New Video by Paul Da Prince



Singer Paul da Prince released a video for the song “she’s gone”.


By Kapa187


  1. She did well to go bcoz she was far too older than you…nice video but poor actors and lack of choice in girl used…poor vocals and no coherence with beat..try practice singing at children’s birthday parties and skul leavers balls…u too young for such cries….persue education bcoz zambia is becoming academically competetive..nice ay

  2. Video very nice, music i like better than i have been seeing, kuvina? awe kwati tamuli ba filika naimwe! Attire, could be better, all in all not bad with more support, i see light at the end of tunnel!

  3. Zambian singers and auto tune kwati phone na sim card… The video is not bad actually. I guess you are inspired by the likes of Usher which is not a crime but try to be true to your own style and culture. Not bad otherwise keep trying till its right.

  4. Chris Brown wannabe,but you are forgiven because you are young.Not ba Chilu Lemba ba Will Smith wannabe mubukote .Nice music.There is some talent there.

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