Young woman brutally murdered in Chisamba


A 24 year old woman has been brutally murdered in Chisamba in unexplained circumstances as her assailants cut off all her limbs and removed her teeth before setting the house she was in ablaze.

Impeccable police sources and an older sister of the deceased, Prisca Kaseba confirmed the incident in separate interviews yesterday, with police indicating that the murder could be a ritual killing.

Police sources said the murder was similar to that of National Institute of Public Administration student Ruth Mbandu, who also had some parts of her body removed.

Ms Kaseba said her sister, Sharon, was murdered under unclear but bizarre circumstances.

She wondered why the police were reluctant to investigate the matter and demanded for justice for her sister’s killers.

Central Province police chief Standwell Lungu, when contacted, said he had not yet received a report on the matter.

The incident happened near Kasabati Farm in Chisamba area.

Ms Kaseba said it was shocking that following the death of Sharon, the police had not provided any information and had refused to tell the family what was contained in the post-mortem report.

“Since I don’t stay with my sister, I have a lot of questions which have remained unanswered.

“For example when the house she was in was burnt did anyone hear her call or scream for help?” she asked.

She claimed that the police had a clue on the people behind the brutal murder but for some reason were reluctant to fully engage into investigations.

She said family members and neighbours picked the remains of the body, including some clothes she wore which were stained with blood.

“The legs and hands were all severed from the body which we later identified. It was a sorry sight to look at the body of a fully grown person cut into pieces like a carcass of an animal,” Ms Kaseba said.

She wondered the motive behind the killing and appealed to the police command to prod the officers in Central Province to bring to book the perpetrators.

Police sources said the manner in which Sharon was murdered was strange because some parts of the body were missing and that initial investigations linked some foreigners to the killing.


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    Sad reading indeed…how to people walk all over a murder scene, wasn’t his ‘home’ surely not declared a crime scene…or do i watch too much TV? What is happening to Zed please??

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    Where is Solo Jere here is serious matter which neaad your expertise to fish out the alleged ritual killers. Please move in with same zeal you applied to bring the late Ruth Mabndu’s alleged killers. Move Move Solomo Jere and team.

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    Impeccable police sources? LT please get a dictionary for your writers.

    Zambia is becoming strange. RIP Mama.

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    Oh what is going on in the world? Please Police arrest these thugs as soon as possible.

    Peace and Prosperity to Mother Zambia.

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    Those people committing such things are the ones that president Sata released from prison last time. 

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    Folks look no further. These are ritual murders, some crazy new found church with its satanic beliefs!!

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    We should start by closing all Pentecostal Churches and make moslims illigal in Zambia. Secondly all these people that have been murdered are found alone! Where are the neighbors and when did women start living alone and move at night alone?

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      What will closing Pentecoastal churches and making Muslims illegal do? Or how does it relate to this story?  I’m interested in hearing your logic..

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    Is she christine kaseba ‘s sister? why the same surname? did they cut the private parts too? How can one identify someone from the cut legs atleast private parts and the face one can identify a relative or a sweet heart, Police must bring these bastards to book and in such cases no need of taking them to court, instant justice. kill them too , by cutting them into pieces while alive

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    The Christian nation in denial. This has little to do with foreigners; just investigate your own primitive behaviors! Look at rival party cadres stoning each other, spousal battery at its height in both directions (yes, even the women are battering husbands), church leaders committing all manner of crime! Leave the foreigners alone!!! Look in the mirror and work hard; rituals do not produce any wealth!!

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    Find out if satanic movements, in all their disguised forms, are gaing ground in the country. This is very unfortunate.Apart from a psychopathic problem or a proper surgical operation, how do you explain the removal of human parts? Where are you taking them?Who has sent you?What has happened to the Christian conscience? This is Satanism proper.They are in somekind of kind of negative oath.My advice is that, inasmuch as proper investigations are essential, there is need for a serious spiritual approach.All well-meaning churches must be involved to attend to this problem.

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