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Kabimba challenged to explain legality of First Lady’s office

General News Kabimba challenged to explain legality of First Lady's office

First Lady Christine Kaseba
First Lady Christine Kaseba

The Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) youth wing has implored Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba to explain the legality of the office of the First Lady.

FDD national youth Chairperson Antonio Mwanza has told Qfm News in an interview that the approval of the K1.5 billion budget allocation to the office of the First Lady is a source of concern.

Mr. Mwanza says it is unfortunate that the office that is not constitutional can have access to tax payers’ money.

He says it is therefore important for the government to explain to Zambians the legality of the office of the First Lady to warrant an allocation in the country’s national budget.

Mr. Mwanza says government should not institutionalize corruption as this will have adverse effects on the country.



  1. Normally when the first lady travels or makes donations which account do they use? sometimes it helps to work within a budget unlike to draw from any ministry as and when need arises.hence the allocation….

    • Sorry Chinyama, you cannot be suggesting that it is better for the wife of the president to steal when you are looking than when you are not. It is stupid to think in those lines because upholding the wrong is like uphold blatant theft being exhibited here. The office of the first lady is not constitutional period! it does not deserve money to be allocated to it and whatever way the first lady goes about doing her business it should be maintained through the constitutional office of the President. Please do to patronize us by helping the wrong to be legalized.

    • She is supposed to make donation from she has. If she does not have, then she must not donate. Is the government implying that the existing organs with other NGO’s can not contribute to the vulnerable? Which controlling officer will be in charge of this money? Let our government be careful….Remember ZAMTROP

    • Chinyama, you need to go back to your dictionary and understand what “donate” means. If you dont have it, you cant DONATE it. She should sit down rather than abuse taxpayer money. That is why there are constitutional office to channel taxpayer money into development. If we use money properly, we dont need donations!!

  2. “There is nothing political about failing an exam. You are just a bad student” – Hon. Wynter Kabimba tells Hon. Cornelius Mweetwa in Parliament. this is UPND

  3. lets go mourinho….thats the leadership we want from Zambian youths not these pf chibuku drinkers who only thinking and dream of sata and not themselves

  4. Dr. Kaseba,with due respect your too clean and educated stay away from this,let them first constitutionalize your office before you start utilizing these funds.I don’t want to start imagining you trooping to the court when days of reckoning comes.

  5. Mulekeni kaseba, don’t you know she is now “sambamulopa” for that sharp shooting toy boy medical doctor boyfriend of hers at UTH, she needs to shower him with gifts so that he stays happy. At least that chap has stamina, not incurable heart ailments and can last numerous rounds, on the good milile job unlike fimo fimo who was castrated by Mr Desai in India.

  6. @chinyama -The donations were from other supporters that donate to the office of the first lady or a foundation that they form. it was not coming from government. What comes from government is travel expenses when the first lady travels on her own or when she companies the president. It would be interested to see exactly what has been put under that budget line if any. But as usual our journalist do not do investigative report, they just repeat what people give to them

  7. So how will Nawakwi respond to this issue. Does she back her youth wing demanding for accountability or will she side with government since she has been compromised with the appointment?

  8. The other first Ladies had a chain of well wishers who made those donations. How do you expect Sata’s wife to find wellwishers? Only GRZ can donate anything in her shameful name hence this allocation to save face.


  10. Start by lobbying your MP and ask him or her which way he or she voted. After that you can begin by FIRING your MP. This budget has already been approved. Any explanation will be academic. In any case, why do we start questioning things after we have legalized them?  Pa Zed!!!

  11. Ba opposition unite and seek an injunction for us poor Zambians,the allocation tho approved by parliament is illegal koz the office is illegal.Ba lawyer ubwingi pa zed but y? they cant all be impotent mwe Bantu.Ba nevers,hh,chipimo,general,Fred where are you.

  12. Someone needs to shed some light here.Are n`t the charitable works of the first ladies such as the ones we have seen in the past sponsored by donors and well wishers? Talk of the MMCI,Vera Chiluba and SOS projects.Why a budget line when its not a government department or ministry? Where do we draw the authority from to allocate such funds in the budget?Is it supported by the laws of Zambia?Under which guide lines is this done?THIS RAISES MORE QUESITIONS THAN ANSWERS.

  13. President Michael Sata has revealed that Livingstone UPND MP Reverand Howard Sekwila is willing to work with the PF government.

    But Reverand Sekwila said his willingness to work with the PF government should not be misunderstood.Others willing to work with the PF include Mazabuka Member of Parliament Garry Nkombo, Namwala MP to mention but a few. It was agreed by all of us the 17 UPND MPs today at parliament that we should start coming out in the open

  14. u guys have seen govts come n go…y now? wat z so unique about seting up an office for the first lady…what role is she really going to play that wil benefit the nation that requires such allocation of money..first the setting up of PF company n now this..open yo eyess fellow zambians our money z going

  15. The next government should make this woman pay all this money she is stealing using a fake non-existant office.

    keep the amounts on record people, K 1.5 stolen so far…in broad day light

  16. Demanding an explanation from winter should not be seen as a waste of time but a duty for us all ,it starts from here lets demand answers from GRZ for any expenditure we suspect not in line.At least we still have freedom of speech here.reporters research more b4 writing.. thanx vindapala .

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