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Namugala attributes MMD loss of Mpongwe Parliamentary by-election to poor leadership in the party


MMD national chairperson for women affairs Catherine Namugala
Catherine Namugala

Opposition Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) Mafinga Member of Parliament (MP) Catherine Namugala has attributed the loss by her party in the Mpongwe Parliamentary by-election to poor leadership in MMD.

Ms Namugala, however, congratulated Gabriel Namulambe for bouncing back as Mpongwe MP on the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) ticket.

Ms Namugala said in Parliament today during the 30-minute Vice President’s session question time that it was very unfortunate that the MMD has failed to defend the Parliamentary seat in Mpongwe, which she claimed was its stronghold.

“Mr Speaker Sir, MMD has dropped to number three in the Mpongwe parliamentary seat because of poor leadership in my party. This is very sad. However, I would like to congratulate the ruling PF and Mr Namulambe for retaining his seat on the ruling PF ticket,” Ms Namugala said.

In response, Vice President Dr Guy Scott counseled Ms Namugala and the entire opposition MMD to accept defeat because it has happened.

Dr Scott said in an election there are only two things – a win or a loss – and carry on in politics.

“It happens things fall apart in an election. MMD should accept defeat and thumbs that our PF candidate Mr Namulambe has emerged victorious in Mpongwe parliamentary election,” the Vice President said.

The MMD is in black and white engulfed with a serious leadership crisis that has deepened with some calling for the immediate removal of party president, Nevers Mumba.

Out of the 39 polling stations counted so far, Mr Namulambe has taken a comfortable lead with results.

Mpongwe has got a total of 48 polling stations but the contest was between the two front runners.

Provisional results indicate that the former MMD Chairperson for Elections, who is also former MMD Mpongwe legislator and now PF Mpongwe MP, Gabriel Namulambe, has so far amassed 4, 167 votes while his closest rival Rabson Chilufya of the United Party for National Development (UPND) has polled 2, 699.

Other candidates are MMD’s Miniver Mutesa who has polled 815 while Reagan Ndhlovu of National Restoration Party (NAREP) has only managed 554 votes.

Kenny Kuveya of UNIP trailed behind with a party 95 votes.

The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) is this morning expected to announce official results for the Mpongwe parliamentary that were held February on 28, 2013.



  1. This is one of the reasons some of us hide and lie about being a Zambian
    I seem to remember on time when a white guy asked me where I was from and I told him I were from
    Zambia, he asked where?
    I tried to explain where it was and he said he has heard about Zimbabwe not Zambia. Upsetting and I think
    For one not to be seen as so ignorant , unintelligent and coming from a sound family I can understand Zambians who have
    Lied that they are south Africans, or even west Indians because let’s be honest coming from one of those country minimizes one
    Of being ridiculed
    Sad but true


    • You have just made a serious admission and scoled an own goal that you are a shamelss liar who is certainly afraid to say the truth about your orignality.That casts doubts about your Phd studies because what you write here and the qualifications you pretend to have are miles apart.Nick, get your act together as you may just be used for a passport Mushota’s to high heaven Scotland.

    • Whenever we get oppotunity on behalf of millions of Zambians to travel, study, or work abroad does not in the least diminish our heritage and originality. During my time in USA many BlackAmericans confided in me that besides the poverty misreported to them about Africa, they would rather return home at least to be respected amongst fellow blacks. There are millions of poor people and illiterates in the Western world worse-off than our plight. My sister Mushota by the sound of your name you could be royalty of Senior Chief Mushota of Kawambwa, be proud of your roots, and come help us develop more. Be real not fake!

    • Mushota, I am very different from you, as a trainer and consultant, I never tire to introduce myself as Reuben from Zambia and has never been looked down upon due to that in most areas I travel to including Ireland, Wales, Scotland and my local area of greater London. Self respect is the basis of any respect due to you.

    • You are a terrible racist. We don’t need people like you in the UK. You are not helping our British big society. Go back to Zambia or is it Congo DR.

    • You have really been working hard to play the part of a bot! You are sick go and seek some medical attention!

    • That’s very strange and sad to deny your origins. I live in diaspora, and when people ask I tell them I am from Zambian. I actually emphasise that and say NOT Zimbabwe, because most people tend to mistake the two. When they say they don’t know much about Zambia, I tell them that its because it a beautiful, peace loving country where there has never been wars, tribal conflicts & we have never had refugees going anywhere in the world. Instead we have a long history of hosting refugees in our region. And the world media are not interested in reporting on such places! So Mushota get real. The places that are ‘popular’ in Africa is often for the wrong reasons. Just check what’s making international news today RSA- a taxi driver killed after being dragged behind a moving police vehicle!

    • For some reason, I agree with you. The leadership we have in Zambia is shameful to say the least. Look at how they do politics? No sense of value system. You change parties like shoes. They are all job seekers and not even one can claim to be serious about truly working for the welfare of every Zambian and to think of the legacy they are leaving behind for the next generation. Sad but True.

    • Iwe Mushota, just because a (white) person is ignorant and does not know where Zambia is does not not make it our problem. If I did not know where Scotland is, should we blame that on the Scottish? NO! Ignorance, my dear friend, is a problem of the mind. Don’t start making it our problem that you are meeting or mixing with ignorant people. I have also met people who do not know where/what Zambia is and I make it a point that they should know more than their neighbourhoods.

      I know where Papua New Guinea is. Also, where Andorra, Bahrain, Liechtenstein, Nauru, Tuvalu, Malta, Monaco, San Marino etc. These nations have not done anything special for me to know them. Ask your “white guy” whether he can locate them on a map before he can locate Zambia. He is ignorant, period!

    • No be honest with your origins. God is not confused to have had you born in Zambia. That is why some of us never develop. We pretend to be what we are not!

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    • Its not back to work mudala – its more bye elections till 2016… God Help us. CBU Vaction extended because of lack of funds yet we are having bye election after bye election. Can we put our priorities right, i for 1 am tired of continous politicing at the expense of advancement.

  4. Namugala honestly, what has the rubbish about your party got to do anything with the speaker? Just crossover and start eating again! Zambians you are incapable of living in democracy. You think opposition is illegitimate and unAfrican hence your warped belief that you should all belong to the ruling party! The late Prime Minister of Rhodesia once said in 1977 that Africans were not ready for self government because they were not ready for self government and neither did they understand how a democracy functions. How very TRUE! Just look at the two former Rhodesias!

  5. Never mind MMD, what is UNIP trying to achieve in an election like this and in the 21st century Politics really? I wonder what kind of people these are, the ones who still dream that some day UNIP will come back to power? These are indeed Politics of poverty where, out of the blue, there are still Zambians who think KK will come back someday to lead Zambia into HUMANISM parts 12….

  6. You have just made a serious admission and scoled an own goal that you are a shamelss liar who is certainly afraid to say the truth about your orignality.That casts doubts about your Phd studies because what you write here and the qualifications you pretend to have are miles apart.Nick, get your act together as you may just be used for Mushota’s passport to high heaven Scotland

  7. This is something I did not expect from the pipo in Mpongwem, Honestly, eating the vomit was the last thing one will think of unless you are a DOG! Why Zambians why?? When are we going to learn? Namulambe again buuuuuuuullllll shiiiiit

  8. You are spot-on Namugala. Nevers can not lead a political party effectively. His ego, personality & leadership style is pathetic e.g. his party is nasal diving but he goes on to appoint his mouth piece (Muhabi Lungu); for what? He is used to be a pentecostal pastor who are fond of having the so called arm bearers from the ‘protocol team’.

  9. i blame illiterate voters. expel Lubinda that is when PF’s strength will be tested by facing the educated not those illiterate villagers from mpongwe who are incited with a bag of roller meal and a packet of sugar

    • How come the so called educated people from UPND went to beg from the illiterate people shame on You to call Gods people illiterate.You think UPND can win in Kabwata lubinda should not even try to resign he will be defeated PF is very strong on the ground.See for the first time they are winning in UPND strong hold

    • PF cannot be challenged for now. Mark my words; Given Lubinda even if adopted by ALL opposition members cannot win Kabwata. And that is a fact.

  10. i feel pity for mmd sure.from number to number 3.namugala just tell nevers to quit.mmd will be dead by pf viva sata


  12. Nevers Mumba is Jonah throw him in sea and the ship will sail. Nevers Mumba tells us “DONNCHI KU TINA” yet he runs away from living stone after a pf kada is killed. Nevers you are a chicken heart. Athough am aversed to Tonga leadership as an Easterner,I now owe my vote to HH. NEVERS not anymore. FORGET.

  13. This is the stuff that makes Namugala happy. She is in the same boat. What do you expect from her? PF won because they store the votes in Mpongwe. They started buying voters cards way back. This issue of buying voters cards should be stopped! ECZ look into that!

  14. We always tell you that pomposity and killing people will not usher UPND and HH in state house. Respect Zambians guys, don’t insult them through foreigners like Amsterdam. Is Amsterdam helping you? Did he vote in Mpongwe? Be wise you opposition otherwise come 2016, PF will easily sail through.

    Peace and Prosperity to Mother Zambia.

  15. The opposition are their own worst enemies.pompousness,greed,selfishness,lack of tact and strategy,these bankums should go back to school

  16. Mushota I totally disagree with you. Living abroad (UK in my case), there is more dignity in being recognised as a Zambian than a Zimbabwean. Zimbabwe may have been heard of more often than Zambia – but it is all for the WRONG REASONS! The instability of the country, the killing of white farmers, etc. all gained them a place in the media, making them seem more favourable than the largely peaceful Zambians, whose patiency at the moment is being tested very badly by the incompetent dictator they put in office in the hope of a better life, who is taking them for granted and driving the country to doom. So, my sister Mushota, you could say you are embarrassed to be recognised as a Zambian due to the person running the country! Zambia, in decent hands, is a fantastic country!

  17. this woman is not from MMD. Even without looking hard u can see are intentions are not to build what she calls her own party. Shame

  18. UPND gains ground in Mpongwe. And MMD must now admit that UPND is strionger than them. That’s the news we should be talking about.

  19. Democracy is needed in Zambia. Namugala is a disgrace, in my view. Why not move to PF instead of destroying democracy.


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