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MMD accuses PF of planning violence in Mufumbwe


MMD President Nevers Mumba addressing the media in Mufumbwe

The Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) has accused the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) of planning to fan anarchy and violence in Mufumbwe ahead of Thursday’s parliamentary by-election.

MMD President Nervers Mumba says his party is aware that there is a bus heading to Mufumbwe carrying about 60 cadres from Copperbelt province to go and cause confusion prior to the polling day.

Dr Mumba said the opposition political parties in Mufumbwe should not be held responsible for any confusion or violence that might erupt in the course of the campaigns.

Dr Mumba told journalists in Mufumbwe that the PF should take full responsibility of any confusion that will occur in the area.

The MMD leader said so far campaigns have been peaceful and that the people of Mufumbwe will not accept violence this time around.

He said the MMD and its supporters are ready to defend themselves fully should the PF go ahead with the alleged attacks on MMD.

“We are aware of the plans by the PF to cause confusion in this by-election, I want to warn that we are ready to defend ourselves and defend ourselves to the fullest” said Dr Mumba.

Dr Mumba also alleged that PF has dispatched over 15 government vehicles for use in the plot.

He further alleged that the number plates for the said vehicles have been removed to avoid them being recognised.

Meanwhile, Dr Mumba has said that the people of Mufumbwe are determined to vote for the MMD because the PF have failed to honour their promises.

He said the MMD/UPND campaign team has done what it needs to do to win the by- election.

“Victory for us is certain. We have campaigned and still campaigning to convince the people of Mufumbwe on why they should vote for Stanford Mulusa” he said.

Dr Mumba said Mr Mulusa is a man of integrity who would effectively represent the people of Mufumbwe in parliament.

But PF Deputy Campaign Manager in the Mufumbwe by- election Newton Malwa has described Dr Mumba’s allegations as a total fabrication aimed at diverting people from real issues.

He advised Dr Mumba to stop making alarming statements he can’t substantiate.

He alleged that the MMD has resorted to lies and fabrications because the atmosphere in Mufumbwe is not suitable for them to claim victory in the November 8th by-election.

Mr Malwa said its wrong for the MMD to accuse the PF of using government vehicles when it is them using controversial vehicles bought using government resources prior to the 2011 general elections.

Mr Malwa called for issue based campaigns as opposed to character assassination and mudslinging.

In the election scheduled for Thursday, the MMD is fielding Stanford Mulusa, PF is fielding Steven Masumba while UNIP is fielding Steven Kamwendo.



  1. Ok, please we don’t want violence. It does not matter who starts such acts, it will in way hurt all of us as citizens.The losers should concede defeat; that is democracy.

  2. Fake Dr Mumba and MMD just campaign hard stop coming up with useless allegations before even people cast their votes. baseless accusations.

  3. you say pf has failed to honour their promises in one year!!! did MMD fulfil their promises in 20 years??? think again ba mumba

  4. Declaring Psalm 35 and Psalm 109 over everyone and the root cause of violence and chaos in the country. Zambia is a peaceful country and we do not need it to be tainted, the legacy of a peaceful nation shall live on to the next generations. Opposition Parties continue maintaining your calm and Maturity and Zambians themselves will decide. Why are the churches, NGO’s so quiet over what is going on in the country, tribalism, Barotseland, oppression and refusal of rallies. May the Lord arise over our Land, Zambia belongs to Jesus and our land shall not be defiled by evil, Jesus defeated all evil on the cross of Calvary.

  5. Opposition Parties retaliation is not the way forward no one will know the difference between who is violent, learn from Kenya Uhuru Kenyatta he is accused of organzing a gang to fight back and retaliate against ODM’s attack he is facing trail at the Hague together with Ruto who was accused of organizing the attacks. Violence does not pay, just be calm, mature engage the police if they are non responsive engage human rights groups and the Hague. Take photos and videos of the violence as proof of the violence and present them to Human rights organizations. Zambia is a peaceful country and it does not need violence in Jesus name.

  6. We need servant leadership in Zambia and not this violence and causing chaos to get leadership and maintain leadership. May the Lord raise the right leaders for Zambia who will preserve the peace of our land and truly serve everyone in Zambia. Politicians both ruling and opposition beware do not turn our country into a battlefield to serve interests best known to your selves

  7. God will not sit back when you cause violence and chaos, he will fight back and really hard he needs peace in our country so that people may come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Do not cause suffering to innocent Zambians. Do not be a hindrance to God’s plans over Zambia, may the lord visit you with terrifying dreams and visions like Nebuchadnezzar Mene, mene, tekel, upharsin. If you do not repent may psalm 35 and Psalm 109 become reality over you and your families.

  8. All news reporters we do not want news of violence without pictures or videos of the violence , people won’t take the news seriously and this need to be used as proof before Human rights Organizations, even police comments that there is nothing they can do should be enough proof before the Human rights Organizations, we are tired of this violence over our land, may the Lord arise over Zambia . Pictures speak louder than words.

  9. God bless Zambia and all peaceful Zambians, may the Lord preserve all innocent Zambians, we refuse that innocent Zambians will be scampering for safety like war torn countries because there is no one to protect them, this is not Zambian’s portion or inheritance, may the Lord raise up intercessors to pray for Zambia day and night who will give him no rest until justice, righteousness and peace is established in Zambia.May judgement be upon all root causes of violence in our nation.

  10. It is heart breaking when you think of innocent Zambians especially the children who have dreams of a better Zambia, excited about the first day of school and anticipating a great future to think that they may be subjected to a violent country, Lord save us save our country, bring conviction upon these violent and selfish individuals concerning the peace that they enjoyed when they were growing up and let them realize that the Zambian children deserve this peace too including future generations. For the sake of future generations may the Lord  bring judgement upon the  root cause e of this increasing violence upon our land.

  11. I do agree with what president Mumba said about violence,If we recall the third term campaign which was headed by King of Violence Michael Sata,there was violence wherever they went. The youth in the Copperbelt were given guns which some of the guns Sata inherited,those youths could stop at nothing everywhere people lived in fear.So it’s not a mere allergation.serious consideration should be taken before innocent blood is spilled.

  12. MMD and PF are not violent parties,go back to history,wherever MMD and PF have competed,there has never been violence,now compare with elections were UPND has participated,violence is the norm.The most violent party in Zambia is UPND.Sata knows almost everyone and entire MMD structures,Mumba has know idea what MMD is.

    • STOP LYING BEYOND YOUR NOSE……Go back to your history once more and you will curse your ass and foot fo lying. This is why for you, lying is a hobby.

  13. pastor Mumnba, av u bcom a liar bcoz evrytime u tel us PF is planning violnce which up to now we ar yet to see. Stp lyin we ar tird of yo lies. Jst go back to God

  14. The elections will go on smoothly, police are doing their work without interference unlike during the MMd misrul and besides, one of the ivolent Parties, UPND is not involved, the PF is peaceful. Dr. Mumba is just dreaming about what MMD was doing and imaginning that the PF is doing the same, sorry, things changed!!! Just work hard and ocnvince the people of Mufumbwe that going backwards to MMd means progress!!!

  15. We all know who is the Movement for Mufumbwe Disaster (MMD). Rupiah Banda, William Banda and Francis Kabonde. This is pre-emptive. RIP MMD:

  16. Nevers Mumba like most Zambians who are Christians is exercising his birth right to leave the pulpit and lead the masses to the promised when ceazar and pharoah like the serpent are in power.

    Viva Nevers mumber all born agains are behind you Viva HH we love you

  17. PF avoid any of that you are being accused of to shame the devil, go win the election clean and set an example as the ruling party.Peace to mufumbwe.

  18. Come Friday we will be asking Nevers if his prophesy came true just like what he said that there will be blood shed if we voted Kaunda out. We voted Kaunda out and there was no blood shed ba prophet . I am sure come Friday he will just be like HH with lots of lies he cannot prove.

  19. PF is not the one under pressure,the defenders of the seat are the ones panicking,win or lose PF will still be the same.Nevers is really nervous ,he is a lousy leader with no focus.This chap is just greedy,he doesn’t even know what he is doing as president of MMD.Lelo ni lelo,uko

  20. With all the resources the ruling party has, I do not see any logic in wasting time on violence. MMD abused grz facilities too much so that if PF used only ten GRZ vehicles, it will be nothing.

  21. Dr. Mumba you were a pastor who used to tell the truth. But after joining politics and ascending to presidency things have changed!!!!!!




  25. # 14 HAMIYANZE. You know your president told LIES to Zambians and is now awkwardly filled with shame to apologise to Zambians. His 90 days delivery of services to Zambians LIES have caught up with him. Do you also believe 90 days is not yet over? How does an old man tell LIES where even todlers have now realised Sata tells LIES. Who can trust him with his PF?

  26. Ive Said it again and again and iam saying it  again…PLS  Pastor  Nevers Mumba , you are a man of God, go back to your calling you have disobeyed Almighty God and the sheep you left are have been led astray PLS go back to your calling, remember your first LOVE

  27. Ba objective times I posted the following statement on watchdog on their claims that they are the most read publication but my message was blocked. This is what I wrote “Surely how could this be true when less than 5 percent of the population in the country has access to the internet. And how possible that the same 5 percent could log in to watchdog. And even in the unlikely scenario that all the 5 percent logged in it would still not be sufficient to make the watchdog the most popular media. Please give us credible data proven by facts. Its the same as UPND always claiming that they have gained popularity when they keep trailing as a distant third in elections because there is no scientific data to prove their claims. Civility teaches us that one should not sing their own praises.

  28. .Civility teaches us that one should not sing their own praises. The Watchdog would see how unpopular they where if they allowed all the comments people post to be published unlike the situation where most anti-under five Hichilema and the UPND comments are deleted and blocked from being publiched

  29. Politics of antagonism is primitive in nature and Dr Nevers Mumba is not baptised in politics yet meaning if taken to court for making alarming statements he will then receive a big welcome

    Politics has its own consequences

    Dr NM reeceive much treats from MMD then while he formed the Christian Coalition party but has faioleds to toll the biblical manners and trend to speak like an ordinary man

    It is not Good for the pastor to rely on atheistic aproach than the devine line

    He was supose to represent all Christians in good behavior and away from insinuations

    Masumba won on MMD and was not called play boy but now in PF their man is called names

    Let us iunite against poverty and joblessnes

    Can some one pin point one of the failed PF promise?

  30. The campaigns have been peaceful but there goes the former man of God telling lies, these opposition leaders should learn tell the truth. A little truth will take them far.

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