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Government urged to maintain agriculture policies that are perceived to be user friendly by Small Scale Farmers



Farmers in Kakushi Agriculture Block of Mkushi District have implored Government to maintain agriculture policies that are perceived to be user friendly by Small Scale Farmers.

Kakushi Block Farmers Chairperson Goodson Shinga stated this during the 2013 Kakushi Block Show that was held at Nambo Primary School yesterday.

Mr. Shinga said that there was need for Government to seriously consider addressing the pleas from Farmers that pertained to widespread reports that hinted on the reduction of Government percentage subsidy of the FISP (Farmer Input Support Program) package.

Mr. Shinga said that small scale Farmers were uncomfortable with reports that suggested that Government would reduce on its subsidy for the FISP, saying that such a move would negatively affect most small scale Farmers.

He said that coupled with this, there was need for Government to consider increasing the number of fertiliser bags given to each FISP beneficiary from the 4 to 8 bags.

Another Farmer, James Nshimba, said that Farmers in the area were apprehensive about the reports of reduction of the number of satellite FRA (Food Reserve Agency) depots for the 2013 marketing season.

Mr. Nshimba, who is also Chalata Ward Councillor, said that such a move would negatively affect Farmers as many would have to incur increased cost of transporting their maize to the fewer satellite depots.

Gracing the Show, Mkushi District Commissioner (DC) Christopher Chibuye maintained that Government recognized the significant contribution that small scale Farmers made towards the country’s GDP(Gross Domestic Product) as well as food security.

Mr. Chibuye said that in view of this, Government was committed towards effecting policies that would ensure the feasibility of small scale Farming as a business and livelihood.

He explained that there was need to understand that the Government was focused on ensuring the sustainability of policy initiatives such as FISP.

He said that it was important to note that the rationale governing the FISP program was centered on subsidising the input costs for the poorest Farmers, adding that such beneficiaries were expected to gradually graduate from total dependency.

Mr. Chibuye assured that the PF (Patriotic Front) Government was a listening Government, adding that Government was not relenting in effecting solutions which would be amicable for Farmers.
He also explained that Government’s decisions were based on the availability of resources to sustain several policies such as maintaining the 75% subsidy of the FISP fertiliser costs for the Farmer.

Kakushi is the third largest of the 6 Agrculture Blocks of Mkushi District, with 195 Cooperatives spread over Chalata, Nshinso and Matuku Wards.



  1. PF is not listening government as the chap is cheating on the poor farmers. You have a weapon. If you got what Guy scott said. If you are not happy vote them out. SIMPLE. You have the power people, do not even waste time. You can even put a vote of no confidence in your MP for bringing poverty in your area and take him out


  2. stop cheating pipo you fooools. talk is cheap . PF just talks talks talks boza but they do the opposite. i think even their Fred Membe is tired ….Micheal this, michael that….munyelo this! a poor country with 80 ministers!fucck sata the liar
    1. reduce number of ministries/ ministers, deputy ministers and P.s’s\
    2. Abandon the stupid bye election project
    3. Sata must die quickly to change the political climate in Zambia

  3. serious farmers have long graduated from 4 bags subsidized by govt,its time for farmers to wake up and start treating farming as a business.lets start thinking like Magande who once asked farming community to emulate marketeers who struggle in a hash business environment without govt subsidy.for how long will govt continue propping up your inefficiency.

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