President Sata opposes the International Criminal Court’s indictment of Kenyan President

President Michael Sata
President Michael Sata
President Michael Sata

PRESIDENT Sata has opposed the International Criminal Court’s indictment of Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta for the violence that characterised Kenya’s general elections in 2007.

“First of all, what jurisdiction do they have? You have to look at jurisdiction; there are more cases in Europe which they are not dealing with. ..If you find a Kenyan President or Zambian President is at fault, let the Kenyan people or Zambian people deal with him. You the Kenyan people, if during the struggle or during elections you killed each other, bring the people who killed you to book, that is what we do in Zambia.

“They are going back to the old days of colonial era where they used to grab us. This is the time when Africa should be looking at its own affairs. We shouldn’t allow a foreigner to come and interfere with us,” Mr Sata told journalists on Friday evening after attending the meeting of the Committee of 10 Heads of State on the UN Reforms.

Mr Sata urged Kenyans to bring to book anyone who killed over 1,000 people during the elections as opposed to trying suspects abroad.

“Majority of African countries were liberated by Zambia and it is time for you all Africans to negotiate for your own affairs because during the struggle, we were not going to court in London, we were not going to court in The Hague; we were taken to local courts in our own country,” President Sata said.

He said Africa now seems to be controlling its own affairs owing to the increased number of people who have taken up responsibilities that were previously a preserve of colonial masters.

“There are very few African countries where there are wars now apart from Congo DR and the fight in Congo is not by the Congolese; it is the outsiders who would like to control Congo because of the minerals,” he said.

The President said what young people do not understand is that the biggest problem in Africa is unemployment.

“If we can have you young people occupied, you are not going to be used for shedding blood against each other…we need to make you occupied because you are too intelligent and when you and your young girls are lazy, you will always want to create problems for us,” he said.

The President further called for an end to racial discrimination in Africa, adding that all communication barriers should be addressed.


    • The ICC has failed it’s intended objectives. It’s a court that is just used to intimidate, harass and jail suspects from third world countries. No country should be forced to belong to it.The USA itself is not a member.Only shallow African leaders are proud of being members.

    • @Sobelenge. No country has been forced to join the ICC. Like all international organisations membership is purely voluntary. Sata can withdraw Zambia’s membership from the ICC, UN, World Bank , AU, IMF , SADC etc if he so wishes. Honestly guys some of your tantrums are so childish!

    • Ba Goncalves looks like its you throwing tantrums here.Why bringing in UN,world bank and SADC ? Leave your emotions out.ICC is a joke, if anything countries like America can`t join because they have killed more people than anyone else in Libya, Afghanistan and Iraq and only African leaders like Charles Taylor and Kenyatta can be indicted.

    • @sobelenge.. Phd holder
      Are you sure Sata is not just scare of the bald headed judges at ICC?,, if its true that he wants africans to solve their own problems,,, why was/is he begging the chinesse for help,, and if he doesnot like colonial influence why was he sneaking into those european embassies to beg for favours when he was in the opposition,,, and like @Goncolves, sata can just as well withdraw zambian membership from all international organisation UN, world bank and all the rest,, maybe leaving membership to african organisations only.. Your PhD thesis please!

    • @ndobo my new found artist friend.You shouldnt join Gongaclaves in supporting that.I can`t see the connection between UN,SADC and AU withdrawal and ICC.You have to know that USA itself has failed to join ICC because they know that their house is not in order.A lot of civilians have been killed by USA drone attacks in Iraq and Afghanistan, but you will never hear a US commander or president standing before that court to answer charges.This court is there for third world countries only.Just look at the list of all the leaders that have been indicted, from Abdallah Banda,Muammar Gaddafi,Germain Katanga to Omar al-Bashir.This speaks volumes.I`m not a phd holder but a medical student by the way.

    • @sobelenge…
      you are all over the place in your `thesis` my brother,,, i donot think you understood @Goncolves`comment or my comment if those are they comments you are reacting to:
      Answering or reacting like that, if you are responsing to a client under the knife on your operation table,, be assured your client will collapse..wouldnot survive,,

    • @Sobelenge go on don’t stop: Also cowardly attacks on kuwait, hiroshima and nagasaki and osama bin laden. walufyanya ku Chishamwamba wayapingulwa ku cilye chaku Shangombo. Bushe muli amano umo?

    • Dear ndobo i don`t know which question you wanted me to answer but since i justified the reason why that point of ” sata can just as well withdraw zambian membership from all international organisation UN, world bank and all the rest” ,because of lack of correlation with ICC, i will then touch on why he was all over embassies.He was doing that because he knew that once he becomes a leader he will need them.He needs them just like USA needs China.The whole balance of the global economy(Which includes Zambia) lies in the performance of those countries economies hence he had no option but to join.Remember the old saying “If you can`t beat them join them.” But not joining ICC.

  1. Yes the man is spot on.No wonder i always say that colonialism hasn’t ended.It has just ended on paper.High time the powers that be in the western world let Africa solve its own problems.Abash the Hague….now i miss Ghadafi.

    • dude, you are one confused chap. You reak the stench of a PF extremist. do break out & learn to think objectively & independently. & don’t rush on to say immediately that you are. will just confirm that you’re brainwashed

    • Wilapena naiwe, my party is Narep.Bushe nganasapota kateka apa ninshi naba PF ? Walepa kumwenu.Some of us give respect where it is due.Bushe lyonse ma politics napa shilingile ?

    • @ Mo time, you give respect where due? hehehe. i guess you would even respect a pig for having 9 piglets. your respect level seems so cheap. Sata just speaks out anything whether sensible or not. its just confusion. cheap talk. eg jobs for all! low fuel price! we all know that by now. b.u.f.i? you must be one of those docile narep chaps. i now understand

    • @viva la bam i`m a proud Narep member but unlike you i support Sata when he speaks something that makes sense.I always look at the bigger picture.You don`t have to judge everything using your political glasses .Mulekula mumano tata.When something make sense support it not shooting it down just because you don`t like Sata.Ka maturity kasuma bakamba ask God akamyafweko yama in that line.Lol

    • @ Mo time. hahaha! you do lie though your teeth. this aint judging…but reality with proof. I haven’t ever seen any post from you that doesn’t bow down to sata. so im not taking from nowhere. I havent seen anything ‘balanced’.
      so its either 1. you are a posing narep under-cover because even narep doesnt kiss satas feet or 2. a confused narep. just join pabwato openly and throw your fist in the air. the truth shall set you free. lol!

    • @viva la bam unlike you i use my sense of judgement .Sata is spot on,on this issue.I just don`t understand why you can`t see it.Ok i get it,you are that type who brushes off whatever comes out of his mouth because of your perceived hate for him and his party and whoever supports him is PF.Awe tata kanshi mwaliba nobwafya.Mulefwaika amapepo

    • @ Mo Taim, your sense of judgement spot on? hehehe! i like you!
      i can defend myself. check my previous comments on other blogs & you shall see that i have both praised sata & criticized him. is that hatred? is it? how about you? never. you cant say sta does no wrong. for you its a one-way ticket of praise(as noticed from your previous comments even in other topics). to judge, one must have options(flexible),not one. so can you blame us to say you literally wash his feet weather clean/dirty(right/wrong)? i don’t think so. cheers to you!

    • @viva la bam…imwe tata muleibwelamo where else have you seen my comments ? I a rarely comments on news to do with politics but on pictures.It is because of bloggers like you who are fond of attacking people with opposite views to yours that puts me off from commenting.This site was good when we used to have mature bloggers.Not this level of immature bloggers like you.Grow up mwana.

    • @mo time. hehehe! anyone challenging you and your view is attacking you?
      that does sound like PF mentality. it that a lie? like if another party wants to hold a rally, they shall see it as threat/attack. true? So this site is only good when everyone posts things that flow with your line of thinking.
      oh boy! you want me to start mentioning comments? ok.the one of GBM,the one of workers 2000 jobs (politics)etc. words are limited here. guess you would now ask me to start deciphering info for you. but that’s beside the point.
      so no beef. relax. no one is attacking you. anyone saying something slightly contrary to what you hard-core believe doesn’t mean that they need to grow up. i am assuming that you are mature too. thank you.

    • @Mo Taim, no beef. you enjoy the rest of your day. you are definately a brain-box in your thinking. do keep yourself well.

    • Thats crap and you know it.I have never shied away from a good debate but i withdraw when i notice that i`m debating with a person i`m not on the same level with intellectually like in your case.I can`t remember debating on those posts.Maybe in your intellectually compromised mind.People like you who don`t respect other peoples opinions can`t scare me.I only refrain, because i have some dignity to preserve and i know that i can`t convice you on anything.People can only hear what they want to hear which is true in your case.I`m an independent thinker my friend.Peace.

    • @Mo taim. hehehe! you cant remember debating those posts? hope you’re not on drugs. they cause memory loss & lapses you know. You should respect proper opinions that can be defended by sense. do keep lying to your self that you’re an independent thinker. just confirms the PF mentality & seals the deal. Peace.

    • Ha ha ha.Mwaiche naiwe walifulungana kwena.Mwati bushe teshi-lufye ndechita nalyo debate ? Ok since you have talked too much about Pf then so what if i supported them ? Yes i love them ,actually i could have voted for them if was in Zambia(i voted for them in 2006 though).I like their policies.I have just finished watching the Miles Sampa and Muhabi Lungu debate.It has really opened my horizons on the subsidy issue.So i officially support PF on that issue(subsidy) from now on.Maybe you can aswell attack me on that.Anyway i have to sleep now i have an exam mailo.Atleast chatting with you has provided me with something to do apart from books.Cheers !!!

    • lol! you’re a funny character. you don’t seem to give up. all the best in your exams! pound hard.

    • whats coming for him mwaice naiwe ne torley leemo.
      This is the problem i find with HH puppies, anything from mcs is disgusts no matter how sensible it is no wonder your under 5 president cant strategise on how to win elections apart from insuing mishanga boy type of matuvi comments

    • You are right-on! The man is just scared of what might happen to himself. He should not just pick-and-choose. We are now moving into a global village. Why does he accept aid from the same foreigners he is castigating? He should know that for every forward force there is an equal, but opposite backward force and effect. He can’t have a cake and eat it at the same time! Its a matter of give and take – note take only!

  2. I hope other African leaders are also thinking in this right direction, we do not need the Hague to try African leaders when they cannot try their own white skinned people! How I wish all those African countries that belong to the ICC could pull out. But ubututu is still in the minds of many leaders today. Bravo to Sata for stating the truth which will haunt them so called Western leaders!

    • note: satas words mean nothing to the international community. its like he is taking to 12 broiler chickens in a chicken run & expecting that the info has gone though

    • This is NOT the truth….it is all about dictatorship tendancies here. How do you call them foreigners before you even exhost their 750 Euro bonds you beggers. The man is just scared of what might happen to him. Zambia must get ready for 2016 bloodshed during elections. He wants to start protecting himself now from the Hague. Remember..when they say!! Al this doesn’t ring a bell in you till it happens? You must be an idio.t

  3. There is only one fault I see with Sata’s argument. How do Kenyans try Uhuru Kenyatta? Is he willing to subject himself to a Kenyan court any time? Does the chief of police have powers to arrest him and hand him over to the Kenyan courts? If we transpose this onto Zambia, we see that our ACC does not even have power to arrest and interrogate Kabimba. In other words, African dictators are scared of the Hague. I personally do not care what happens to European criminals, as long as our home grown dictators are mindful of the fact that they cannot act with impunity. We’ve had enough. So ba Sata beware! I am tired of African dictators hiding behind the colonial argument as an excuse to continue killing their own people.

    • This is the same problem people went through when Zambia was fighting for independence. Whiel others were fighting for freedom others needed the comforts of the colonial masters. Sata is spot on and if a leader has a problem, there is a always a time when this leader sill need to ne answerable to the people. Mind you Uhuru is liked by the Kenyans despite what happened. The west were hoping Uhuru will lose the election but to their dismay he won. So let this issue be a Kenyan thing and not the white thing. What about Bush and the crimes in Iraq? What about Sarkozy and the deals in Libya. Guys chill and let Africa manage it’s affairs.

    • Dear Mukame, You are spot on. Sata knows he is as guilty as sin on a number of fronts, so he is vainly trying to save his skin in advance by patronizing the Kenyan President in this manner.

  4. … even now Museveni is grooming his son to take over in Uganda. A lot of people have been arrested for voicing their opposition. Some have even lost their lives. In the meantime, fellow dictators are busy condemning the Hague, instead of condemning this pompous dictator.

  5. Oh Sata, what plans do you have for you to defend Kenyatta, we know you are violent….When we vote you out in 2016, dont cause confusion, we will sent you to the ICC.

  6. Thats my Michael ! Very bold and fearless.If only we had many leaders like him in Africa.Sad that we have too many puppets for leaders in Africa. Compromised to the bone with their Muzungu anikonde mentality.Call that spade sir !!!

    • any i.diot can be bold and fearless,,,, as the saying goes folls tread where angels fear or something to that effect. does anyone remember amin,, oh he was so fearless always lambasting the colonialists. i suppose this must have impressed a lot of people like you

    • Your example lacks merit.You can`t compare Sata with Idi Amin because the two are not leaders in the same era.Lumping them together is not just unjust but unwise.It is like someone associating all Germans with cruelty just because one cruel man called Hitler happened to a German national.Lets try to be a little bit more realist, and please done down on your language.It dampens the spirit of debate.

    • @Zebegie, you must be on of the blind followers who cannot independently reason alone anymore. eg if sata was to say all zambians are !d!ots, you would look for some reason to say: yes! he is right. infact we are all born !d!otic. most people would by now know that 97% of the time, what our president days is bold and unintelligent. it is an embarasment if one is to be honest

    • viva la bam…Dude you never cease to amaze me with your arguments.I as Zebige, i`m just expressing myself according to the way i understand things.Zebige is just giving his opinion and Zebige doesn`t either expect you to either support or agree with him because you are another unique being capable of making your own independent decisions and judgements.So if i say Sata this or that it is because Zebige thinks in that line.It is just an opinion for Gods sake and you are entitled to one.Please take advantage of that privilege.

    • Zebige, yes it is a privilege, but at the same time we are to have rational thinking. not one track. thats my point. give credit where it is due. & rebuke where it is not. that way, our country shall be steered into prosperity. e.g, presidents are supposed to be diplomatic. have you seen obama etc blurt out anything that comes up his mind that minute? say things which are half sensible? thats embarrassing for the country and should not be condoned.

    • Embarrassing in your opinion (which you are entitled to) but not in my opinion.It actually appears to me that you are the one talking without facts,basis or rationality.You should learn how to differentiate between rational thinking and emotions.Your comments bleeds a lot of emotions.Put your act together ,then we can debate.

    • @Zebige. oh please! I dont have to start picking out portions of text from the articles to prove my point that sata blurts things out which are nonsense just to prove my point. that would be now be stepping low because i think we can all read and reason.
      my comments are very descriptive and are supposed to poke you with literature emotion. which means that my literature is doing its job well, like a romantic novel.
      I have also noticed that I have never seen a post of yours even in other blogs that doesn’t bow to satas feet. is it so-called patriotic to the death? or brain-washed? shame!

    • Well i rest my case.I have come to the conclusion that this discussion won`t be helpful to me in anyway. How i regret for all the time i have wasted on this.I have to agree to disagree.Have a pleasant day.

    • @Zebige, hey! thought you were asleep by now. for some of us, we are just in the progress of further upgrading our qualifications while working at mtn monday to Saturday & its challenging. so have to concentrate on other things or else i’ll be a looser in life (which i don’t wana be). I rest my case too. cheers & look after yourself in this cold season.

  7. Spot on Mr President. We need brave African leaders who will continue to speak up against the injustices heaped on Africa and its peoples by the same old western imperialism, neo colonialism, Washington concensus rhetoric…
    The International court only saves to punish all others apart from those from Britain and USA. Human rights , MY a…, let Africa chart its own course..

    • nonsense. what bravery is this where only words blurt out and no action. any one can talk. even you/me. can talk fill an empty stomach? better let him sort out his own people suffering as life is getting harder & expensive rather than talking about the sun, kenya & moon

  8. This guy is vocal over the issue of Kenyatta and other African leaders being indicted to the Hague because he knows exactly what is in store for him ! He wants the Hague to disappear from the face of the earth due to the fact that he is a candidate of Africa’s list of leaders who are getting themselves on the list of leaders who are Human Rights abusers ! He has a very good plan to turn Zambia into a Dictatorship and most blind followers of his on this blog CANNOT see him for what he really is !!
    This man has a behind the scene MOTIVE for every maove he makes ! He is not called KING COBRA for nothing ! He is one of the most vernomous SNAKES in the truest sense ! So watch out people because you are going to regret having given him all these powers !!

  9. Jurisdiction?
    Your Excellency, please get information before you speak.
    Firstly, Kenya is signatory of that particular Treaty and as a matter of FACT, H.E. Kenyatta has voluntarily submitted himself to the jurisdiction of the Court in Hague.
    Second, thousands innocent Kenyans have been killed for no reason apart of the greed for power..
    Third, who you are to interfere in to the internal affairs of the Sovereign State?

  10. Am back from churh, at least i went to off load some of my sins if not all of my sins !,,,hahahahahah! the ICC is needed hopefully with bald headed judges,, with these romours of militia training camps in the country, even if its a colonial idea i think its important to support the idea of ICC,, just in case there is tonga genocide coming,, zambia needs to be prepared for a justice trial

  11. The problem with Mr Sata is that he does consult or even bother to find facts before he opens his mouth. If he did he would have known that the ICC has the jurisdiction and are operating under the law.
    One thing here is that Mr Sata by trying to defend oppressors is clearly fearful of the consequences of his own misdeeds on the Zambian people. And why is he still so obsessed with the colonial era when the whole world has moved on?
    It is ridiculous for the president to say Zambians will deal with their erring leaders forgetting that he warned the anti corruption to consult him before they interview crooks like Kabimba. Three more years with this man is frightening.


  13. Obviously SATA witnessed the chachacha days when real zambians fought hard to earn us the joys of freedom that come with independence. But time has moved on and.. KING COBRA! you too need to move on. We are now in 2013 and a lot of things have happened. If Zambia is to be seen genuine and interested in being part of the global community on economic issues which i believe most zambians want to see for the country, i don’t see why we should not embrace the international court which is a global body and only steps in when some leaders become powerful than the rule of law in their own countries. For instance Super Ken… we saw and learnt how powerful one man could become when he is commander in chief of defence and security..untouchable. So watch out or you will end up there in the dock.

  14. Ati try them in our local courts! My foot! The man has compromised our Judiciary leaving it weak and vulnerable to manipulation by the Executive. Despite expert advice that the Chief Justice be excused of her duties, the man refuses for reasons of control of this arm of Government. ZP, ACC,DEC, ECZ all under the guise of empowering women are under his total control because he feels women can follow blindly and are vicious. And now he wants to attack an international body which he knows he’s got no control of. As for us that’s our only hope of keeping the man in check. Kenyatta has submitted to the ICC, so what’s Sata’s problem?

  15. you insults colonial masters-from the same you go with a bow and beg for help and they give you.(2)part of your budget depends on donor aid(3)when your testacle is swolen,you rush 2 england wit kaseba(4)do you think you can lose a case yoself with chebesa as CJ?(5)how many courts in africa so far have jailed former presidos?(6)isn’t kenyam a member of ìcc?(7)remember that big firms in zed are owned by the same colonial masters.

    • kikikkik…swolen testicles you rush to england..hahahakikik… chimakukola zoona Ganja farmer na believe!!!kakakkkikik

  16. How many problems have african leaders solved in the last fifty years.??Rwanda, Congo, Sudan, Mali, Somalia, and many more. In fact , with their miss rule, have they not thrown this wonderfull people of Africa, from land of plenty, to run away to White man to work as SLAVES.Cleaning toilets and wiping a white mans arse is not exactly pleasent, while this selfish African leaders live in Luxary and oppulance, with five wives and Palaces.

  17. Leave Uhuru out of it! He will dance to his own tune when the time comes. How can Zambians take to task a guy who has absolute control of the bloody tools of massacre at his disposal (Police & army) These forces can only join the masses when their pockets dry up. We are a small state and look up to big boys to look after us and that’s the order of the day. They are bigger than you so what are you gonna do about it? long live The Hague long live they ICC. You can’t have your cake and still eat it, We need to be monitored because us Africans can really do bad things to each other if left to play with these white manufacture machine guns. We (Africans)have no remorse and I can assure you now that if slavery was instigated by Africans it would still be rife today!

  18. Sata is very dull. Does he even understand what jurisdiction means? Dear Michael can you sit down with your Attorney General and ask him the implications of Zambia’s membership to various organizations and treaties to which she is a signatory. Kenya signed on to the ICC so the question of lack of jurisdiction does not arise. It is the same for Zambia. So my dear Ukwa if you want to argue jurisdiction when the ICC finally comes for you then withdraw Zambia’s membership to the ICC and also the UN.

  19. It is dis kind of provocation dat makes me urge de pf cadres 2 beat de hell out of u idi ots,mwebana bamucende mwee.Wat has yo President done 2 warrant such insults .l ve never head some ngos like dese women groups dat are condemning GBM 4 instance.


  21. This is a no brainer. President Sata KNOWS he is as guilty as sin on a number of fronts, particularly w.r.t. denying freedoms and liberties of fellow Zambians, which freedoms he himself enjoyed. So he is trying to hoodwink gullible people (and there is a tonne of gullible people on this blog) to save his skin in advance by PATRONIZING the Kenyan President in this manner.

  22. Mumbi and others you are right. He can for see what is going to happen Hague awaits. Instead of him using this as lesson to change he is condeming the hague. Its amazing how some people are encouraging him. As Zambians wat are you not going to bring him to book because you are scared he will spit on you. Ok wat about kaunda nothing was done to him , Chiluba you let the chap loose. So we need inpendent bodies to deal with the leader who human rights abusers etc. So all those who surpoting him wake up and smell the coffee.,Or else in due time you wont have noses to smell the coffee with just saying.

  23. There you go again Osmore, trying to bring tribal lines to everything. Zambia is for Zambians not Bembas, Tongas, Lozis or the rest that are equally all Zambians. Furthermore, use computer etiquette and stop typing in Capital locks as that is rude.


  25. Difficult to follow your arguments Osmore, can you be more specific and cohesive please. Is your key-board Capital Lock hard wired?

  26. Mr. Pres Africa is not independent.

    1.We drive their cars
    2.We Go to their hospitals when sick
    3.They price our minerals
    4.We can’t mine and process our own minerals.
    5.They print our ballot boxes
    6. We run to them for loans (euro bond)
    7.We invest in their countries when we steal from our country
    8.We send our children for education in their countries.
    9.We use their currencies for trading.
    10. We wear their suits.
    11. We’ve adapted their tradition,cultures and governing system.

    The list is endless

  27. @26, thank u for responding.l have taken your piece advice on computer etiquette but on the former i think u had better do more observation .This is true tho an urgly thing. Honestly,can u win some 1’s heart with the hate i read here? No!

  28. The president should stop using colonialism as an excuse. No one forced us to join the ICC. The states is not part of the ICC. If he is not happy about their conduct he can try and remove Zambia from the ICC instead of making noise all the time. He needs to listen more to his advisers. As for Kenyatta that’s another story for another day.

  29. Thank-you @ Mr Facts…now we are talking.
    We try and bring one passport for all – really just call it free movement of our people to enable the African markets – Sata is first to veto

  30. African leaders, they will always identify themselves with the poeple when it suits them. The international courts do not have jurisdiction over us, but when it suited us, we took FTJ to be tried in a foreign court at our own accorde. Someone will take over the leadership of Kenya one day and that boy of yours will be surrendered to go and answer for himself.

  31. Our president is very right! If africa spoke with one voice, we were going 2 gain total independence! Too bad that we have alot of puppets in africa! Bravo mr president!

  32. Goncalves sorry bro. You are wrong on this one. Most third world countries were forced to join the ICC. They were threaten the loss of donor funds if the didn’t. This was done to have more members to make the ICC legit. Point is its not serving its purpose if its being selective on who gets indicted

    • Threatened with loss of donor funds? And I thought Sata’s thesis was based on asserting African independence? If you don’t want to take orders from outsides then you better man up and starting looking after yourselves . Isn’t it embarrassing that Zambia is only a member of certain organizations simply for the reason to receive handouts? Puke!

  33. Lame excuse Zamule. Then make your AU relevant by uniting Africa and its people to enable a free market economy independent of outside influence like your dreaded western involvement. Dependency syndrome always makes Africans blame everybody other than ourselves for our own self infliction.

  34. …. we de-trust each other too much to even try and work together. The Bembas don’t like the Tongas it seems and I think the feeling is now mutual. Sad state of affairs indeed as this has been brought about by Sata trying to turn the bread basket province into a basket case. You shall not see peace trying to disturb a province like the Southern Province home to the first indigenous settlers of Zambia. Let who dares declare war!

  35. Ukwa you are next on the list… prepare to fight your own battle… its nice to think you are clever now

  36.,l thot i responded 2 a humanbeing what i didn’t know was it was a demon . l can see u re afflicted with a demon of tribalism. Dhe oder sickness u’ve is dat u claim 2 b wise wen u nd yo kind re lunatics.Wise pipo don’t praise demselves


  38. Now u are threatening with war ,lunatics. Whom do u think will fold his hands and see u do a stupid thing?Stop deceiving yourselves and debate as honourable educated ones.Cocroaches!U are behaving this way o becoz u hate ‘king cobra’ Stooges!

  39. @Goncalve,,enginear-zwd and other lunatics here yo kind of critisism comfirm how unwise u. That will make yo stupid leader,hh loose again. Whatever the man says is wrong ..alo nibu opoo,we doubt yo disposition.

  40. Yo hate 4 Bembas and Sata hasblinded u 2 realities . lf it was really for genuine love 4 dis ntn u can’t hate pipo that way but u’ve odd motives. Primitive educated pipo.But let dis sink into yo demonic heads dat yo conflotation will cost u.

    Fools and lunatics equally often, if not always speak their mind out. Is there often substance in their rantings?. African heads of state are experiencing a bizarre of opinions from some heads of state and Zambia is one of them. Their judgement is on Zambians who vote in their leaders representing them outside Zambia. Its a bizarre situation who will redeem us from this shame?

  42. You all dream life in africa without the west or easst
    comeon its a jungle. Solve your problems uuu guys
    not africans at least not now. Guy the president

  43.,was following the debate and for a moment I thot you were sense but then you touched on tribal lines,I just realised how dull you are,because this isn’t about tonga and bemba hate that’s in you but a national matter,I can’t even see where that is fitting in,grow up and be more focused for the benefit of all zambians

  44. Our president is following Mugabe stance and the problem is that our president does not really understand what fire he is playing and that Mugabe knows were he stands!!!!!!

  45. Wacha hawa mbwa wa kenya wachinjane wenyewe.Kenya is a dog eat dog society na ukabila ni mwingi kama nyele.Sisi zambia ni watu wa amani ingawa Sata ameleta ukabila lakini kenya wamezidi sana (but they’ve got some cute ladies though lakini pia wao ni wapenda pesa sana,yaani gold diggers)

  46. @Landeni, ladies first and please never shoot the messenger. Read and re-read over and over again and you will no doubt be erudite about the matter. I did not throw in a tribal line but a factual observation. Where in does it say what tribe I am? Reporting is about being factual and disseminating information as you see it on the ground. If people in western province feel marginalised it has to be pointed out fairly and squarely. Most civil wars in Afica are tribal oriented and usually caused by rulers who have disregard for other tribes. Zambia has never had tribal bickerings than it has been evident this time around. Why does your president think he can only bring development to his strongholds? Is that the new meaning of democracy in your unbiased and informed mind?

  47. ….and your Cosmore or Osmore or cosmic whatever his name is has lost the plot and is barking on the wrong trees. Keep your mind on the happenings baby keep your mind on the status quo or you will have no idea what’s going on. Don’t allow the carpet to be swept under your feet whilst backing a stray horse.

  48. While the President may be right, he certainly missed the point. Kenyatta and co where taken to the ICC by the Kenyans. It is the Kenyan Government ( of which Kenyatta was vice Prime Minister) that invited Kofi Annani to investigate the violence. It was Kofi who recommended that culprits should be taken to the ICC in case the Kenyan Judiciary fails to handle the case. Kofi handed in a list of names of culprits to the Kenyan Government in a sealed enveloped with a time line to bring the culprits to book. The Kenyan Govt failed to meet the deadline and as per agreement they handed the sealed envelop to the ICC. Kenyatta was one of the most vocal persons advocating for the handover of the envelop to the ICC because he did not know that his name was on the list. Who is to blame? Kenyan Govt.

  49. Guys if you read the BBC and not the watch pig, you will see it’s is the ENTIRE AFRICAN UNION rejecting the ICC, not just Sata! He is just supporting the African Union position! What do you want him to do, support the Dutch position?

  50. To say that the President’s comments are good shows that you have not taken the time to study International criminal law and the international criminal court as well as the many different issues that come into play before a case is even heard at the ICC! I cannot go into all of these issues here. But let me just say that yes it is true that all present cases at the ICC involve Africans and this is sad. However, having looked at the previous discussions and comments on this article on President Sata and the ICC, let me make a few comments:
    1. No country, African or otherwise, was forced to sign and ratify the Rome Statute (The Rome Statute is the legal document that binds States to the International Criminal Court and imposes certain obligations on States towards the ICC)
    2. The ICC…

  51. To conclude, African countries that have signed up for the ICC have signed up for it. No two ways about it. They cannot turn around and say the ICC has no jurisdiction. No. It is also not fair to say that the ICC has targeted African countries. That’s not true. The only country that the ICC has looked at on its own accord is Kenya. (But still, Kenya has ratified the Rome Statute and therefore agreed to ICC involvement in Kenya’s affairs.) As for the other African countries, Uganda, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Central African Republic and Mali all voluntarily transferred their cases to the ICC. As for Sudan and Libya, it was the United Nations Security Council, and not the ICC, that sent the situations happening in those countries to the ICC. Case closed.

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