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MMD feels betrayed by UPND, will review how it works with other opposition parties


Muhabi Lungu
Muhabi Lungu

MMD is reviewing its strategy on how it will work with the other opposition political parties following the betrayal by the United Party for National Development (UPND) for going against the agreement to work together.

The two parties recently agreed to work together for the common interest of the nation but UPND started going behind MMD’s back and started poaching senior MMD members into the Party.

The move angered the MMD and prompted the party to revise its working relations with the UPND.

MMD director communications Muhabi Lungu said the party was disappointed with UPND’s move of going against principles guiding their working relationship and poaching its party officials to cross over into their Party.

Mr Lungu said it was not MMD’s intention to engage in combatant mode with the opposition as they were not their enemies but should be counterpart in offering checks and balance to the party in Government.

“The MMD made its position to be faithful in this relationship for the common interest of offering checks and balance but the UPND’s action has made us reconsider and review how we will work with any other associate in future,” he said.

Recently the MMD chairman for Health Canisius Banda was co-opted in the UPND as vice president for political affairs a move that angered MMD President Nevers Mumba and the Party at large.

The UPND also poached former Lukulu West, Member of Parliament (MP) Misheck Mutelo into the party and made him candidate for the recently held by-elections which he later won.

On the claims by the former MMD chairperson for Women Affairs Catherine Namugala, Mr Lungu said the Party would not waste their time and energy to comment on demands of a person who was no longer their member.

Mr Lungu said Ms Namugala was expelled by a National Executive Committee (NEC) comprising of more than 45 members, way beyond a required quorum and the decision was final.

He said the Party also wrote to the Speaker of the National Assembly over the suspension and all that was keeping Ms Namugala in Parliament was her pending appeal in the courts of law.


  1. So MMD didnt see it coming?HH is treacherous,sulky and a very bitter person.Nervous who is of his like mind though not just wise must shoulder the blame for misleading his party.Just join PF and stop complaining.

    • UPND has no case to answer and need the best brains to soldier on like any other organisation including GRZ and PF. It is multi-party democracy sir and as such there is free movement of both labour and politicians. It is fundamental human right of politicians to move freely to any party of their choice be it UPND, PF, NAREP, MMD. Only parties with something to offer to the nation and politicians will remain survive competition . Do more to make your parties attractive to every one.

    • and when they cause a by election with this ‘free movements’, you are the first to cry foul….
      whatswrong with you upnd #@*^!?

    • @Mature I am not UPND but a subscriber to the law of restraint of trade which does not allow binding of individuals to retrogressive cartels. Organisations like MMD, PF, UPND may be bound by such cartels and contracts but not individuals. If you have been following my contributions, I have even supported those MPs who have resigned from other parties because it is important for them to progress rather than drowning with the sinking ship if theycan till float and survive. If marriage association which is for life can be dissolved, how about political affiliation?

  2. Muhabi Lungu just join UPND. Politicians in Zambia are ‘shifting cultivators’. Muhabi you used to be a diehard UNIPist. Sata was in UNIP. Then moved to MMD. And then to PF. Guy Scott used to be in MMD. Then Lima Party. And now PF. And for some reason you want us to believe that UPND are ‘inhuman’ and ‘unZambia’ to accept members from other parties…….how stupid!

    • True. We want Muhabi Lungu and other clean MMD guys in UPND. MMD is going nowhere Muhabi, you know that yourself. It is only a huge miracle which can bring back MMD into power. By the way we all hated MMD and it’s RB & Sons and voted them out. We now sympathise with MMD and RB because of the trickery of the PF and not that MMD is clean and was not corrupt. Very corrupt I repeat and we wouldnt want to see MMD in power agian. Even Nevers Mumba’s prayers can not rescuscitate the MMD.

    • its like asking angels to surport the devil…
      mmd is led by christians while upnd is led by….
      your quess is as good as mine….

  3. Muhabi Lungu always makes political mistakes in life. When UNIP wanted to move on with Kebby Musokotwane, the young man was stuck with KK. He joined MMD when people wanted changed. Even worse, he made a miscalculation by leaving a good job and contest Lusaka Central under the finished MMD and lost to Guy Scott. Now MMD will NEVER EVER bounce back to power but Muhabi still thinks otherwise. Majority of the people are now moving to UPND as the next govt and later NAREP. So Muhabi would do well to join UPND now and be part of the 2016 govt or better NAREP and be part of govt after UPND. Thats how politics is in Zambia young man.

    • Habwalya you are a day dreamer basaa. Who said UPND will be forming Government anytime soon. My grandfather in Chinsali has never heard of that party yet you talking about forming government. Remember it will be 50+1 in 2016, wina azalila again.

  4. Uko ! Munzi wapya.Keep up with the fight.Us the PF we like it.The more you fight amongest yourselves the better for us.


    • Mr Muhabi,, is not kwalolo mwela.. like most of you, just because you are tonga or speaking should not mean you are UPND .. in the same way just because of you are bemba or speak bemba should not mean you are PF…until people change their mindset.. zambia will never develop

  6. MUHABI is always the last to leave finished political parties. He was the last in UNIP when he was very young. And now he’s making the same mistake, sticking to MMD which nose diving into oblivion.
    MUHABI, you are still young and intelligent man, join UPND before it’s too late and work for the common goal of ridding our nation of these crooks and liers who’ve failed to fullfill a single promise of their 90 day rhetoric.

    Be wise Muhabi, UPND is the way for 2016!!! Zambia Forward!!!


    • You UPND guys have been singing Zambia forward from the 1990’s. Pf was formed after UPND and now they are in power, but you guys are still hoping for the next elections, when will it sink in that this will never happen for you guys?

  7. mulomo wenu, so don’t complain now. Namugala is right.Fight on Namugala.Infact muhabe, you came into mmd through the roof.You are destroying the party, mmd.

    • @Roka.. what are you talking about you headless kwalolo mwela slave?.. namugala is traitor being paid by PF thugs.. muhabi is right, leave him alone.
      if you want know someone who came through the roof, go to PF and ask masebo

    • ndobo, you have hit the nail on the head regarding Masebo and PF. Masbo the tuurncoat and a real “mafikizolo” in PF is now more powerful than founders of the party. It is amazing!!! Yes, there is no denying that Masebo came to the PF through the roof.

  8. there is no honour amongst thefts. ha ha ha..Honsty how weak is mmd? When its on members lack faith in the party. I mean the only reason pipo move is becoz mmd is a sinking ship.BUt UPND can never be in a pact. If they could they would be in power with P.F right now.

  9. Muhabi Lungu is childish . He should moan over his mp’s who joined pf rather than waste time on UPND , a party that is not in government yet. This Banda who joined upnd does not even have a constituency. For goodness sake, MMD grow up please.

  10. Here are some excepts from today’s Post editorial on the dishonesty of UPND

    UPND is a party that always over-values, overrates itself. They will always claim to be more popular, more influential than empirical evidence can prove. In their pact with the Patriotic Front, they claimed to be more popular than their pact partners, who had more seats in Parliament, and whose leader had defeated their leader by far in the previous two presidential elections. Their claim was that the political landscape had changed in their favour since the last elections. But they had no evidence to back up this claim. They wanted to field more candidates in by-elections than their partners.

  11. Whenever there was a by-election, problems started in their pact because they wanted to field candidates even in places where they stood no chance of winning. The 2011 elections proved their assumptions, their claims of being more popular than their pact partners totally wrong. But these are shameless people. They simply carry on as if nothing has happened and continue to behave in the same way in their next engagement. We are seeing the UPND behaving the same way in their alliance with MMD. A smaller political party has assumed hegemony over a political party that is more than twice its size. The smaller political party is trying to swallow the bigger one. This may seem illogical. But that is how UPND behaves and conducts the politics of its alliances or pacts.
    Opposition alliances can work if founded on sound principles, values and common aims

    • ….ati a small party trying to swallow a bigger party. lol!
      i have noticed that whatever hungry hyena touches politically, he destroys.
      just look at how many pacts the boy has been into since he tribally assumed the presidency.
      he is nothing but a joker in the world of politics such that even young chipimo will soon surpass him.

  12. I think that individuals have the power and rights to belong to a political party of their choice, not withstanding how costly this has been in Zambia recently.

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