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Western province to develop faster with prominence of PF – Sata


PRESIDENT Michael Sata opening a plaque during the ground breaking ceremony for the construction of the 20,000-seater Mongu Stadium
PRESIDENT Michael Sata opening a plaque during the ground breaking ceremony for the construction of the 20,000-seater Mongu Stadium

President Michael Sata has said Western province would develop faster and significantly if there were more Patriotic Front (PF) Members of Parliament (MPs) in the area.

Currently, there are only two PF Members of Parliament (MPs) out of 17 constituencies in the province and these are Nalolo MP, Inonge Wina and Mongu Central MP, Nathaniel Mubukwanu.

Mr Sata said the two PF Members of Parliament have worked hard towards fulfilling the ruling party’s campaign promises.

He said this in Nalolo district today when he launched the Muoyo Water Supply Project.

“If I had half of the MPs in Western province, the sky would be the limit,” President Sata said in apparent reference to development taking place in the region.

The President said he was sceptical about enhancing development in the province because if he did, the opposition political parties would be claiming to be responsible for that development.

Mr Sata said it was now up to the people of Western province to elect more PF Members to Parliament in future elections in the region in order to foster development.

And President Sata has bemoaned the fact that many people in Western province have remained poor despite the region being one of the first to produce intellectuals in the country.

He said his government would improve education systems in the country so that children do not end up at basic education level which he said would not help anyone do something tangible in life.

Earlier, Deputy Minister of Local Government and Housing Forrie Tembo said the Muoyo Water Supply project would gobble KR4.9 million.

Mr Tembo said the 10,000 Muoyo residents would benefit from the new water project, which was fully funded by his ministry.

He said his ministry was currently undertaking water and sanitation projects in many other areas of Western province adding that this would help improve people’s access to clean water.

And Nalolo Member of Parliament, Inonge Wina told the people in the area to support the PF government in its endeavours of developing the region.

Mrs Wina said President Sata and his government were now fulfilling promises which were made when the PF was campaigning to be elected into government.

Meanwhile, Acting Ngambela Godfrey Siisi (Induna Kalonga), who spoke on behalf of the Litunga of Western province in Limulunga district and Litunga Lamboela in Nalolo district, said the Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) was happy with the PF government’s style of leadership and desire to develop the area.

Several cabinet and deputy ministers, senior government officials and representatives of the Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) attended the function.

President Sata earlier commissioned newly Shangombo district hospital in Shangombo but boycotted to launch the ground breaking ceremony of the construction of the Mongu ultra modern stadium after realising that authorities responsible were not ready.

President Michael Sata this morning refused to symbolically perform the ground breaking ceremony at the site where the ultra modern stadium in Mongu is to be constructed.

Mr Sata boycotted to ‘break the ground’ because there was no mattock which he should have used to perform the symbolic activity.

He left the site where the stadium would be constructed, saying there was no way he could commission the construction exercise when things were not ready.

“You, there is nothing here. Why call me here when things are not ready,” he asked before walking to his official vehicle and left for the airport to depart for Shangombo where he was to officially commission the newly built district hospital.

The President spent less than half an hour at the construction site but managed to plant a tree at the same place together with a few ministers and a Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) representative.

He did not even unveil the plaque with inscriptions about him launching the ground breaking ceremony for the construction of the stadium.


  1. Way to go ba Sata ! But please don`t be skeptical iyo teikali bosses forget the opposition they are just losers.Just take the development if you can.Seleni tubombeko is the way to go.2016 tulegeta !!!

    • Here is something for you to chew on for over the weekend; Levy stadium needs KR211,000/month for effective maintenance works to be carried out. Of that amount KR83,000 is funded by a gov’t grant…an additional KR100,000/month is raised from hiring out the stadium for functions. So that’s

      (KR 100,000 + KR83,000) = KR 183,000 – KR211,000 = KR -28,000.

      Do you know what that means? That’s a shortfall in other words it is expensive to build these things. I have not even added other expenses like maintenance equipment.

      Now you tell me if Levy stadium in a more populated area of the Copperbelt is LAMENTABLY failing to balance its own books what of the Mongu stadium?

    • @Jay Jay….simple civics will tell you that govts are non-profit organisations. what profits do we get from government paid ARVs for example? simple answer is ‘a healthy nation’…when you build your private stadium in Gwembe, then you can start to use this silly equation you are displaying here….the govt is there to help share national resources equitably….

    • How ironic that you employ the word “equitably” in your sentence, now refer its definition to what the president is putting across in relation to national development and voting for PF and that equation will always come handy when this gov’t undertakes projects that are misplaced and destined to be white elephants.

  2. Here we go, Sata cheating the masses again….sad indeed….can he explain why development will slower if they vote for an opposition party MP? Such utterances are only common if majority of your audience is illiterate.

    • Why did God create me a black man?

      Could my white work mate be right when he says blacks dont know exactly what they want?

      Government wants to build Roads they say overambitious. Stadiums they say expensive. Universities they hoodwinking.

      Just what do want you dunderheads?

    • i am with u Mukuka Chilufya….they want the government to be building hospitals & schools only till the end of time….in between, the government should be donating ‘relief maize’…..

    • Mukuka if you read Socrates he said not everyone has the attributes of a ruler or leader. Some are meant to be hewers of wood. So as a leader you decide on behalf of all the others whether they need a stadium or a school. You can’t spend your time listening to everyone’s needs

  3. Health and safety is important; Sata please where is the helmet? Lead by example Mr. Presiden? When you go to construction site in civilised countries health and safety rules are important.

    • You only wear helmets if they are overhead structures; that’s just a cleared construction site being commissioned.

    • He he he he he!!

      Iwe ci Ola Dont you know that the President enjoys immunity from Personal Protective Equipment? He has no hard hat but he has security.

    • Ola, you are dull. I can sponsor you for a small Health & Safety course pls. jay Jay you are right, I am currently wearing mine because of overhead structures on site but i don’t wear it on every site i do my work from

  4. MPs OR no MPs the area must develop. this money is not comming from some bodys pocket. regadless of which party i belong to my area must benefit from the national treasuary.this is national money not personal.
    less for a while be civilised.
    uncle dex

    • Just imagine, someone is even getting sleepless night just because of Sata
      I am Bemba and I come from the same place as Sata. I am going through some very serious financial problems but I have never gone to Sata to ask for help.

      My brother you are alone in this life. Your HH can become President even tomorrow but that will not change anything about you. Ask me.

    • You are crazy Mwila. Multiparty does not mean the Party in office should campaign for brain dead educated oppositions. What your opposition Presidents requires is to go to Luapula, Eastern, Muchinga, Copperbelt and Northern Provinces to sell themselves. Politics is about the devil you know. At the moment Sata is the devil Zambians know. Mulandu wenu, akulileni ifyo fine and get dehydrated.

  5. On znbc i have seen the President commisioning something. Was it not the one?HEMCS is right .The oppo are not interested in seeing development.Take 4 instance Choma where upnd is standing on the way of development

    • These are the same chaps who predicted bloodshed in Zambia if Sata ascended to the State Office. Now thqat he is there and Zambia is registering growth in the Economy, they will say and anything to make their prophesy come true.

      Buit are you people aware that soon and very soon there is going to be a very critical shortage of labour in Zambia because of Sata Economic Policies?

  6. The copper prices are falling on a daily basis… projection show that copper prices will hit the lowest in a decade in 2016.

    In effect Zambia will come to a stand still. back to 1991. Massive retrenchment and closure of mines.

    Copper price today US$6962

    LME copper inventories 700,000tons (Highest in 15yrs)

    The party will soon come to an end you will even fail to pay the interest on the EUROBOND

    Yet one MORON (Deputy Finance Minister) says they will keep boring.

  7. What a childish way of thinking. I quote:”The President said he was sceptical about enhancing development in the province because if he did, the opposition political parties would be claiming to be responsible for that development”.

    Are the people being represented by the opposition not paying tax. Its agony. All the billions the government is collecting from North Western province is destined for Muchinga. Shame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Once you are a ruling party, development does not need to depend on the number of your MP’s in an area. You are supposed to serve the country regardless. Cheap politics!

    • And what do you do if the Opposition are shooting down your initiatives in their areas? Bwana Mushota this is Black Africa.

  9. Why black people are always with gloomy faces? I can see it clearly no smilling face even near the President , too much tension YES!!!!!

    • Its your face that is gloomy Anyoko. You cant see clearly because you have been blinded by the colour of your skin.

      Mukafwapofye ku cikonko ma guys mukashe na ma widows na ma orphans. But what for?

  10. Just when you think President Sata has exhausted all the dumb thoughtless things a President could possibly say, he comes up with new ones. Its like a form of bizarre gift, till you realise what his name means. ‘Sata’ means ‘Talk without thinking’. Once you understand that, it begins to make ‘sense’.

    • Of course Yes. PF is in office. They will run the show until you kick them out. Until then, the opposition will continue to play the role of the Devil Satan.

  11. Sata is increasingly becoming the cheapest politician we have had in our time and is consequently an embarrassment the sanity of his tittle.
    Money must be allocated for development to constituencies regardless of which party has the upper hand. Doesn’t our President have an adviser? Apparently making blunders has always been his eminent idiosyncrasy

    • Naked truth, you need to cover. You are commiting an offence going about naked in public. Sata is the most intelligent President who ever ruled Zambia. Its only naked people like you who can not see that. Ask KK and all the surviving fathers of this nation.

      Now I understand why some people say Educated People have dead brains.

  12. Westerners pay taxes and are therefore owed development projects full stop.This president is a charlatan and unfit for high office.

    • Enka go for a brain transplant. and please pray that no one of your children inherits anything from you. I just hope your wife has dominant genes.

  13. It seems mr Sata wants the whole country to be PF in order to develop ? That’s political witchcraft, now the people have to vote not for the leaders they want but the ruling party. Isn’t this using government machinery to form the one party state he and his ministers have been denying?
    Politics of witchcraft !!!

    • Are you being Scientific Mr Talksense? How practical is it that you and your tribesmen can ever support Sata?

  14. Are Zambians becoming so cheap? Honestly what development has PF brought to areas where they have many MPs, even the copperbelt with all the massive support PF received is walloping in poverty never known before. This type of talk is a big insult to the people of western province. What a hake, the sky is the limit if there more MPs, are Lozis so blind to see across the line. Disguisting thinking

    • In Luapula a command to go forward means going backwards. That is what Sanders is suffering from. The man is so blind that he cant even hear.

  15. I beg to disagree with the assertion of the President in his ” reluctance” to develop an area on account of the absence of a ruling party MP. This kind of thinking has implications and ramifications that extend far in the future. In that crowd are young people that will lead this nation in 20 years or so. What inspiration or political culture is he inculcating in these youngsters? The President in any nation is supposed to be the most influential individual. So what kind of influence is he ‘breathing’ on these boys and girls regarding true democracy and fair play? Its very unfortunate to imagine the future of politics is being curved this way. Very sad.

    • He doesn’t care about zambia in 2033 as he won’t gain from it all he cares about is VOTES FOR PF NOW.
      Really irresponsible in my opinion.

    • And for how long are you going to disagree? Until six feet below the surface of the earth? So sad that we have people on earth whose only duty is to disagree. Ine uluse.

  16. As I’ve always stated, this government is failing to make the transition from opposition party mentality to that of a governing party. Electioneering is what they are good at, with such talk one can safely assume more by-elections are on the way. I could be wrong, maybe our friends in the copperbelt and northern province are witnessing unprecedented development.

  17. I have now changed mys tatus. I am no longer a commoner like most of you guys. I survive on a wage and right now I am passing through some very hard times but I dont need to cry in public like most of you are doing. I have vowed never to pass on the the poverty I inherited from my parents to any of my children.

    With or without politicians my children will go to school. Politicians owe me no living neither do they supply mealie meal to my house. For the past 12 years I have never bought mealie meal from shops and I dont even know the price.

    • Dear Henry Munene, clearly you have not understood the crux of the matter here. Try this: – In football terms the Zambian captain (State President) has just scored a couple of own-goals!. Does that help you understand now?

  18. @ NOTONGA4PRESIDENT…. shove your name back to where the sun never shines. Piece of crap no good Congolese.

  19. @ NOTONGA4PRESIDENT… watch ya back! I am on you sucker! You even attack jay-jay’s analysis that makes clever reading than your ‘civics’ grade 7’s reference to Economics. It’s your kind that’s dragging our country down. A friend of mine once told me that little education is more dangerous than no education. Now I know what he meant.

  20. Wait a minute people, are you saying that the PF can not bring development to the people of Western Province….unless they give the party more VOTES ????
    It sounds to me like it is some kind of BLACKMAIL !!! Give PF more members of parliament or else NO DEVELOPMENT !!!!! I thought a GOVERNMENT is supposed to SERVE ALL THE PEOPLE OF ZAMBIA DESPITE THE PARTY THEY CHOOSE TO SUPPORT ????????????
    Just because the PF wants a Majority in PARLIAMENT so that they can BULLDOZE their own decisions through???? IS’NT THERE SUPPOSED TO BE A SEPARATION BETWEEN THE PARTY-and THE GOVERNMENT ????? WHAT KIND OF DEMOCRACY IS THIS ??????


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