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Airtel to continue supporting ‘Dandy Crazy’


FILE: Dandy Crazy dances with one his dancing queens in Chipata
FILE: Dandy Crazy dances with one his dancing queens in Chipata

Airtel-Zambia has disclosed that it will support Zambian Artist Wesley Chibambo, popularly known as Dandy Crazy, in his efforts to help other members of society who are using drugs to reform from the same.

In a statement to ZANIS in Lusaka today, Airtel Corporate Communications and Public Relations Officer Lisa Mulozi, said the company was convinced that the musician has shown genuine intention to reform and be an ambassador for the anti-drug campaign.

Mrs. Mulozi said the Airtel will review its contractual relationship with Chibambo on a quarterly basis.

Chibambo, a resident of Kitwe, was on March 7, 2013 arrested in Luanshya by the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) for trafficking in 14 grammes of cannabis which was concealed in the pocket of his trousers and also in the compartment of his unregistered Toyota Progress.

He was slapped with a one year jail term by Luanshya Magistrate Edward Banda who later suspended the same sentence to 18 months on condition that the convict does not involve himself in any criminal offence during this period.

This means that Chibambo will not be in jail for drug trafficking but if he commits another offence within the next 18 months, he will be jailed for the offence and the other one he will commit.

The vehicle in which the drugs were found has since been seized by the commission.

The 36 years old musician was granted a KR500 bail with one working surety resident in Luanshya.

He is expected to appear in court on 10th May, 2013 in a case where he is charged with unlawful use of property, which is the vehicle in which the cannabis was concealed.



  1. Asryt ! I`m happy that the campaign efforts by the Zambianwatchdo-g(ZWD) to have Airtel drop the guy have failed.Congrats dandy ! We all have issues we just can`t use this one flaw to condemn you.

  2. Ba Airtel, you should have kept quiet. Now you have lost a number of highly principled subscribers. I hope you are keeping an eye on your subscriber base because it will start to dwindle with effect from NOW!

  3. Dobo was in his troussers so why is the car inolved Its like it also commited a crime on its own
    I see a car also going to “jail”

  4. Ka dobo…..
    The guy will now fail to perform, because his beats are inspired by the hallucinations of weed.

  5. Aitel can’t fosake Dandy Crazy because he is the one who supply dobo to those boys and guys who dance in their roadshows!

  6. Wezi… Remember your Mother and pay a visit to her.She is still your parent mind you.The word of God says children must honor there parents..Alas Wezi born in Chamboli his deceased father being a Mine at Nkana mine has opted to forsake or forget his Mother who currently lives in Senanga.Who knows your Mother may just add some blessings to your life.Tulelondoka ku fikolwe fyesu guys. Chalo Lifupa.

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