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There is no way Mr Hakainde Hichilema can go to police without his supporters-Mumbi


UPND special assistant to the president for special duties Edward Mumbi (L) with William Banda

United Party for National Development (UPND) special assistant to the president for special duties Edward Mumbi has said there was no way Mr Hichilema, a national leader could go to the police without his supporters.

Mr Mumbi said in an interview that it had never happened in the history of Zambia where a leader of a big political party could go to the police unescorted.

“He will be accompanied by decent people and we don’t want to see the unruly behaviour of the police,” he said.

Mr Mumbi said the members who would escort Mr Hichilema would comply with police commands when instructed.

“We are going with the people and if they say stand 100 metres away from the police then we will comply,” he said.

However, the police warned that the presence of cadres would not be tolerated and have appealed to the UPND leadership not to take political cadres at the police headquarters as Mr Hichilema appeared before the team of investigators as that might compromise his own security as well as that of other people.

Mr Hichilema is supposed to answer charges pertaining to issuing alarming statements that the Patriotic Front (PF) Government was sending youths to Sudan to be trained as militia men, an allegation that the Sudanese government has already refuted.

[Times of Zambia]


  1. HH you think being staborn will pay you? wait you see how you end up roting in jail and someone will end up bonking your wife,lolela

  2. Well , Mr Mumbi is actually right. Unless you just choose to ignore the history of Zambia politics that is now fraught with fanaticism and religion, you are being untruthful to yourself.

    The Police just need to provide a place where UPND cadres can assemble near the police and wait for their leader as he goes in and comes out.

    We did this as MMD and there are lots of pictures of Sata with his cadres at either High court or DEC. It is just the nature of Zambian Politics and the authorities need to plan around it as a logistical issue.

    You can’t organize a big football match between rivals without planning for logistics to deal with fans behavior. Politics in Zambia is now like football and religion.

    • Blind support. No annointing. No Blood of Jesus. No quality. Just because your neigbour shits on the fence it does not mean you should also do that. Feaces must be nice, a thousand flies cannot be wrong.

  3. who ever went to police without cadres? as long as the cadres are peacefull no problem. read your history before you blame the incoming presido

  4. U5 and your cadres, don’t waste our teargas! U5 is just using cadres to gain sympathy and he does not care about them. Let them do something meaningful than wasting productive man hours. If they go then they should be sorted out!

  5. This thing of dragging “cadres” to courts and police stations is ugly and counter-productive.

    One wonders why all political parties cannot end it.

  6. Be careful e-news will cover this event as they promised. Then the whole world will certainly know wat will happen today… Investor confidence shud be in every well meaning Zambia here coz situations lyk thez are closely monitored by investors. Watever happens 2de, lets hav this in mind!!!!!!!!!!

  7. @12, your observation is spot on. Whatever happens today is likely to shape the future of Zambia. One thing that the powers that be should realise is that Zambia is quite a unique and strange country. Chiluba tried to learn what Nujoma did to get his third term and failed to get in in Zambia. The Zimbabwe suppression of dissent can never be replicated in Zambia. Today is quite a milestone I must say as regards our democracy.

  8. Hakainde,avoid Banda man of violence,what do you admire of this lunatic.You used to condemn his life of violence when he was in MMD,rejecct this crazy,madman.There is nothing to benefit from him otherwise the cost might turn to be to much to bear in future.

  9. HH is slowly being prepared for presidency. This is a toughening process. It seems he is a real threat to PF. Watch the space. if HH was born to lead Zambia, he will lead and those fighting him are just wasting their time. We saw this wil Cobra himself…umo akafwila pofye!

  10. Don’t the PF see that they are actually making HH more & more popular? Simply calling him U5 won’t help coz lets face it; HH is really attracting the masses. PF shud jst fulfil their campaign promises. Thats the only way they will win bak the lost support.

    • That’s interesting HH attracting attention I doubt .He has no strategy to win an election .PF came up with a simple slogan more money in our pockets.

  11. Making HH more and more popular, my foot, analyse his past three election results and draw the curve and tell us where popularity is, any regression analysis expert will tell you a downward trend is never positive!!!

    Distant third in last elections but threat after a few months??? come one, be real and stop tantrums!!

  12. Arrest HH..and spare Fred Membe ‘s14bn for us.We will not even sign a bail for him. Untill the world knows about your dictatorial tendencies. Meanwhile we will all fast, demostrate untill he is freed..Mark my words. VIVA HH..


    HH has been arrested and is apearing at the magistrate court No Bail has been granted so far courtesy of MUVI tv.

  14. Mumbi is very dull.What do you mean there is no way a political leader can go without his cadres. This is the problem with Zambian politics, it is dominated by dull thinking people like Mumbi who promote unruly behaviour by cadres.

  15. Please, with all the due respect for all law makers of Zambia and its democratic institutions, I am of the factual view that when a state has a concrete case against an accused, the accused should not be subjected to further abuse by the state or any party purpoting to be acting on behalf of the state under the preterx of enforcing the Zambian laws. The Zambian Police force/service should not wear blinkers when it engages the Zambian citizens so as to please the pay masters. Please, respect the work of the government and the voice of the opposition as the costs and benefits of democracy can be weighed by the very same oppsition. The rhetoric about Mr HH’s conduct and approach are matters which should looked into by experts.Viva democracy, long live HH and the opposition.

  16. yaba heheh of all people Mumbi and Banda, where is you audacity to speak. Shame on mr Mumbi, just instilling fear in people. every one has a freedom of association so whay are you Mumbi instilling fear on leaders? HH has no criminal record, an honerable person with all the freedom he needs. please serve yourself. You are just an opportunist.

  17. So where is war in Zambia since under 5 HH has been arrested ?? Where is war you ass of white washers in the diaspora??

  18. Last nite on ZWD some people promised havoc should hh be arrested,interestingly,life has continued as normal as always.Zambians ukwisuka you are the best nomba action tapaba.Your hh has been arrested like 38 has said,life is going on normally in Zambia, wat a shame.

  19. In the picture, two old fools without anything to do in life. Shame, Tekere with a ka small book as if he has written sensible inside. When you open it, its blank pages only you will find

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