Luapula MMD Provincial Executive Committee Defect to PF in protest

Former MMD Provincial Chairman Emmanuel Chungu
Former MMD Provincial Chairman Emmanuel Chungu

Almost the entire opposition Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) provincial executive in Luapula Province has resigned to join the ruling Patriotic Front (PF).

MMD Luapula Province Chairperson Emmanuel Chungu led the defectors who included his vice, David Chanda, provincial spokesperson, Mwiza Mpelembe, provincial chairlady Fostine Chola, provincial chairperson for health Lumba Kalumba, Provincial Treasury Simon Mwale, Kawambwa District Chairperson Johnson Mfula and former Chipili MP Benjamin Kaumba.

Speaking on behalf of the other defectors in Mansa, today, Mr Chungu noted that the MMD provincial executive in Luapula province has refused to be led by party president Nevers Mumba saying the opposition leader he has displayed undemocratic tendencies which they cannot tolerate.

He described Dr Mumba as a dictator who has allegedly failed to respect the constitution of the MMD in his dealings with other party officials.

Mr Chungu said Dr Mumba expelled MMD National Secretary Richard Kachingwe unconstitutionally, adding that this cannot be allowed to continue.

He said genuine members of the party have prevailed on Dr. Mumba to reconvene a National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting to discuss issues among other issues his dual presidency of the MMD and Reform Party, his invalidation of the MMD presidency and the expulsion of Major Kachingwe but that these calls have fallen on deaf eyes.

The former MMD Provincial chairperson said his team will thus work to destroy all the structures of the former ruling party in the province so as to be vindicated for the position they have taken.

He also assured PF members that his group was not joining the ruling party to displace old members but to support the party in all aspect of human endeavour in order to move the country forward.

Former MMD Provincial Chairman Emmanuel Chungu at the defection Ceremony
Former MMD Provincial Chairman Emmanuel Chungu at the defection Ceremony

Mr Chungu also pledged total loyalty to President Michael Sata and the leadership of the PF which he said has being practical since the party assumed office after emerging triumphant in the September 20, 2011 tripartite elections.

He said the MMD was only rhetoric in its promises of bringing development to Luapula province unlike the PF that has shown to be practical by implementing some of the promises they made to the Zambian people.

In welcoming the defectors, Vice President Guy Scott urged PF members in the province not to feel jealousy of the new members but to embrace and work with them in order to push the development in the province and the country at large.

Dr. Scott said it was imperative that all Zambians work together and remain united to push the country’s development agenda.

He said the people that have defected from the MMD to the PF did so with full conviction from their hearts and not their pocket.

Dr. Scott said there was no buying of members in the PF as was the trend in the MMD defections where people were bought for them to resign from the opposition to join the ruling party.

He told the defectors that they joined the ruling party because they believe in its future and not because of goodies that the party has to offer.

And Luapula Province PF Chairperson Kennedy Sakeni said the PF in the province is not interested in any squabbles but want peace to reign so as to develop the area.

Mr Sakeni who is also Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services urged PF members in the province to always maintain peace in order for them to remain united.



  1. Emmanuel Chungu is blood brother of Xavier Frankline Chungu then Copperbelt DIO-very junior officer eccentrically against all procedures was appointed DG of the Special Division of the OP at the push of Sata in 1991 all because he was selling information. Today XF Chungu has been sanitized by Sata and taken in as his political and Intelligence advisor. It is interesting to follow how the Kaunda family handles these theatrics considering XF Chungu murdered Ngwawezi Kaunda at gunpoint and was a double agent in 1990-91. More interesting on KK now PF defacto President guiding sick Sata in rebirthing the one party system.

  2. Emmanuel entered politic on the pocket of XF Chungu as a reactionary over the arrest of his brother under Mwanawasa. He cannot stand in an opposite camp to his financier and brother XF Chungu whose fate depends on Sata. When XF Chungu coughs that your continuity in the opposition is jeopardizing my freedom, Emmanuel jumps because his resistance to move would be adversarial to the fate of his brother.

  3. Morality questions or equation here are on KK-Sata-M’membe-the Mwanawasa league if they ever exist. Levy Mwanawasa and Major Wezi Kaunda (RIP) must be turning in their Graves at these amoral treacherous webs of conveniences. All opportunists betrayed their values.

  4. Please Go and Feast with your relatives in government! Opposition politics is not for lazy bums! We expect to see you in another ruling party very soon!

  5. Even if I do not belong to any political part, these so called defectors are the type of people Zambians should avoid voting for whether in opposing or ruling party. No problem solving skills, no leadership qualities. They can’t even face a simple issue . They run without anyone pursuing them. Pf, please don’t give them any positions and see whether they will stay! That’s why the country seem to struggle to develop, with these kind of leaders who can’t even manage their own small home and yet aspiring for power!


  7. lol, they have left MMD because of Dictatorship? They have joined PF because of Democracy? these f.o.o.l.s are unbelieveble! What was the point of voting MMD out? It seems PF is saying they cant govern thats why they are bring MMD back to govern for them?

  8. I can rest assure you that Sata and PF are here to stay for two terms, whether you like it or not. So term the way you criticize. Try to criticize in order to encourage them to work well for the development of Zambia. Whether you insult, whether you feel the chock in your throught, whether you hate, whether you are bitter, the plain fact is Sata and PF will win the 2016 elections and thus will rule for two terms. If you are fast and furious to lead Zambia, watch your speed. After two terms yes it will be open for another party. Do not even bury your head in the sand and stop reasoning. See the facts as they are. Any other way is utopia, you are wrong. Believe me, Sata and PF, until then, after two terms.

    • Floyd, it is your wish that you are saying here. There is nothing one can be proud of  PF in the last one year of governance. Shortage of mealie meal & fuel, excessive electricity load shedding, high inflation, stifling of freedom of association, nepotism, political deportations. As a ‘learned’ you are a disappointment.

  9. @10 Floyd. Zambians will make that decision not a bunch of clowns and moochers like you defrauding tax payers. Enjoy yourself at the High Commission!

  10. Mumba the maggot is the cause of this.For those not in the know, this chap was so anti MMD, he could have murdered them if given a chance.

  11. @ Peter, you are indeed a pf cadre & a blind one for that matter. Leave HH & Upnd out of this. Ukwa remains a CNP only those who want politics of the belly go to Pathetic failures, otherwise the kabwato sinking, Ukwa has failled to govern.

  12. Mumba should leave MMD or he shall remain alone with his dual presidency bravo luapula MMD am just waiting for MMD die hard in luapula Godfrey Mwila popularly known as Wtch me Grow of samfya to join the PF.

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