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Council suspends two Zambeef Shops for selling expired meat products

Rural News Council suspends two Zambeef Shops for selling expired meat products

Chipata Municipal Council has suspended operations for two Zambeef Shops because of selling stale meat products.
The local authority has further confiscated expired 96 chicken pieces, 6.7 kilogrammes of loose chicken breasts, 31 packets of offal and six kilogrammes of French polony, which did not have expiry dates from the two Zambeef shops and Shoprite Chipata.

Acting Town Clerk Edward Zulu and Chipata District Commissioner, Kalunga Zulu confirmed in a separate interviews and said the Zaambia police and council confiscated the items for not bearing expiring dates.

The district commissioner said the team was put up to inspect the two Zambeef outlets at the Down Shops and Kapata market after having been notified by the public that the meat products being sold had expired.

He said the council has charged Zambeef a penalty fee of KR 900 and have since suspended their operations until certain recommendations are met.

“I am warning the entire food processing organisations to desist from selling expired products and anyone found wanting will face the wrath of the law although government does not want to be seen to be antagonistic,”he said.
And Environmental health Officer, Hilary Tebeka also confirmed the exercise, which was conducted in the morning of Monday .



  1. I`m sure it is Hichilema`s meat supplies to Zambeef which comes already expired.This is sad mwe.

  2. How do you fine ZAMBEEF only KR900? They will simply do it again. The fine is way too low!

  3. How does fresh meat expire? And how do you determine the expiry date of meat? Unless they were selling rotten meat, I don’t see the problem. There is something fishy here

    • Why is it Unsafe and Illegal to alter “Use by Dates”?
      Simply without being too technical “use by dates” are usually used on foods that have a limited shelf life and have a potential to result in food poisoning. In deciding the “use by date” foods will be subjected to being stored under the desired storage temperature conditions over a number of days. During each day over the storage period, microbial tests will be carried out to establish the total bacteria levels on the food. The “use by date” will fall within the safe levels of bacteria that can be on the food. No dates above the safe limits will be used. By altering the dates you are getting into extended days which imply higher and unsafe levels of bacteria being present on the food. We need to remember storing food in the…

    • By altering the dates or selling a product after the expiry date you are getting into extended days which imply higher and unsafe levels of bacteria being present on the food. We need to remember storing food in the fridge does not stop bacterial multiplication, it only slows it down. People may say, it is going to be safe because of the cooking process and this is not completely true as some bacteria do produce heat resistant poisons when growing on food. If you can help it, dont buy product after its “use by date”, more important suppliers should not be selling products that carry a “use by date” after that date it is illegal, unethical, callous and shows lack of care for your customers.

    • ati kapenta,,,,,, hhhaahhah,, nobody likes kapenta pa zed..
      pizza and beef sound “civilised“ to zedians…

  4. How about those supermarkets and shops flooded with HAALAL foods in a Christian nation which is worsening now? Do we need religious labels whether Haalal or Christian? What we need is plain and and we go and sacrifice to our own different Gods in our homes?

    • Indigenous [email protected], very good observation. Zambia though a christian Nation is still a multi religious country . My understanding is that the shops are targeting a certain group of people who are selective in what they eat and how it was prepared.
      My personal stance is never to buy from such shops, you can do the same its your money.

  5. iWE @7 no nzelu what do you mean halal meat products in Christian nation is worsening Halal means the animal is slaughtered in a Islamic way for muslims consumptions, whats wrong in that .whats your problem you racist fellow.

    • My friend learn to ask if you do not understand something. Are spices, yogult, tinned (fish, beans, vegetables) ice cream, tea, coffee meat in your own interpretation animal is slaughtered in a Islamic way for muslims consumptions? You are mistaken Because all these & others carry the Halal label. I am not a racist like you that is why you are running to insult me. I am not for insults like you, even if HH gave me permission to insult Guy Scott I would not do that because it is not my nature. My point is food should not be labelled with any religious labels unless you have separate religious shops. Or else provide for other religions also.

  6. May i request the choma council to inspect zamfee choma who usually sell rotten pre-packed sausage.

  7. I agree with lighting Choma Town Clerk, Mayor, DC, Munkombwe & sickly looking Namachila are all in deep sleep while Zambeef Choma sells everything really rotten. *****s wake up & close down Zambeef outlet.

  8. Zambia has no standards. We have eaten anything like the animal sacrificed to halla.

    Let us be serious as in enforcing the law.

    peace and prosperity to Mother Zambia.

  9. shame to Shoprite for selling expired products, By the status they have in society this is a big embarrasement to them.I believe shoprite is an international supermarket which should have a standard and conditions on the suppplies they order for re sale to their clientele. i cant just believe that this kind of nonsense is allowed in such a well established shop like shoprite. Can zambeef establish local abboitores to slaughter animals as opposed to ferrying meat caucuses all the way from chisamba. There are a lot of animals in arears were zambeef has established some outlets where local farmers can supply them and will be seen as a serious investors as farmers will have a market were to sale their animals to enable them take their children to school.

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