Mufulira residents run amok


Mufulira residents on Tuesday evening ran amok and burnt to ashes an unregistered vehicle after the driver allegedly hit into a pedestrian killing her instantly.

The residents burnt to ashes a Toyota chaser which was being driven by Japhet Mwila aged 52 around 18:20 hours on Tuesday.

Mr Mwila was driving on Changa-Chenga road in Katanshi Township when he lost control and hit two pedestrians who were walking off the road.

Copperbelt police commissioner Mary Tembo said Mr Mwila of house number A106 Kankoyo Township hit into Ivy Chibuta 47 crashing her head and buttocks.

Ms Tembo said Ms Chibuta was pronounced dead upon arrival at Ronald Ross Hospital while Mr Julius Kunda who was also hit sustained injuries on the head and mouth.

Mr Kunda is admitted at Ronald Ross hospital.

“We have recorded an incident in which a Toyota Chasser was burnt to ashes after the driver hit into two pedestrians. The driver was over speeding and in the process lost control and hit two people who were walking off the road,” she said.

She said the driver has since been arrested and charged with causing death by dangerous driving.


  1. Imwe bantu, no matter how sad this is, sometimes, it can be there was a problem with the brakes indicating that there was nothing the driver could have done, most of the times we blame the roads or the person stitting behind the wheel, but be aware that alot of cars have dangerous techincal failures right from the garage of origin, alot of cars have been recalled, i know of someone who was lucky to survie when her car caught fire ignited from the engine because it was deliberately built like that, some of these things you never know, therefore, before persecuting this man, inverstigate thoroughly to appropriately determine what exactly went wrong and offcourse to avoid simillar accidents from occuring in the future.

  2. @Sana, a design fault is not the same as “deliberately building something that way” as you are suggesting. Get you facts right. Yes a few automobile makers have recalled some models of their cars because of design faults that show up even after passing quality control. Modern vehicles are complex systems that require testing over protracted time and some of these flaws only manifest themselves in certain conditions and after alot of mileage.

  3. Mfumu you have no idea how the world works, you trust eveything and everyone in bussiness you will always be a victim! There are well known manufactures for both electrinic and motor bussinesses who deliberately insert or do shoddy works so the custormer can always get back either for a new appliance or for repair regardless how fatal! Maybe you are one of them or you are in the dark, yes in the developed world and those are facts for you my dear!

  4. Out of my ignorance I would ask if the police have established at what speed the driver was travelling at for ’em to charge him with speeding? or is it just an emotional/moral call.

  5. Sana as a licensed driver before you dri ve off you are required to check the vehicle’s Brakes and Lights so that argument won’t hold in a court

  6. Problem of thinking here, its not because the vehicle was unregistered. The problem is since PF & Sata took over from slow-sleepy RB’s MMD, people have started burning things. They burning fuel in buses & cars like nobody’s business, and whenever such acts results in innocent loss of life, the same PF start rioting and burning things including people.

  7. At least they only burned his vehicle, in some less civilised and law-abiding neighbouring countries he would have also been burned

  8. People, accidents happens let’s avoid drawing conclusions until the facts are established. When the vehicle hits someone and it’s fatal, the driver is charged with the offence of causing death by dangerous driving but after investigation and facts are established the case can change. As long as you are a driver, the chances are there that you can get involved. The burning of the vehicle to ashes should not be condoned, people should stop taking the law in their hands. It’s sad that life was lost and it’s not our duty to punish instead God will judge and punish accordingly.

  9. Wow it’s really sad,as sad as it is pipo should stop taking the law in their own hands.The vehicle shouldn’t have been burnt.Now the police will never know if the vehicle developed a fault or not!shame

  10. @ sana and Mfumu, no need for you to exchange strong words. You both of you have points but the report says that the car was over-speeding.
    One Zambia One Nation.

  11. Philosophy of mob pschology, instance justice and riots etc holds that people resort to these strategies when they are frustrated, disappointed and lack confidence in state institutions. we have had riots in Katete, Kabwe and a number of towns on the copperbelt. Is this a vote of no confidence in the PF?????????. Just thinkin……..coz if these riots persist as hunger and mealie meal shortages takes its toll, then we may have a repeat of the 1989 food riots.

  12. Sana I total agree with you while disagreed with Mfumu and Cheetah Pan Kwah.
    THE ONLY PROBLEM IN ZAMBIA IS THAT VEHICLES ARE NOT INSPECTED FOR ROAD WORTHNESS, which is done here yearly. These car inspectors lifts the car and see the bottom parts and shake it to detemine its ability to negotiate bends without brake jamming. checks brakes, lights, engine etc. You don’t have to check your car brakes every time you want to drive out. In Zed traffic police officers are collecting cash from drivers for any broken or malfunctioning car part.. The money ends up in their pockets : ( Leaving the problem unsolved.

  13. # 17 zed forwad
    Why Lungu the acting president lifted the ban for maize export if meal meal is is short? It may show lack of working together within pf whereby one want to pull in a different direction while pretending to be part of the team .. haaa haaa..

  14. More data is:
    After the accident, the man fled the accident scene for fear of being Mapatizyad. He is a cibombe bombe at Mufulira Mine smelter. The Toyota progres’ he was driving just came into the country 2 days before. He just borrowed money from the bank to acquire it. Very very sad indeed.


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