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Report of Helicopter emergency landing in Kabwe exaggerated-GBM


Defence Minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba
Defence Minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba

Defence Minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba has urged the media to desist from being sensational when reporting national issues and avoid misleading the public.

Mr Mwamba said reports that the Zambia Air Force (ZAF) helicopter made an emergency landing in Kabwe en-route to Mpongwe via Ndola due to a fault were highly misleading.

He cautioned journalists to be ethical and professional when reporting national issues to avoid causing unnecessary alarm among members of the public.

The minister said in an interview yesterday that the ZAF helicopter, which was carrying journalists when it landed in Kabwe on Saturday, was relatively new and that there was no way it could have developed a fault.

“You journalists should avoid to be sensational when you are reporting. This sensational journalism must come to an end. You want to bring out an issue out of nothing. You can not report that the minister’s car had a tire burst. The helicopter is very reliable,” he warned.

He said the landing of the ZAF helicopter was a precautionary measure by the pilots and was normal.

He said it was only prudent for the driver to park when there was a knock sound from a motor vehicle engine.

Meanwhile, Mr Mwamba said his ministry has started modernizing the defence force and that the exercise was a continuous process.

“We are slowly modernizing the aircrafts in the air force and that helicopter is a few months old. What happened is normal and the pilot took a precaution because he could have reached Ndola. Those helicopters can fly on one engine,” he said.

Central police chief Sandwell Lungu said the Chopper landed near Kohima Barracks and that no injuries were recorded.

Muchinga Province minister Charles Banda and several senior government officials escaped unhurt in June last year when the ZAF aircraft AF 746 made an emergency landing in Shiwangandu area of Muchinga Province.


    • I agree with you, I dont see any problem in reporting a fault been new does not mean defect free. The helicopter was bought from public funds I believe, therefore the public has the right to know and not only when there is death. From such alerts people are checked to ensure they do good jobs.

  1. Ba GBM naimwe! Even new machines can malfunction!! So what is wrong with accepting that indeed there was a problem with the chopper? At least it didnt crash and no one died!

  2. Ba GBM, you work with machinery, are you telling me that you have never experienced a problem on your new mealie meal grinder?

  3. and you expect these people to turn the country around, toyota, honda, gm,etc have all had recalls, brand new does not mean no problems at all.

  4. Is it ichigayoooo!!!!!!!! or an aircraft we are talking about…………its a new machine not a new model!!!!!!!!

  5. Who told GBM that a new helicopter can not develop a fault? In june 1994, a new airbus A330 while on a test flight developed a fault and crashed killing seven people. So whats so special about this helicopter that GBM thinks cant delop a fault?

  6. Whose going to believe GBM….always covering up everything….its no surprise that poachers fly-in out of our porous border!!

  7. I honestly believe Mwamba is an embacile incapable of logical thinking. How could he say that just because an aircraft is relatively, there was no way it could develop a fault? Hasn’t this obese animal heard of planes going down on their maiden flights? And in the very next breath, he draws an analog that clearly shows this was an impromptu landinding indeed as he states, and quote: “it was a precautionary measure by the pilots and was normal just like it was only prudent for the driver to park when there was a knock sound from a motor vehicle engine”. If there was a knock sound coming from a helicopter engine and you are kilometres above ground, you will feel sweat dripping down your fat butt, ichinangwa iwe!

  8. Mr Mwamba should not relay on newness.. Here a new brand electrical bus ended up into garage for repair.. Some new brand aircraft on flight trial end up dropping from the air.. What is he talking about.. Just hiding embarrassement for purchasing fake copt

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