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Fight on, KK urges African Union

General NewsFight on, KK urges African Union
FILE: Former president Kenneth Kaunda and vice president of Malawi Joyce Banda watch the Independence Day celebrations
FILE: Former president Kenneth Kaunda and vice president of Malawi Joyce Banda watch the Independence Day celebrations

First Republican president Dr Kenneth Kaunda has called on the African Union-AU to continue fighting for the development of the continent.

Dr Kaunda says 50 years on, the AU has made great strides, faced short comings and met great challenges in addressing problems on the continent.

He said the AU still has huge challenges in Africa which need to be addressed.

“50 years is a time for renaissance, renewal, it is for freedom and rededication” Dr Kaunda said.

Dr Kaunda said this during the OAU /AU celebrations held at the Millennium Hall in Addis Ababa ,Ethiopia yesterday.

He noted that it is important that the AU concerns itself with current global concerns like climate change and environmental issues.

“We are an integral part of humanity, we must be able to contribute towards solving conflicts in various parts of the world, all conflicts, were ever it occurs still affect us,’’ said Dr Kaunda.

He explained that during the early years of independence, the African continent was greatly affected by the Cold war in Eastern and Western political blocks.

Dr Kaunda said the OAU, despite many challenges managed to contribute to the resolutions of these conflicts through international organisations like the Commonwealth and the Non- Aligned Movement.
He said using this approach, Africa became a major voice on international issues.

The former President has however noted that 50 years ago, the continent did not have the challenge of HIV/AIDS, adding that though the continent has made advances in handling the pandemic, it is still a challenge in Africa and needs to be conquered.

Dr Kaunda also acknowledged the contribution that his late wife Betty Kaunda rendered for him to be where he was yesterday.

Dr Kaunda sang a song dedicated to Mama Betty who died last year.

And speaking during the opening ceremony African Union Commission Chairperson Dr Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma paid tribute to the founding fathers of the OAU for their wisedom and foresight in laying the foundation for unity and solidarity.

Dr Zuma said the Organisation of African Unity then exhibited a spirit of internationalism as it championed the African course and supported the struggles of oppressed people .

“we are therefore pleased to celebrate with all our friends from across the globe and continue to reinforce our solidarity and cooperation, ” Dr Zuma noted.

Dr Zuma said the 50th anniversary is a beacon of the spirit if internationalism, solidarity and cooperation.

“ As we start the journey for the next 50 years , we need to be clear about the journey before us, to educate our population, skill them, ensure healthy bodies and minds, modernize and expand Africa’s infrastructure to agriculture and agro business so that we can feed ourselves and the world,” noted Dr Zuma.

The celebrations which were attended by several Heads of States and government representatives including President Michael Sata, United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon and members of the public was characterized by dance and poetry.



    • @2.1 THE PRINCE,
      Of course KK was a dictator who sold out fellow Zambians who mysteriously disappeared and murdered for no reason. Yes, he should just shut up, he has innocent blood on his hands.

    • Iwe KA Troy, do you know that at KK’s age, 22 years after leaving the Presidence he still speaks more sense, commands more respect and is listened to more than your Sata? Maybe we should forgive you coz you smell Lactogen…

  1. The two important things the great old man forgot to mention is that Africa should fight greed and laziness. We are too lazy to think and work. Too much beer drinking and sex..Especially sub saharan africa..

  2. Hahahahah! that ka troy thing doesnt know what Lactogen is, apperently Lactogen was KKs time, this chap smells cow & gate

  3. Those days when KK spoke even leaders like Thatcher and Reagan would ‘hear’. KK dismantled the Government of SA racist President Botha when he deliberately invited his rival De klerk to Livingstone to “size him up”. ( KK’s own words). De klerk was then vying for leadership in the racist national party against Botha. President Botha resigned as party leader in protest as to why de klerk agreed to a meeting with KK when he (Botha) was the boss. That’s how de klerk took over leadership of NP and then initiated secret talks with Madiba that ushered SA’s independence. KK respected international protocols whilst he disrespected his own citizens. Sata disrespects both. In spite of all that, KK made Zambia proud. Wherever you went around the World once you said you are Zambian, people will…

  4. …continued …. Wherever you went in the world once people realized you were Zambian, they would pat you on the back and say, “aaagh, Kaunda, good man!” Not this nonsense going on around right now. If it was possible, I would prefer carrying a Martian passport. Its so hugely embarrassing to be Zambian currently and we need to get our dignity back!

  5. KK a sellout? Do you even know what the definition of a sellout is or you just heard it at a rally somewhere? If you do then you need to back it up with facts. Some of you dislike the father of the land so much that no matter what he says, it bothers you. I honestly cant even think of a poorer former head of state than KK yet when he was president he could have amased a ton of wealth if he wanted to. If he were a dictator he could have just unleashed the zambian army and crushed the opposition ala mugabe. Trust me it works in africa, a good beating and everybody runs back home and stay quiet.

  6. LONG LIVE KK!! you are highly honoured father of this great land of Zambia. You are one in a million. ONE ZAMBIA!ONE NATION!

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