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Kabwe taxi driver shot over girlfriend


Kabwe city center
Kabwe city center

A Taxi driver in Kabwe is battling for his life in hospital after he was shot twice on suspicion that he was flirting with another man’s girlfriend.At the time of the shooting, the woman in question was with the taxi driver when a man, who was accompanied by another, ordered that they open the windows of the car they were in before opening fire.He shot the driver twice on the back of his neck and shoulder.

Central Province Deputy Commissioner of Police Andrew Mbewe said the incident happened around 19:00 hours in Highridge residential area.Mr Mbewe said the name of the 24-year-old driver had for now been withheld, while police were trying to establish the ownership of the gun.Police are holding two people in connection with the shooting.Preliminary investigations indicated that the two suspects followed the victim to the area where he was dropping off the woman.

“We are holding two people to assist with investigations over the shooting and wounding of a taxi driver and we want to get to the root of it,” he said.He said hospital authorities had managed to remove the bullets from the victim who was recovering though still in pain.

In another incident, police have launched a manhunt for a suspect alleged to have set ablaze a house belonging to his former wife in Kapiri Mposhi.Mr Mbewe said the incident in which household goods were gutted to ashes happened at Kawale village.

Meanwhile, police are looking for a man who is alleged to have defiled a six-year-old girl in Kapiri Mposhi while another girl, 14, has been defiled by an 18-year-old boy in Kabwe.

[Times of Zambia]


    • Its follow the leader!!
      Sata declared 7 guns as his assets during presidential nominations.
      HH declared stocks in companies and thousands, if not million now of heads of cattle.

    • Nostrasomething, don’t you have anything else to say apart from Sata? You are really troubled my friend. You need medication, seriously so because you have gone bananas over Sata.

  1. Things people do in the name of love ! Ala ngabakukana kusuminafye not even going to the extent of taking another persons life.Sad

  2. Gunam style.Crime of compassion.Need to get a gun also but not for killing over a ?@%ach.Need a gun for bankongole .Would scare them into paying back their debt.

  3. Wrong target. Next time shoot the woman, turn the barrel of the gun towards yourself and pull the triger again. The two of you can go and enjoy in hell. We shall bury you and write (MYSRIP)-May Your Souls Rise If Possible. KEKEKEKEKEKEKE


    • this statement sounds so funny and silly at the same time! maybe bcoz im a wman. anyway, no need for guns. no need for shooting, nga bakukana find another one and life goes on!

  5. Ngabakukana,kwikalafyeeee nangu wafwayako umbi.This girl loved the taxi driver and i see nothing wrong with that.Cage the chaps!!

  6. This police-men sure.. you have two pipo one fire the shot and othe other is the witness..but u still looking for the owner of the gun… before we know the docket will dispppear. The police need to just check if the gun is a lisenced gun owner..Ask Obama is doing this gun control may be he can assist…

  7. I hope it is not these ugly girls whose front cannot be distinguished from the back. Now the ***** with the gun will have more time behind bars as the girl enjoys her time with other men.

  8. i think Kitwe should be declared “a city of love ” i gotta a girl from Kitwe she’s hot and very beautiful.And if any one coulda try bonk her away from me i swear i could definitely do the same, but not monga uyo mwana wapofu me i coulda shoot ku joni olo ku musulafye

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