Masebo assures Livingstone street vendors of President Sata’s protection


Tourism and Arts Minister Sylvia Masebo says President Michael Sata has continued to protect street vendors because they gave him a mandate alongside other Zambians to
lead the country.

Ms Masebo however, called on street vendors to make President Sata’s job easier by working with government and embracing measures aimed at restoring sanity on the streets.

She said government was not the best employer but was there to create an enabling environment for small and medium businesses to thrive through various empowerment programs.

Ms Masebo said this in Livingstone today when she addressed street vendors at the Museum Hall.

“It is not difficult for you people to get loans. That is why we have the Citizen Economic Empowerment Commission Program which is meant to benefit you but as Patriotic Front we suspended it because the MMD was using it to empower rich and politically connected people,” she said.

Ms Masebo challenged the vendors to aim high and dream big if they expected to graduate from their current trade to managing small and medium businesses.

And the United Street Vendors Foundation in Livingstone commended government for engaging them in finding a lasting solution to street vending through empowerment programs and employment opportunities.

Foundation Secretary, Patrick Mubanga said vendors wanted to partner with government as this would enable them graduate to the level of being small and medium entrepreneurs in tourism and commerce.

“As vendors we want to stop what we are doing now and graduate to the level of being small and medium entrepreneurs in tourism and commerce,” said Mr Mubanga.

Mr Mubanga told the minister that his 200 members wanted to be actively involved in cultural activities and business ventures within the tourism industry.

He said most industries had died in Livingstone resulting in high unemployment and poverty levels which in turn increased street vending in the tourist capital.

Mr Mubanga however, said his Foundation would work hard and ensure it helped the country successfully host the 20th Session of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) General Assembly next year.

“We are going to work hard and assist you to host a very successful and crime free 20th Session of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) General Assembly next year,” he said.

The Tourism Minister, her Deputy David Phiri, Permanent Secretary Charity Mwansa, Zambia Tourism Board (ZTB) Executive Director Felix Chaila and other senior officials in the tourism industry were in Livingstone for four days to inspect tourism sites.



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    If the President is protecting vendors then why are some ministers talking about moving them from the streets? The issue of vendors has just showed how PF has failed.

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    Sources in Zambian security wings have disclosed that the country will experience high level crime rates again because some of the prisoners released by President Michael Sata recently.
    Sata recently released 3500 prisoners, the highest number in the history of Zambia but sources have revealed that the President released them without proper security and intelligence scrutiny.
    The sources said some of the released prisoners were facing serious crimes such as aggravated robberies, motor vehicle thefts at gunpoints, **** cases and murder.
    So far within a spate of a week, the country has experienced serious crimes involving the brutal killing of the NIPA student who was found naked with eyes popped and Choma town aggravated robbery.
    According to the source, there might be more

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    My fiance, Nick has just been promoted to assistant Building Manager for the East Lothian District Council. We are so excited

    He has worked hard, and people if you work hard and believe in yourself dreams come true.

    Absolutely amazing, thank you anyone wishing us luck.


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      Congrats Nick, all the best. Mushota, how far are you with your PHD? Hope you are a fellow now!!!!

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      building manager…kekekekekekekekekekekek….what did he study…land economics of course…congrats man.

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      Look at this deluded fool; what hard work was he doing in the council, one of most laid back workplaces in the UK? filing papers. Save us your crap boy!

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      Uncle Pipos – leave the guy be. Filing papers is a hard job. Nick probably went to some college where he did Cert. in Paper Filing (with a major in Date-stamping Documents).

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      Mushota, dump that man. I have a better job here in Zambia and we can have successful family together. You won;t have to work! Only bearing children.

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    Has any one have a recorded video or audio or indeed written of Masebo , how she was fighting
    Sata when she was Local Government Minister during the Mwanawasa rule. Today she has blocked our jobs in our beloved party PF , We faught hard to remove MMD and now late commers are getting jobs of Ministers including Deputies by MMd cadres.

    This is pain ful especially that Ba Sata has stopped recognising us noe that he is in State House. The promises he made have never been fulfilled, unemploment is bad, crop marketing season poorly organised, cotton reduced by 50%. The list is end less.

    May God help us , as the political prostitutes climb the ladders because when falling we dont know who will hold their auases.

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    Whether street venders helped elect Sata, stopping street vending should be on top of the list for the PF govt! I don’t care what Sata, Kabimba, Masebo, or anyone else in PF govt says. Uncontroled “Street Vending” is dangerous, unsanitary (does Cholera ring a bell?), and makes a Nation look chaotic and dirty. Build enough permanent structures or find safer places where these people can sale their stuff? Then make it crystal clear that street vending will no longer be tolerated. Isn’t that what govt is for?

    We all appreciate the plight of most street venders, but it has just gotten way out of control! This is not the kind of culture (a lawless culture) that the PF govt should be embracing—-it is wrong, it is wrong, it is wrong!

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    Chitulika Villagers,

    The security agencies you are quoting are likely to be mere security guards working in Kamwala shops. The murder cases that you refer to, especially the one involving the young Ruth Imbangu, which is undergoing investigations, suspects being arrested are not jail birds, but eccentric christians!!!!

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    I still cannot believe that this is Masebo of the Mwanawasa days sinking so low. Politics of the belly indeed.

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    Ba Mushota, no one is interested in knowing what you are doing with your fiance, keep it yourself. Tamulakula nanomba.

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    Mushota, I have scot relatives living in East Lothian, Edinburg – Scotland. Once I told a scot about my relatives and when he found out that they were living in East Lothian, he frowned. He said it wasn’t a very Niiiiice town. Never been there, but the east of major european towns are kind of well “eastender” thought you lived muma “yardi” from your yapping ! Anyway congrats on your promotion it will help you drag a step or two towards ku “western”!

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    the other thing to consider is the people in the markets who may also have voted to the policy failures but are being disadvantaged because street vendors are getting their business due to convenience they offer most buyers who feel lazy to go to city market. the other issue is the law abiding citizens in the markets are penalised by having to pay levies which the vendors do not pay and can therefore undercut the marketeers’ prices

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    So he can happily break the law to protect anyone who voted for him. What happened to government of laws like we had under Levy and RB?

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      she was part of this governance. Shameless she only want favour from these vendors after failing to create employement for them… Is Bala Ng’ombe still alive. I once saw him performing in 1972 at Chaanga my old primary school.

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    Classic boot-licking!
    Under Mwanawasa, this woman manged to remove the vendors from Lumumba road…under Sata, she is worshiping the street vendors in Lumumba road, just to please Sata for resurrecting her as a Minister!
    At this rate of boot-licking, we will barely be able to see her toes sticking out of Sata’s bum in a months time!

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    The story is hanging sumwhere, wat was the resolution at this meeting???? Wat was the agenda??? Am not satisfied by the whole story but watever the case street vending is a campaign strategy by PF. WE will see if the vendors are the majority in 2016. So vendors were the pipo who voted 4u PF te???? I HAVE STOPPED BUYING FROM STREETS starting TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    When is this breed of politician who rely on boot licking and recycling themselves going to be extinct. I don’t believe Masebo is the best and only MP for Chongwe, let alone a ministerial position.

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    Shame on you Masebo.
    Viva Prof.Luo.
    Free advise to H.E.MCS:Please listen more attentively particularly to those who seem to have different opinions from yours.These sentiments from Masebo tells me she doesn’t mean well to your successful governance(unless you don’t care the legacy you will leave behind). Listen more to the likes of Prof.Luo and Gerry Chanda who are calling a spade a spade.Legalizing street vending is legalizing indiscriminate waste disposal,moreover vendors don’t even pay tax.
    Appreciate BUT beware of praise singers.

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    This is now madness gone full cycle. He created two new districts in Luapula-Katanga last week and here now comes his bitchy lieutenant claiming he wants illegal street vendors to continue selling in our streets, all because they voted for him! The man came to power on an agenda, which he has literally abandoned and is now governing like a headless chicken. Our foreign policy is now ‘Pamberi e Jongwe” while the domestic one is ‘Pamberi e Kasai na Kaponya.” The man is a disaster & that a vile lumpen like him could be elected president says a lot about Zambian as a people.

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    Who has ever seen a street vendor proper graduate from that trade to SMMEs? For whatever attracts them, the vendors wil;l remain there, graduating from selling this to that, but still on the street, also for other illicit activities, like drugging and others. Just remove them, and work to clean that town, else 2013 will find you still protecting the vendors, and Zim will win. Kubeja aka kasimbi nobantu!

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    Tourism Minister endorsing the lawlessness  that will create filth and stench in the tourism capital! Those people are not paying anything to the council for the upkeep of the town to make it more attractive to tourists. Zimbabwe is already attracting more tourists and the political **** is busy congratulating people for breaking the law because one of her many boyfriend’s promises to create jobs in 90 days have not materialised! I guess she has to do anything to ensure that her aunty the Bishop shagger becomes Paramount chief.

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    “It is not difficult for you people to get loans”…………..Is Masebo on some strange Travuda or just mere insanity! I think she has been too long in politics she has stopped reasoning.Where can vegetables sellers get loans from you turncoat? Did i raed she ranting about MMD,please shut it!

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    Masebo go to hell!Ur career is on the blink.Power hungry I see.
    You truly lost in chongwe cose ur actions tell.

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    Livigstone will be co-hosting the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) with Zimbabwe and Sylvia is there encouraging these street vendors instead of using Livingstone as a template of how a “street vendor free” town should be… UNWTO is a rare opportunity for Zambia to increase the number of new first time tourists visits, but the gov’t is just doing the opposite.
    Which fo.olish overseas donor funds this organisation; The United Street Vendors Foundation, what a waste of taxpayers money.

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    #16 ex-zit, you are right let other people follow you, not to buy from street venders anymore.

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    Am beginning to think dora bokosi was better than this woman,, Zambian ladies why do you also want to undress in public like your male political prostitutes?? Ndimwe chabe vipuba naimwe Stupedi!!

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    People of God, if ministers arecoming out like this….where is this country herding to?Masebo strongly opposed street vending but today she is propagating it.CEEC was a vehicle Citizens were empowered PF closed it..Have they come up with one yet?Where is the justification that street vending should go on….Time of campaigns are over if the constitution says street vending is illegal…so be it.we need to breath fresh air around the country…Was PF really really offering a much anticipated Change…ndamana!

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      Hyena you are right. In my the minister want to win praise from illegal sellers. She was in MMD for many years.. now critising because she joined another political part. Nkulubizya :( There is only change of forest, shrubs and trees BUT the monkeys are the same. Pona kabotu

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    Even Jesus cleaned the temple by chasing the vendors! Whether they voted or not is not important- the PF govt should start showing authority by putting in place long lasting solutions- expand existing market places, improve drainage and sanitation, allocate all vendors slots at the markets and give the vendors a week to vacate the streets failure to which you send the redundant ZNS and Army to man the streets (police always cause confusion). Nkandu Luo was on the right track, Masebo is a finished politician- what a shameless woman, the same mouth that said rubbish about Sata today she is full of praises, so what has changed, she is a chameleon.

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    This tells you the calibre of ministers this government has. How can a tourism minister endorse street vending knowing very well that street vending adds to the filth of the country, therby giving a bad impression of the country to tourists? Just how can a minsiter worth her salt endorse illegality? Why do people sink so low when they are in leadership? Masebo is very unprincipled because it is a known fact that street vending creates unsanitary conditions in towns. It beats me to see these ministers singing praises for Sata even when deep down they know that things are terribly wrong in this country. Our MPs do not represent the people but themselves and their bellies. Disgraceful leaders we have in this country, all of them rotten to the core. What a shame! Zambia is headed for disaster

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      The right course of action by Zambian Minister for Tourism to help investors which are craving to have unrully mob at their door-step. Well done madame Minister. What next? Allowing street wendors in to UTH surgical ward? It may give few extra votes =))=))=))

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    Zambians, we are in trouble with these policies which have no objectives.We thought the is coming to work but no he has come to destroy.MMD start preparing for 2016.


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    Please lets correct things, NOT appeasing by breaking the law. We expect sanity and the government of laws.

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    PamaFi PFhaslost control. No rules and no laws. Pathetic Fools making street vending look like creating jobs. I am glad I never voted for these fools. I rest my case!

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    I cherished as much as you’ll obtain performed right here. The sketch is tasteful, your authored material stylish. nevertheless, you command get got an edginess over that you would like be handing over the following. in poor health indisputably come further earlier once more as exactly the similar nearly very continuously within case you shield this increase.

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    Law breakers voted for Sata, he is allowing law breaking to continue because he owes them!
    This is the man who is allergic to corruption and rules by the 10 commandments. Mr Sata, go to Parliament and legalise street vending first before you protect these law breakers. They don’t pay tax, they have no trading licences and they make the cities look ugly! What is commendable about this?

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    inspect tourism sites and yet they just went to have fun….how can the entire ministry be out of office…..bwafya pa Zed

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    Masebo—–the poor lady cant even realize that her statement is an ati-tourism. Which tourist would want to visit a filthy country! Its really a pity!

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    Maybe cholera outbreaks are also tourist attractions? Visit Livingstone to try out cholera for yourself! Masebo is simply a genius!

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