Mozambique coach weighs Mamba’s chances


Mozambique coach Joao Chisano has heaped praises on Zambia ahead of the two team’s Cosafa Cup quarterfinal showdown at Nkana Stadium in Kitwe on Sunday.

The Mamba have set up camp in Kitwe following their arrival on Tuesday.

Chisano claims Mozambique have few chances of beating Zambia in Sunday’s quarterfinal match in Wusakile.

“For 20 years, we have not beaten Zambia but we have no chance I think we have 20 percent and Zambia have 80 percent. Zambia is one of the best team in the region.

They won the Africa cup two years ago and have good players. When you go into history we have not beaten Zambia, the best result we have against them is a draw whether home or away,” he said.

Chisano, however, declared his side ready for the Cosafa Cup.

“We are ready for this tournament; we are concentrating on the first game against Zambia which is a crucial match. We must try to win that match; I think we will show the best football.”



  1. You will be slaughtered like Goats (mbuzi) on sunday, you are right Chisano Zqmbia is a heavy for you. Just approach the game with a positive mind dispite knowing the that you’ll lose. SAD MOZAMBIQUE


    • Just so the opponent gets big-headed and then you pull a surprise! David vs. Goliath.


  2. mind games, he is trying to be clever by creating complacency in chipolopolo……please don’t fall for that!!!



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