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Five candidates file in for Feira


All the five aspiring parliamentary candidates for the forthcoming Feira Parliamentary Constituency in Luangwa District have successfully filed in their nomination papers today.

And all the aspiring candidates have expressed confidence of scooping the seat that fell vacant following the defection of the incumbent, Patrick Ngoma, to the ruling Patriotic Front (PF).

ZANIS reports that United Nation Independence Party (UNIP) candidate Charles Kanyama was the first to file in his nomination papers at exactly 09: 00 hours and was followed by National Restoration Party (NAREP) candidate, Samuel Sikaonga at 10:36 hours.

Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) candidate, Elias Phiri, who was accompanied by party president, Nevers Mumba and Elections chairperson, Kenneth Chipungu, filed his papers at 11;15 hours while United Party National Development(UPND) candidate, Eularia Zulu, filed hers at 13: 30 Hours.

Ruling PF candidate and immediate past MP, Patrick Ngoma, who was accompanied by Republican Vice President, Guy Scott, Willie Nsanda, Lusaka Province Minister, Freedom Sikazwe and Geoffrey Chuumbwe, filed his papers at 14:45 hours before the nomination closed at 16:00 hours.

And in separate interviews with ZANIS, UNIP candidate Charles Kanyama said he is happy that the party opted for him and pledged to deliver the seat for former ruling party.

Mr Kanyama said he is the only youthful candidate and energetic to address major concerns of carrying out development in the area.

Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) candidate Elias Phiri assured the electorates of massive development once voted into office while United Party National Development (UPND) candidate, Eularia Zulu, promised to undertake a baseline study to accelerate development in the area.

Ruling PF candidate and immediate past MP, Patrick Ngoma, explained that he defected to the PF because of the massive developmental projects the government had embarked on in his area.

Mr Ngoma further explained that President Sata’s all-inclusive approach to national development and the government’s developmental agenda in the constituency has seen unprecedented development during one-and-half years the PF has been in office.

The seat became vacant following the then MMD MP, Patrick Ngoma, defecting to the PF last month.



  1. Get the UPND candidate and ditch the defector. There is no way , you people should allow him in again. You voted for him and now he ditched your votes and comes again, that is rubbish. I would have loved that all oppositio rally behind one candidate.

  2. Mr. Patrick Ngoma has been Very faithful to his constituency i believe he means well. He has the heart for the people of Feira, ever since he was DA as well as MP he has worked tirelessly for that area to be developed and he always represents his people accordingly. I wish him the Best-He is a politician who is faithful, is and can be trusted. He is a man of integrity. I wish him well.

    • Fulunyemba- if thats an insult you have written then you need to grow up. Then you are not mature. If you are not mature do not ever comment on what i write. You would also need to repent for sinning.. whatever religion you may be

  3. The development that people see in Feira today is because of the good work Mr. Patrick Ngoma has done over the years. He goes to his constituency every weekend and he meets with the people even the poorest of them. He discusses their problems with them and he tackles them by finding solutions to those problems. That’s why whenever he stands in his constituency he always wins. the only time he was not MP was when he was asked not to stand by the former President Levy Mwanawasa and took him to foreign service. RB brought him back to stand as people refused to vote again for Mr.Shawa as he did not work up to the way Mr. Ngoma had done for them in the past.

  4. We wait to know the winner…is it PF, MMD , NAREP or UPND? People will decide.

    Peace and Prosperity to Mother Zambia.

  5. was there a problem to file in a nomonation at 16:00 just after the closure. All more petition coming to feira. First was Kamimba donating money to a church, now PF filing in their candidate late. Probably after 16:00 hours. Who knows

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