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Sentencing Iris Kaingu based on records and not the media- Magistrate Mwiinga


Iris Kaingu being whisked away after being released
Iris Kaingu being whisked away after being released

Lusaka Resident Magistrate Prince Mwiinga said his decision in sentencing Iris Kaingu was based on records and not reports from the media.

This was in response to defence counsel Christopher Mundia who had made an application to have the Post Newspaper and Muvi TV cited for contempt for making running comments before his client was sentenced.

After spending two nights at Lusaka central prison Iris Kaingu appeared before Resident Magistrate Prince Mwiinga in a fully packed court room looking calm and clad in a track suit. She however appeared remorseful and scared when Resident Magistrate Prince Mwiinga started reading his judgment

When passing the sentence Magistrate Mwiinga said that he had taken into consideration the mitigation presented by the defence in which they said that the convict was a first offender and that she was only aged 20 when the offence was committed.He further said he also considered that Iris had lost her career having been expelled as a student from the Zambia Institute of Accountancy Studies (ZICAS).

The Magistrate also said that he had considered that she did not personally cause the publication of the material adding that he did not find aggravated circumstances in the case when arriving at the decision.

Magistrate Mwiinga bemoaned the rate at which young people were involving themselves in making obscene cinematography films tending to corrupt morals, saying this was the second case he was dealing with in seven months.He said it was the duty of the courts to met out sentences that would act as deterrents to would be offenders

The Magistrate said he also considered that the convict did not show any remorse during trial and that the two nights spent in custody should have served as a lesson to her.

Magistrate Mwiinga said that he had exercised leniency based on those grounds in the hope that she had learnt a lesson out of it.

He then said that the destruction of the material should be done after 14 days if there is no appeal raised.

Irish Kaingu
Irish Kaingu


  1. You have learnt a lesson that some of these Western World things do not pay but only corrupts your morals. You should have been behind bars for some months, but because you are from Elite Family, anything is possible in Zambia. If it was one from Chaisa, Misisi or Chipulukusu, this time, she would have been in for 9 months or so without even giving them chance to pay that K10 Million. Shame on the Zambian Courts with their selective justice.

  2. Leave this girl alone, there to many things happening in zambia that you need to attend to than focusing on her. Shame!

  3. The mitigating factors given mek sense. Ihope u have learnt ur lesson n never again shd u record ur sexual activities on video. This is a lesson 2 everyone else as well

  4. This Iris girl can be an instant celebrity and millionaire if she was in USA. look at the Kardashians..they are cashing in because of what Iris did but alas she is Zambia where everyone tries to pretend like they are holier than thou awe ninshi kumbali empulumishi ishine shine.

  5. I almost didn’t recognise her with her clothes on. LOL. I don’t see why this even went to court they’ve made a mountain out of a mole hill. 

  6. This Girl is just beautiful! .Good verdict court, surely speaking  what a waste it would have been to waste such beauty in Jail for all those years. I want your cell number girl PLS 

  7. this can only be GOD. I believe this gal prayed and asked God forgiveness, and God does turn one peoples had heart to been softhearted

  8. Changa baseka uwacelwa. Most of us are culprits in other illicit activities and we hide before the people but only God sees us. It is a big lesson to young ones and the generation to come. I personally wish you quick recovery in your life. Get settled, change your life, be a model, educate others and you will find a good man to marry you and not that kaponya who was just after spoiling your life, we are all sinners after all.

  9. We have folks dying of cholera,no drugs at hospitals and rural zedians drinking dirty water yet this girl’s private moral depravity has a more powerful hold on us? We sure do have our priorities skewed.

    • I agree with the point you are making but surely consensual intercourse between adults is hardly a form of ‘moral depravity’? Where as spewing lies and innuendos and making promises you know you cant keep simply to get hold of power is more of a moral depravity in my book as is siring b.astard children here and everywhere whilst being married to your fourth spouse whom you were bonking whilst still married to your third.

  10. Justice has prevailed at last. IRIS God loves you that why he gave his only son Jesus to die for your sins and mine. No one should condemne you but don’t repeat what happened. God still have a plan for your life.
    Jeremiah 29:11 ( Mika from Quebec,Canada)

  11. She is too much in the limelight for my liking when the likes of me, who have an MBA, MSc, CIMA ACCA Bsc in Applied Accounting from Oxford Brookes London, and a PhD student are just not being recognized for our sweat and tears that we put in through hard work

    This is insanity, I am glad I am not a journalist, LT you should be embarrassed of your work here, her 2 minutes of limelight is OVER

    Some of us who do not boast are hardly known in Zambia when we are flying the country from far away like here and bringing the good name of Zambia into perspective, where is the balance? She also looks naive for my liking


    • What a petty cry from you Mushota. Too academic ba boss. What are you going to do with all those qualifications? MBA, MSc, CIMA ACCA Bsc in Applied Accounting from Oxford Brookes London, and a PhD ? What value are your qualifications to wider society if not just for you alone. Her case has a wider social implication. It borders on culture and social changes in our country. Make an impact with your qualifications and we will trail you in the media. Atase nyo nyo nyo ukulilalila….styopeti.

    • Mushota you are so full of your qualifications (if genuine at all) and nothing else. This stupid comment is as close as you will ever get to being in the limelight. I am a Zambian, I am a banker in London but none of that has nothing to do with the above route cause statement. I think you should ask for a refund because clearly your qualifications have taught yo nothing at all (again if genuine). I also find it strange how you list your qualifications, there is no logical order to your. I’ll tell you now someone will have to be off their trolley to hire someone who couldn’t make their mind up on whether they wanted to be a financial accountant or a management account and you are clearly not innovative so you will never be your own boss.


    • Our laws need to change to reflect our ever changing environment. The girl was of legal age to engage in sexual activity and so was homeboy. In a western democracy this conviction would not stand in the International Court of Human Rights. Provided they both consented to video their activity and of legal age its no ones business. If you start bringing culture and custom you go into slippery slopes. Then a married woman should be convicted for refusing to have sex with her husband because African custom says a woman should satisfy her man. Where do you draw the line. It then has the potential to go into other things like women should not accuse an elderly man of rape because it is a taboo to speak of your elders in a negative light.

    • Oxford Brookes is in Oxford and not London so am not sure you even have the qualification you claim when you don’t know where you studied.

  12. Am sure she will be having difficulties with reaching orgasms even with her future husband thinking she might be filmed.The gal is cute.

  13. #21, Sorry but Oxford Brookes London is not a highly rated University in the UK to write about, but felicitations on your academic achievement. 

    • no. 21 and 25 want are you doing talking to yourself? you r one and the same person unless you think you are too too smart. lolest

  14. Besides, there is so much hype about iris and nothing about the guy… All bcoz she is a minister’s daughter!!! Double standards

  15. This lady is beautiful. I know your name has been tarnished and twill for some time. can i marry you and change your surname to mine and even your first name. thats the only solution

  16. Ba Mika #19 no cares where you are writting from, so please next time leave out your location because that doesnt make your contribution more important, zed fala!

  17. Naturally beautiful black African woman without any of those fake Brazilian hair or fake fi make-up and fi fake eye lashes worn by these hypocritical Zed chicks with fi fake kapenta accents,such a turn off! 
    If I was a billionaire I would have offered to sponsor her for overseas higher education for the next 4 years instead of the unnecessary media attention she is getting there.  

  18. I’ll making calls and sending emails to institutions so as this lady can be offered a fully sponsored scholarship so she can concentrate on her studies, womens movement in Zambia should be ashamed of themselves and are a sham; they are busy getting donor funding for nothing. 

  19. That was exactly my point….the judge wanted to “teach her a lesson”. Case closed indeed. But those lips on Iris’s face….ynagu tata. Just look at those things imwe bantu…bwishe nili neka? I can marry Iris right now…forget that ka Nathan boy. She needs a real man after all this nonsense she has been through. I need her phone number….

  20. wow, OK bane there are lessons to learn here (1) if you don’t know how to use this highly technologically advanced materials such as camera’s, computers, webcams, internet please avoid them pantu mwakulasebana like this Iris. (2) if you are a parent keep close eyes on what your kids do with this computers you buy them or even what they post on Facebook and other social media. (3) Iris case is similar to one case here in Michigan, USA were 4 boys teenagers, had sex with one girl and they were also recording the encounters without the knowledge of the girl, and as of today 3 of the boys who were found guilty are serving 20 years imprisonment in jail. (4) The judge should have given Iris probation to restrict her from being around her boyfriend she featured with in this video.

  21. Ba LT Moderator, you know you annoy me so much with your habit of holding my comments hostage. There *****S here who post pathetic and nonsensical comments every time they start typing. I don’t see you restricting their posts.

    I know you’re reading this. PLEASE STOP THAT NONSENSE ALREADY!

    Pissed off Umupondo!

    • Dude, some of these posts are possibly from LT staff trolling the comments section. Also, the mod here is lackluster at best. They ought to revamp the journalism programs in Zambia and learn the proper way to write, sell and present a story. I could go on.

    • You’re so right man. It just annoys me when one has something meaningful to write about and they freaking delay to post the comment, sometimes, they even delete the whole thing. Just pisses me the hell off!


    • What mistake? Having sex is a natural order of life. The problem with our society is that too many hypocrites. especially the so-called ladies movement. dont they have sex?

  23. @Mushota#21
    Your only sentence in the second paragraph, there is a repitition of “I am”, it is unacceptable for a boastful PhD student, Miss Mushota especially for a person who is ever looking for unworthy recognition from you know who.

    Please, rephrase your phrase”when we are flying the country far away like here” It does not make any sense, it looks like it, and/or, how do you fly the country far away like here? It does not communicate anything to the recipient of your message. Please, rephrase it carefully.

  24. My niece Mushota taulaleka ubu hule ku UK. Watushila abeshikulu kuno ku Zambia and you don’t send any money. We here you make a lot o money standing on street corners in London. My only wish is you send some money for these bastards you left here in Zambia.

    P.S. Tukapose aya ama ARV you have left behind here in Kanyama.

  25. Mushota do what she did if you want to be known too. But I doubt whether those Scotish cops will spare you. You may be deported to Zambia instantly by the home office or is it the boarder police.

    Who said you don’t boast Mushota? In my opinion you are the most boastful lady I have ever known. By the way when are you likely to be moved from being a finalist or is it an associate to being a fellow like some of us?

  26. # 38 i think m with you here…because our Phd student,acca/cima,oxford brookes freind(mushota (#21)) should explain if possible with the help of a diagram how she manages to ‘fly the country far away like here!!!’ chatupita icisungu ba mushota.Please can someone read what mushota(#21) has written and interpret………..!!

  27. @Mushota#21
    You also made bludders in the first and last sentence of your first pargraph. Notice that you only limit yourself to a sentence each in a paragraph, is it a new writing skill in England or Scotland? Interesting and misleading indeed, oh dear, God help her. The following is incorrect “for our sweat and tears that we put in through hard work” the correct phrase should be as follows “for our sweat and tears which are lost in demandful work we ought to be re-inforced with recognition and praise” Mushota this is how a PhD student writes academically.

  28. @Mushota#21
    What do you mean or what is the rationale behind this phrase? “She is too much in the limelight for my liking when the likes of me,” You should have kindly said that she has been excessively placed in the limelight, yet I Mushota with an MBA, Msc, CIMA CAAC,Bsc in Applied Accounting, a graduate from Oxford Brookes London is not equally treated like Iris, therefore I resent this approach from LT. This is acceptable not what you wrote above.

  29. @Mushota#21 Please differentiate between mere oral expressions and written comprehensions. The essence here is to convey the message to your recipients in an unaltered manner and for them to understand whatever it is that you want them to understand. At this stage, your end-users are very important.
    Your term “I am glad I am not a journalist” It is inappropriately applied. The condition is ‘I am glad’ and the reason is ‘I am not a journalist’ They must be a connecting verb between a condition and reason. Simply put, the connector is a term known as ‘becuase’ and you must use journalism in place of journalist and it follows that it will cancel out the ‘I am and it will only leave a single ‘I am’. This is your homework assignment for the weekend. Bye Mushota and behave yourself.

  30. Go in peace Iris and live your life, can we please stop these nonsense trials in future, surely there is better use for court resources with really serious issues.

  31. Where is the guy in all this ????????????????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everybody is just ignored him, amazing hypocritical society!

    • He pleaded guilty and got a fine…she fought the system and got siht + massive publicity…Zambia is not that bad well done..

  32. Waste of taxpayers money prosecuting a young woman for something everybody does. Double standards. Its not like the video was shot for public distribution. Government has no place in people’s private lives. There are criminals roaming the streets whilst state resources are wasted on stupid cases like this one! Start arresting the married MP’s who are busy hiring hookers at parliament motel if you have time to waste! Pathetic double standards!

  33. Perhaps we can use this case to shed light on an issue in Zambian prisons. Women who enter prison with a child receive no additional food to feed their babies, who can stay in prison with their mothers up until ages four or five, if their families cannot take care of them. Prison food rations are already inadequate, which is ironic as much of the food in Zambia is grown by inmates. These minimal rations then are shared between mother and child, which can result in malnutrition, made more cruel because the woman has no freedom to try to change the situation.

  34. Also, prisoners who need additional food (such as those who are HIV+) do not get it as well. Many people in Zambia go hungry and are malnourished, but for inmates and circumstantial children it is worse because they have no power to change their situation and often have no community or family to turn to.

  35. I urge all of you who can afford it to donate to Children in Prisons Initiative (CPI) which helps feed these children. Without more donations, they will run out of funds by November and will have to suspend the feeding program. Please do something to help; the children already suffer enough behind bars with their mothers, at least let them have enough to eat.

  36. Is this were people come to demonstrate their English skills? I don’t think that’s what the commenting was meant for. Iris learn her lesson, I’m happy she can finally move on with her life and be all she can be.

    • People shouldn’t have to demonstrate English proficiency; logical opinion as well as acceptable prose should be emphasized.

  37. But Mushota is a nut case hahahaha, i strongly suspect you are not as educated as you claim. as a Zambian Engineer working as a Consultant in the diaspora, i wave my motherland flag very high, these guys that my company offers consulting services for have immense respect for Zambian Intellectuals, let your work speak for yourself my dear. if you really are educated then you are embarrasing us intellectuals, i would like to see your profile on linked in, see recomendations for your work and endorsements for your capabilities, otherwise you may just be a wishful thinker, a schitzo or a pathological liar, please make serious contributions on such fora, on the other hand you might not even be a person quite posibly a computer generated text, uku kwela indeke ibe achievment??

  38. The only difference between us out here and those in jail is that they got caught

    Beautiful girl,…..

    If only i had a chance with her,….!

  39. Yangu efyo bamusapulula lelo Mushota! Awe chawama mwe. I have always known that mushota might a be fake. I doubt if she really exists. Who ever you are, you stink. Your language leaves a lot to be desired. Ine nshasamblila like you. With my humble introductory accounting quantification I am making money and feeding my family here in the diaspora.  

  40. Iris has learnt her lesson, but it is now up to all parents of young girls to ensure we don’t raise our girls to go through what Iris has been through. Mr. & Mrs. Kaingu must find it very difficult to hold their heads high among their family members, friends, church members and anybody who has known them before this Iris saga. Our children need to be exposed to the best moral standards and they should be taught to know that certain behaviour at certain stage in their lives can injure them and the rest of the family. Iris has been embarrassed, but she also has to face reality and go for an HIV test. After this she has to pray an ernest prayer of mercy and grace for her to overcome this situation. Counselling may also help. As for Mushota @ # 21, you are an apparent brainless nincompoop!

  41. @#s 58, 59, 60 and 61, it’s good to know that there are still some kind people remaining in this world. You care and please keep it up… The children in prisons are innocent, they shouldn’t suffer for the transgressions of their parents…

  42. I don’t understand why this has to be case where as the judge was aware that she is not responsible on publishing the material, this is undemocratic if judiciary is being used to settle political scores against his father it is a bullying system. she must appeal and the judge must be screened too to see if he is fit in the judiciary

  43. @ # 40 naimwe ba boom and whatever you are trying to correct someone’s grammer but you go on to say ‘rephrase your phrase’ ndiye chizungu cha kuti ichi. do you know anything about rules in grammer?

    on IRIS what is done is done can we now all start listening to Zagaze’s song job 13 : 13 and get the message especially the part where he says ….UKU CHALO CHINGO ONONGEKA….

  44. @Jobbing in the Diaspora#7
    Naimwe bamudala, What is the level of your education, kainge? A phrase is as good as saying a term. In this case, saying “rephrase your phrase” it is as good as saying that please, ‘reconstruct your sentence/term’. If you listen to a lawyer who cross examines a witness in a court of law, she/he will normally say that “I will rephrase my earlier phrase I made mention to you”.
    Put differently, ‘I will rephrase my phrase’. All the above are one and the same thing.
    Ba Jobbing bachikulu, you must realise that a line between mere oral expressions and written comprehensions is not blurred but the opposite holds true, as meaning that academic English is not the same with ‘slang’

  45. @Jobbing in the Diaspora#74
    Bamudala mulishani, namwimona postgraduate English. You must study all the time for you to master the different jargons and recall that each fraternity has it own jargons. As for me, I have specialised in multi-disciplines and each discipline has its type of English. E.g, if I use the language within a strict legal framework an ordinary element will not understand me. The same can be said about the medical fraternity, the scientific jargons which I would employ in my usage will sound foreign to an ordinary English speaker whether one is fluent or it is irrelevant to my sort of level. When it comes to philosophy it becomes a totally different field. Note that, even within the post doctoral specialisations, several sub-fields exist with specialised English.

  46. you surely missed the point. my point was its wrong to say i am drinking my drink in this regard, i would like to think you cant say rephrase your phrase if u listen carefully you will realise that,lawyers would say i will rephrase my statement/question. why to avoid that mistake. your advice to her was constructive and i was merely just trying to say to you you look when embark on such a tour make sure u dont fall in the same trap. that being said i would also like to take you back to what i think is was important about what our focus should be Zambia’s Development not trivial issues my advice to all about mushota would be simply dont comment on her blogs focus on real issues then she will grow tired of it. but then i think its impossible because some people always feel the need to react

  47. you seem like you knw your stuff. i give credit in as much i offer constructive criticism. one thing i find sad though is as Africans we have be brainwashed to think if u can speak english well then you are are Smart. but when you think about it english is just a laugauge that you just use for communication just like Bemba or Tonga it is not to be mistaken for intelligence. i find it strange that your fellow country man will make a mistake when speaking English you will laugh with AT him Fr. Paul Smith will make a mistake when speaking Tonga/ Bemba you will laugh WITH him. how is that for a fact ?

  48. in South Africa what she did would not have been news. We had a video clip of two police officers doing it, while on duty. Both of them married to their respective partners. They were disciplined by their employer and the matter ended there. They never appeared in court. If it was in Zambia the two police officers would have no doubt done time in jail. As a Zambian I often ask my self, are our morals so easily corrupted. If you want a copy of the vidoe clip let me know, it is still circulating on cell phones here in SA.

  49. @Jobbing in the Diaspora#80
    Well said and good, however, please you need to expand the taken for granted generally accepted constructions. Recall that even the meanings of words in dictionaries are questionable and quiet often we do not accept them. The constructions/definitions of dictionary terms could have been correct in history within a context of a small historical place i.e. As time revolves, so are changes which impact on why we should question what exists before us or what were constructed as civilised languages.Hence, our mother tongues need to be given the same status like any imperialists’ languages. This is to argue that the construction of English language was correct in history but presently we need to question everything about English.

  50. @Jobbing in the Diaspora#80
    You are right when you indicated that being eloquent in English is not the same as being flexible in using our cognitive abilities. The above two are not one and the same. The fact is that I hate this language as well and I only use it because our weak forefathers were passivists which in turn strengthened our colonial masters. Anyway let me say good bye for now but keep me posted.

  51. Good news!! I was worried that after the Judge watched the video he’ll throw you into jail. Awe wapusuka mwaiche, pantu filya walepanduka pa bed ngayalikwikata chimbokaila.

  52. #83/84 i am glad you got my point. at the end of the day it begins with you and me to focus in issues that really matter. for example if you critically look at our comments on this article they are predominantly focused on Iris, when the focus here should b what the areas the areas of improvement in our justice system.because one thing i know for a fact is Iris will not be the last to do this, in this regard our focus now shud be systems we have put in place and how they will affect and protect the future. like Petersen best put it in his song job 13 v 13 .. mungo kamba pali nyimbo ati ndine wamanyozo kama chalo uku chingo onogeka(you are all debating about my songs saying am sarcastic when on the other hand the country is being destroyed) pretty much like what we do on these blogs not so?

  53. repeant iris,this is the time you should reflect on God`s mercy and he is able to forgive you.remember every sin has it`s own consequence so you have faced the consequences of prostitution wheather you posted the video or not as long it`s sin,dont do 1 thess 4 vs 3-8.

  54. What happened is only a tip of the iceberg. There is so much going on in these colleges. We can only hope that this has served as caution to all of us….Chimbokaila or not, Iris was exposed, let us be careful. Think you are doing things in private? God is always watching.

  55. Too bad for Iris, but better you leave zambia and stay somewhere far for you to get married, please i can Urge you to come to East African country, and study from here.otherwise people will never forget your deed as the bad behaviour forgetting what they usually does.

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