The ACC investigations on Kabimba and GBM

Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba and Defence Minister Geoffrey Mwamba
Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba and Defence Minister Geoffrey Mwamba

A call to reflection on the ACC’s preliminary investigations on the allegations raised against Kabimba and Mwamba

By Inyambo Akakandelwa( Spokesperson Young Leaders Alliance (YOLA)

In view of the developments that have followed the allegations of corruption and abuse of office made against both minister of justice Wynter Kabimba and his counterpart at the ministry of Defense,Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba, it is critical that the nation reflects on the quality of decisions that have been made by either the investigative agencies and the cabinet. It is also important for us to be generally conversant with what has happened so far and see how we can best have our country governed.

In relation to the aforesaid issues, the most important ingredient is definitely the actions of the nation’s Anti-Corruption Commission and the manner they undertook their preliminary investigation. The two principle issues that come to the fore are firstly the path that the commission took to communicate their findings at the level of preliminary investigation creates a strong perception that the process may not have been entirely impartial.

This is largely on account of the growing public speculation that the foremost media used is one that is increasingly being perceived as hostile to Mr. Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba.What largely collaborates the foregoing position is a matter of public speculation and debate that the subject media house is one that is actively pursuing an agenda that is purely anti-GBM owing to his suspected appeal for future leadership and that the said media would
prefer another person. Granted the above stated, particularly in relation to how the findings were released, there is a noticeable growing perception that perhaps the ACC got embroiled in the politics that have come to surround the allegations raised against the two ministers and therefore rendering their supposed professional work lacking in impartiality.

The second level of anomaly with the modus operandi employed by the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) in handling the allegation raised against the two ministers is evident in its partiality in releasing results relating to the two cases. Whereas the Anti-Corruption Commission posits that their preliminary investigation has revealed issues that implicate Mr. Mwamba which are going to be subject of comprehensive investigation, it is interesting that in the case of Mr. Kabimba who is Justice Minister, the commission has found it convenient to simply issue a blanket statement indicating that they did not find anything implicating Mr. Kabimba.[pullquote]the subject media house is one that is actively pursuing an agenda that is purely anti-GBM owing to his suspected appeal for future leadership and that the said media would prefer another person[/pullquote]

Now, notwithstanding the fact of the ACC commissioning what they termed as preliminary investigation, wouldn’t it have been prudent for them to be specific with grounds raised and specifically indicate what led them to a conclusive position that there was absolutely nothing implicating Mr. Kabimba in relation to the allegations of the oil deal and anything incidental thereto? While we may not want to argue that the minister of Justice is guilty as
alleged, isn’t the incorporation of a company called Midlands Energy a key ingredient in the allegation raised against him and it would have been an act that would have entrenched far reaching credibility in the investigations if the commission has opted to be more precise about what led them to hurriedly clear the minister of justice and on the other hand hurriedly attribute firm allegation to his defense counterpart.

An in-depth look at the stated developments would make it easy to understand what accounts for the strong perception that the ACC may have set out to compromise the path of what should have been a credible investigation. With a view to extricating Mr. Kabimba from the allegation in a biased manner and thereby play into the hands of political machinations that are believed to be underway.

Another set of observations that may be said to be somewhat related to the preliminary investigations undertaken by the Anti-Corruption Commission includes the undeniable impression that has been created that GBM is being victimized by some stakeholders at both party and government level. Now, with this complexion around Mr. Mwamba, don’t we as a nation see the ACC conditioned to unfairly treat him granted the fact of influence from the same stakeholders? The foregoing does certainly take away from the confidence given to the findings of the ACC and going forward, it will be critical for authorities to completely obliterate the perception that GBM is merely being a victim of power politics at play. The fact of Mr. Bwalya seemingly
disadvantaged from the point of view of party and government decisions so far is undeniable and this unfortunate occurrence should not be allowed to get in the way of credible investigations and subsequent findings within the scope of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC).

In the final analysis, it will be important to keep politics away from the allegations faced by the two ministers and ensure that there is enough room for the law to take its course unlike allowing other people to enjoy some leverage owing to their favorable standing. Other than the grounds aforementioned, in the interest of consistency and building public confidence in the work of the ACC, it is of necessity that the work of the commission is not only autonomous but actually seen to be autonomous to allow them handle their work professionally and not be deemed as a tool for accomplishing private political ends.


  1. lets just say this issue was the make of the Post Newspaper which has become more business oriented than objective. GBM have vowed never to worship Fred Mmembe and that instantly makes him an enemy of the Post. This is the same way they have treated Hakainde. Anyone who refuses to bow down to the Post becomes an instant enemy. Its time Zambians saw the devil in the Post.

  2. ACC instituted preliminary investigations into allegations of corruption by GBM and Kabimba.ACC subsquestly issued a statement through the POST to the effect that they found nothing substantial to institute formal investigations into alleged corrupt activities against Kabimba while GBM was foung wanting and therefore,ACC will proceed to formerly investigate him.It is the way the ACC chose to communicate to the public(through the POST which is seen to be pro-Kabimba and anti GBM) which the younman from YOLA is objectting to among other things and I think he has a point(s)

    • Just a point of correction.ACC has not issued any statement concerning the Kabimba and GBM investigations.Some insider provided that information to the Post.

  3. Inyambo Akakandelwa seems to have something against Mr. Kabimba which I hope some day he will say it out. I will love clarification as to whats wrong with Mr. Kabimba being a shareholder in an oil company? He is has always being a businessman running a law firm and a game ranch. He decided to get into another business, whats wrong with that. I have had a chance to investigate the oil deal that Mr. Kabimba is alleged to have gotten into through the company called Midlands Energy. There has never been any such deal for the company to start dealing in oil products apart from the transport which they do for indeni and they load as any other company especially those run by Somalians. Go to ERB they failed to furnish Mr. Kabimba with facts about the alleged licence application. The man is clean

  4. As long as M’membe isto continue as the consultant to Mr Sata, we will continue to have biased reporting and misinformed.As it is now M’membe is the one who decides who wins the government tenders and who is appointed to what post,the behind the scene ruler of Zambia,the silent lucifer. if M’membe is dealt with , the less will be the confusion. Even Winter has to be careful not to tread on the same step with M’membe otherwise his ambition to be a president of PF after Sata will become a pipedream and his envisaged judicial reforms willbe rendered uselessly.Be careful with M’membe a snake in the grass,GBM has learnt a lesson which will haunt him throughout his life.

  5. When HH said the Post has become an arm of the government, we said he is bitter. This is a clear indication that the Post has become bigheaded in the current government. Mmembe is allergic to hardworking business men and women. Both HH and GBM are seasoned businessmen who have successfully run their entities. Mmembe has tried but failed even to run the defunct Zambian Airways. Now he has to put p o r n o g r a p h i c pictures for his paper to sell. Just work hard, Mmembe. We know you now!

  6. We always let imagination and perception get the better of us. The writer has not firmly produced evidence that an ACC bulletin was actually given out. A media report is not akin to a substantive announcement, unless that has been paid for and published as such, or covered as such. Allegations remain allegations. We are in the 21st Century with 18th Century mentality!  Eish!

  7. Everybody knows that the ACC is a weapon of the PF. If it was any other individuals and not PF ministers, the ACC would have been issuing statements on a daily basis, including pre-warning and inviting the media to film suspects entering their premises for “interviews.” After these interviews, their empty but loud mouth spokesperson could have given the “details” of the interviews to the media. The question is: Did any of this circus happen in the cases of Mwamba and Kawimba? No. Why not? Were these ministers even called for any so-called Warn and Caution statements? if not, Why not? Can that empty spokesman of the ACC tell us in graphic terms how they investigated and reached the conclusions that there is a case for Mwamba and not for Kawimba?

  8. It seems the young lad Inyambo Akakandelwa, has a bone to chew with Hon. Mr. Winter Kabimba or he may even be Hon. GBMs’ hired gun, as the show down continues. Why has Akakandelwa failed to analyse GBMs’ own confession on Uk hosted online radio cross fire blog? GBM confessed, stating clearly that he joined politics so that his businesses can benefit! ZESCO sources also confirmed that GBM pressurised them for the pole supply tender to be awarded to his company which he runs with his children. The company winter Kabimba owns Midlands Energy is in petroleum transportation and he is competing fairly and squarely for loading with Somalian & other foreign owned transporters. Kabimba has never even been to TAZAMA offices to ask them to always give preference to his trucks. What is up ba YOLA?

  9. Leave them, they are serving the nation, with hard-work and perseverance
    There is no need to try them, think of the good things they are doing in serving the needs of everyone and the struggles they went through 

    Witch-hunt I see


  10. Fred and Winter r in for it!Wait Sata is not dull!Pipo the thing is Winter and Fred r scared of GBM.They r scared that the Bembas have dominated Satas Government!They think that Sata will hand over power to his tribal met!They r not sleeping.Watch this space.Very soon Fred will be dealt will then winter will be toothless!Ask yo selves.WHY is not GBM not hanging his boots!The was a serious phone call from Sata to GBM.Winter yo r in trouble!Fred you r fired!Your paper is doomed!You dont know Sata.Ask miyanda and his 22 former Mps.Watch out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!He single handerly pushed the from MMD.whoz Winter.Pliz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-?

  11. Kabimba you were not even an MP when GBM was one. Who the hell are you to bring chaos in Zambia. If your brains are in your PANTS let GBM whose brain is in his HEAD to contribute to the affairs of the country. Kabimba we know your dirty tricks but you will never rule us. Shame on you.

  12. it’s a bit an fair on the part of GBM,this guy sacrificed alot 4 the party,it’s GBM who was paying u ka winter,and u simply want 2 pay him with a sllap in da face.

  13. I think Inyambo is right. There’s so much leeway being given to Wynter Kabimba than GBM. We all know and knew from the onset that GBM was a businessman and despite having issues with the MMD government, he was still financially well above Kabimba for he has been in business since he was a kid. Just because the man has more money and there’s this worry and insinuation of Sata handing over the presidency to a bemba, as GBM said, 2016 is very far away for anyone to start having presidential aspirations. And by the way, who’s to say Sata will not run for re-election come 2016. The ACC should thoroughly probe both of them especially now that we know Kabimba is also involved with an oil company.

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