. ya pa zed same old things.

  4. why not penalize this firm by cancelling the project and taking him to court to refund all money paid to him? Doing nothing about such misconduct will only breed more and more indiscipline among contractors.

  5.  Chipembele General Dealers, if I ever come across a car or a truck that has the logo of Chipembele General Dealer, I will urinate and excrete feces on the vehicle, I recommend we all do, to show our dissatisfaction .

  6. Just allow him to continue, Zambian contractors are just struggling because they are not empowered. if a Zambian contractor ask for a loan from the Bank, they are never given. Just yesterday we read of a chinese firm who is still on the run after being given millions of dollars. Let the man finish his work. He has given reasons for his short comings and has offered an apology. We always struggle when we are starting small scale business but later stabilize after facing some obstacles such as this man. Only those who have never tried this will condemn this Man

  7. making had dug wells is a tricky business. If this man failed to do so between sept, oct and nov, then it means he can only do it the following year at the same time.So the abandoning of the contract may not even be an issue. He was waiting for water levels to be low.

  8. Luapulans, the same trick like Mwila used for road construction. A Kaboke, whether in Zambia or Katanga, it is a stinking Kaboke!

  9. And here is lies the problem with us. If the contract was given to South Africans, or the Chinese, these works would be completed by now; no stories, no excuses, no delays.
    Give the same task to a Zedian, the first thing he does is get two more wives and three girlfriends. Then spend the money on bling-bling and trips around the world. When the money is almost finished, then he thinks about the task.


  11. Teach thieves lessons, they will respect norms of society. Cheating rural people, steal their money and then go sink it in Lusaka, constructing houses and beer drinking. Its utter nonsense. Fake contractors with no brains of finishing contracted project. Always having recourse to public funds just to enrich themselves at the expense of the suffering masses. That is how Zambia has not developed fast in many places, just because of dishonesty. Same wells, same bridges, same roads etc being half way done, redone patching up, redone…and redone over and over, these twisted minds, ever stealing from the poor. *****s.

  12. Forgive and forget?? I am so proud of  my contribution to Zambia’s development programs… That is a small part of MY taxes paid to the Irish government…

    No actually put that contractor in jail and with hard labour… ( A common jail sentence in Zambia)

  13. Good evening

    We’ve had enough of these bucanner companies that only seem to be interested in quick and easy profits while leaving the work half-done.

    If I was in the management of awarding contracts in Zambia, the first thing I would do is to compile a list of highly respected contractors in terms of competence and reliable quality of work and then publish it for every consumer/tender to see. This is what they do here in a consumer advocacy organisation called “Stiftung Warentest”.

    That way, customers are guaranteed to get the best results when they hire the contractors on top of the list, and these contractors would certainly do a good job, otherwise they would run the risk of invalidating their rating position and losing customers.

  14. Nine Chale , Maikalange , Floyd Chitalu, and concerned Zambian, you are all right about this contractor. The nitty gritty is contract terms and conditions, and whether the contractor had requested for extension of time before abandoning the sites. The only part that makes me realise he is struggling with this contract is using a bus to transport his contractual materials. We all cannot be perfect in every respect. Let the authorities think carefully and not cancel the contract, as it may become costly, with retendering. But please give them a warning letter copied to ZPPA. GOOD CONTRACTUAL OBLIGATIONS AND BEHAVIOUR NEEDS TO RETURN TO ZAMBIA AFTER 20 YEARS OF MMD MISRULE.

  15. JPnEM limited is also a fake company belonging to council employs in luwingu and they failed to make a follow up. corruption is rampant at luwingu district council. council secretary has bought a vehicle and a house in lusaka. I am a council worker. The zanis man “Mr. Phiri” hammered 10% of what is happening at luwingu district council. Irish Aid fund has made people more wealth that they are living above the means. ba Anti-corruption investigate twapapata twachula kuno lubingu.

  16. I may be ignorant on the way such typical contract works in terms of upfront payments, but either way I find it ridiculous that such payment is even made in the first place called mobilisation fee and 20% upfront even before you start the work. It is for this same reason that contracts are done very shoddily because the selected contractors have no capacity to do the jobs they apply for. Surely if this company had any expertise in the field of digging wells then the Company name should give indication to that and certainly no ” GENERAL DEALERS”. Its no wonder corruption is high pa ZED. So this same chap will be given another contract and he will disappear for another 4 years before he resurfaces and pretend to work yet again for another sting

  17. The contractor was still empowering his girl friends and mistresses with cash. Now that the money is finished thats when he wants to start working maybe to get the kama-balance. Let him continue with his work but maybe advise him to reduce on the number of girlfriends that he has. It’s expensive to have too many girlfriend. Let him have 10 or 15 girlfriends. Am sure he can maintain such small numbers! I rest my case!

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