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Exclusive interview with Zambian Olympic 800m runner Prince Mumba

Headlines Exclusive interview with Zambian Olympic 800m runner Prince Mumba


Prince Mumba represented Zambia at the just ended London 2012 Olympics . He participated in the men’s 800 meters event getting a time of 1 min 49.07 sec .

KAPA187:  Who is Prince Mumba?

Prince Mumba: Humble and a person with patience and a person who loves God and track so much that gave up a good paying job to get a chance to train and represent the nation.

KAPA187:    What was your motivation to take up athletics seriously?

Prince Mumba: Patience and love of track and my country.

KAPA187:  Are you doing athletics as a career or do u have other interests ?

Prince Mumba: career although I do other part time jobs to pay my bills and take care of my family.

KAPA187:  What was the qualification process like to get to the Olympics?

Prince Mumba: I trained so hard and tirelessly. Spent lots of money to travel for competitions and also seeing the chiropractor and physiotherapists. Never worked so hard in my life like I did before. I trained the same workout Duane Solomon the 4th place at the Olympics and he ran 1:42. This gave me an idea how I was gonna perform had not been an injury and some little chest pains.

KAPA187:  What do you do to keep in shape during the off season i.e. when not in any competitions

Prince Mumba: I technically have no off season. Coach always gives me two weeks off then start back with an active rest for another two weeks then start preparing for next Season by getting miles, about 100miles per week and also compete in some road races. Then indoor season.

KAPA187:  What are some of your best memory’s from London 2012

Prince Mumba: Watching my friends breaking through. Three of my friends were in the 800m final. The winner broke the WR, Amos broke world junior record and Botswana NR and Duane had a tremendous personal best PR

KAPA187:   Were you satisfied with your performance in the 800m heat?

Prince Mumba: Not at all. But I’m a soldier even though I felt something pulling on my left quads, I continued to run. I’m only satisfied because I was able to compete and represented my beautiful country

KAPA187:  Will you participate in the next Olympics?

Prince Mumba: I don’t know. I take every year at a time. I have the worlds next year which I’m focusing on.

KAPA187:   What does Zambia need to do to start winning medals?

Prince Mumba: Zambia need to invest in athletes and not just criticize. Every country I have been, they treat sports with respect  all kind of athletics. I see many companies involved in sports. Also athletes are scared to fully involved because they don’t know what to do after sports is done.  Anyway, for me I have to get some part time jobs to survive because I don’t get full support for my sports. We need to encourage the athletes by helping them financially so that they can only focus on sports nothing else. I wrote letters to more than 20 companies in Zambia asking for sponsorship, I didn’t get any response from any. If I didn’t love track I would give up.

KAPA187:  What words of encouragement do you have for young up and coming athletes in Zambia?

Prince Mumba: With or without help from anybody, we need to first of all thank God for the talent and keep believing in yourselves. Be disciplined; continue working hard and the answer will come someday.

KAPA187:  What other hobbies do you have, and is there anything your fans will be surprised to know about you.

Prince Mumba:  I play a keyboard and do a little bit of singing. The surprising thing is, I do graphic design. I’m good with photoshop and other graphic design programs

KAPA187:   In 10 years i will be …..

Prince Mumba: I wanna help sport grow in Zambia.

By Kapa187


  1. Prince, just be running at district level, don’t embarass yourself and Zambia by going to the olympics. Samuel Matete was an Olympian not you.

    • HE IS AN OLYMPIAN becoz he qualified to attend the olympics, shows how ignorant you are! You have to achieve certain prescribed race-times to qualify to become an olympic athelete!!!

    • If you have no clue about sport especially Track and Field, you would do well to zip your lips and whatever that requires zipping.

  2. he did what he could,just not his day especially with very poor sponsorship in sport,what do you expect? mwandi.. you did something

  3. I was surprised that this guy is still running, i remember making the ZAAA team together in 1994 at Munali Boys running track,well it seems it was written in the stars for him to compete at such a higher level

  4. I have counted about 47 medals in that picture. Were they all won by Prince Mumba? If not then the picture is very misleading!

  5. @LOSING MMD CANDIDATE 2: None of those belongs to prince, the chap is an embaracement….indeed he should be competing at district level or try inter-company relay….

    • He won some of them in regional championships whilst he was in Zambia and most of them at international invitations. They don’t give you a medal for winning in high school. Don’t be jealous. Work hard and you can also do it.

  6. dont listen to these haters who are scared to follow their own dreams ,and specialize in bringing people down . keep doing your thing Mumba one day u will win gold

  7. what languange was Prince mumba using when answering questions??Is it that the journalist was translating after he could answer in bemba, or this is the exact english that come out from this mumba man? shame on ZAA

    • Hey primitive. He has a Bsc in Mechanical Engineering and 14 points at grade 12. You cannot even have a conversation with him even if you tried.

  8. Prince, those of us who appreciate hard work are proud of you. It is sad that some people do not know that just participating in the Olympics is an achievement in itself. Do not listen to people who have nothing to offer in life. Keep it up. One day you will be rewarded.

  9. I watched him race at the Olympics in London. Had he not explained that he had an injury, I would have been very disappointed because he came 7th out of 8th in the qualifying rounds and hence did not go any further. If it was not for the injury, perhaps, he would have out-run his personal best time, which would have won him bronze, at most. All the best in the worlds.

  10. Good effort Mumba.For me the 800m final was the olympic highlight.Not only was the record broken by the kenyan,but everybody in the race clocked their personal best.The person who came last could’ve won gold at the previous 3 olympics-thats how fast this race was.

    • Point on. He broke the zambian record on his way to the olympics. It’s sad to note that people are this ignorant about other sports serve for soccer which they only understand when we win and are not willing to concede defeat when the result is otherwise.

  11. Fair effort. Proud to have been represented. Good luck in finding sponsors to ease your golden journey. Ignore the couch potatoes who wouldn’t know how to work the reality to achieve a dream. The only time some have run 800m is with a mind full of excuses for their respective bosses. Pity there’s no medal for being anal. There are many up here who could win gold outright :)

  12. I remember this guy from the Munali days. am 30yrs old now and he was slightly older than me. He will never do better than already done because mukulu umuguys uyu. Its time to retire baaba don’t embarass yourself more 

    • Bernard Lagat is 37 years old. Cameliter Jeter is 32. Serve for the sprints and one or two races, the majority of seasoned athletes are in their prime. Usain Bolt is 27 years old. Age only becomes a factor when your body stops responding to your training. I bet you look older than your 30 years because of indiscipline.

  13. That was a good interview. Take care of your injuries and nurse it properly so that you can start preparing for the worlds next year. Criticism is good but at your level, you can pick genuine ones from the couch potato gabbage. Be strong and keep working hard.

  14. @ the writer-you are a seriuos triblist and you are the people bring our party down because of trble statements…………one Zambia one nation……………thats why you can never rule….

  15. I have learn some good stuff here. Definitely value bookmarking for revisiting. I wonder how a lot attempt you put to create any such fantastic informative website.

  16. Well, Prince has achieved a lot in sports. He made semis at worlds, 2nd & 3rd NCAA all America 2n and 3rd made it for Olympics, 4th at the all africa games, national record won a grant prix, He Won more 100 medals at high level not district level. Although Prince never won Olympic medal we are proud of him.

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