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Zambia Episcopal Conference-ZEC-President, Ignitius Chama
Zambia Episcopal Conference-ZEC-President, Ignitius Chama

The Catholic Church has said that it is unfair for senior government officials to allocate themselves heft salaries and allowances while the majority Zambians continue to wallow in poverty.

Zambia Episcopal Conference (ZEC) president Ignatius Chama said that the Catholic church will will continue to not only speak for the poor but serving them through the building of hospital, schools and other social amenities.

Bishop Chama said that this is what GOD expects the church to be doing.

And Archbishop Ignatius Chama has called on Catholics in Zambia to emulate Pope Francis by showing compassion top the poor in society.

Speaking during the thanks giving ceremony on the election of Pope Francis at the Cathedral of the Child Jesus in Lusaka today, Archbishop Chama urged Catholics to fight for the rights of the poor in society, and stand up for peace, truth, and justice.

He explained that the mass was held to introduce Pope Francis to the Zambian church as well as to pray to God to grant him strength in his journey as the leader of the Catholic church.

The Archbishop said the mass was also to appreciate Pope Benedict XVI for his service to the church during his reign as Pope.

Archbishop Chama said the church has the responsibility to spread God’s love and compassion as a way of evangelism.

He called on Catholics to also emulate Saint Francis of Assisi after whom the new Pope is named, whom he said sent out his disciples to evangelize with the instruction that they are only to use words when necessary.

The Archbishop said it is unfortunate that many Christians in Zambia only profess to be Christians when they do not show it by their lives.

He said Christians need to make their lives be a tool of evangelization by showing compassion and helping the needy.

And speaking at the same function, Zambia’s Apostolic Nuncio, Julio Murat commended Pope Benedict for his good leadership which he has displayed in the short time he has been in office.


  1. The problems Zambia is going through the catholic Church will share the blame.
    Sata and his goverment has achieved the following
    -The level of lies has increased.
    -Increased road accidents
    -Brutal killing of citizens
    -Inceased street vending
    -Arm worms
    -Poor agriculture policies
    -No freedom of expression, no freedom of assembly
    -high meal meal prices
    High fuel prices
    -No grants to districts in running government offices
    the list is endless.The problem was with the useful *****s of the towns who supported this government.

    when are the millers,transporters and Zesco increasing prices?.I can,t wait.Kindly may God give Sata good health so that he sees the destruction,he will leave behind after 5 years and then you will know how useful or useless Bembas…

  2. The wise old adage ‘A Fish Rots From The Head Down’ describes Sata’s PF very accurately. These guys make RB’s MMD look good. That’s how low our Country has sunk. These Govt officials are now following the footsteps of the Republican President Sata, who increased his own salary by 100% barely a year in office without any corresponding development to the economy and the poor people who gave him the vote. Malawan President REDUCED her salary to correspond to the hardships her Country was going thru, and so did US President. So, if you want to know the true character of a good leader, observe how they behave in times of need.

  3. We are grateful that there is somebody who has a voice to speak on behalf of the voiceless, that is the Catholic Church. This is important, since it seems that we have remained very docile and downcast despite all the various problems being faced. This, despite our new PF government having abandoned us in favour of their political buddies and families. We have remained unresponsive in the wake of escalated food prices, food shortages, poor standard of living, fuel shortages, high commodity prices, unmet promises of “more money in your pocket” and reduction of unemployment levels.

  4. “Hefty” not heft.

    Offering your publication my services for free. Will proof read your content prior to publication.

    • Kikikikiki! One blogger friend offered the same services and there was No response fro the editor. Good luck

  5. 1. The Catholic Church helped Zambia to attain independence by educating our independence fathers. When the situations were tense our heroes went to hide in the Parish houses of Catholic Priests. The Catholic Church supported independence and not individuals.
    2. The Catholic Church helped the country to embrace Multy Partism and formed the Movement for Multy Party And Democracy which Chiluba and friends later adopted as the name for their party only leaving “and” in the name. It helped them win with a landlslide. The Catholic Church supported the movement and not the party. Although it remains debatable as to whether Democracy is the best form of Govt.
    3. Chiluba wanted a third term in 2001 but the Catholic Church stood against his manipulation of the constitution and Democracy.

  6. The constitution must put into how much these leaders must be the mark of allowances even their pay just talking will not solve that problem submit you r aguements

  7. Whilst I may I appreciate ZEC President Ignitius Chama’s concerns in regard to PF and its shortfalls but I believe it is not that PF has not done anything good for Zambians to appreciate. We do not have to condemn just for the sake of doing so because we need to look at the coin from both sides. I would like to hear the ZEC President commenting also on whatever little PF has scored in this short period. His concerns are not new as they have been expressed before even under MMD and am sure the church plays and still continues playing a signifant role in terms of development in all areas of human endevours.
    The use of diplomacy is missing here and am sure the church as I said can advise the Government where possible and not because people have a platform liberty to stand on top of the…

  8. These increases just prove that these guys are only in it for the money not to serve. This govt is yet to deliver anything and one year into their tenure they are rewarding themselves For what? Our eurobond? Greedy hyenas!

  9. Why do you manipulate the truth. I was at that service and the bishop did not mention Government salaries. He said some people are getting hefty salaries. Please tell the truth or you lose credibility

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