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Claims by PF that they have delivered are misleading – Nevers Mumba

Economy Claims by PF that they have delivered are misleading - Nevers Mumba

Dr Mumba at the news briefing at his residence
Dr Mumba at the news briefing at his residence

Movement for Multi Party Democracy (MMD), president Dr. Nevers Mumba has said that the economic atmosphere does not support the ascensions and pronouncements of the patriotic front administration.

Dr. Mumba has told Qfm news that government is dreaming by making pronouncement that does not yield fruit but irritates the majority Zambians who are still waiting for government to deliver on its campaign promise.

Dr. Mumba added that government should realize that it will be soon that they will begin begging for votes and people will not listen to their lies.

He explains that the claims by government that they have created jobs are not real because the current jobs are casual jobs that will not last for the people.

Dr. Mumba stressed that only the former ruling party managed to warrant bringing investors that pumped in so much money in the economy and created long term jobs.

Meanwhile, Mineworkers Union of Zambia (MUZ) has said the recent trend in which mining companies have relied on labour provided by contractors should urgently be revisited because this has left workers prone to dismissal at short notice.

MUZ general secretary Joseph Chewe said there was need for Government to find ways of ensuring mining firms begin to employ direct employees as opposed to contract employees who were not guaranteed job security.

Mr Chewe was reacting to the recent termination of employment contracts for more than 200 workers at Kascco Ltd, a company engaged by Barrick-Lumwana in North Western Province.

The workers have been served with letters of notice of termination of employment contracts with their last day of work said to be July 31, 2013.

“This is why as mine union we want to see mining firms employ direct employees as opposed to engaging contractors who in turn engage contract workers.

This followed the non-renewal of a contract to Kascco by Barrick-Lumwana in what was believed to be part of the instituted cost-saving measures by mining firms.

But Mr Chewe said Government policy of creating jobs stood to be defeated if on a daily basis peoples’ jobs and contracts being terminated.

“This is why as mine union we want to see mining firms employ direct employees as opposed to engaging contractors who in turn engage contract workers.

“The reason why we have been advocating for this is because we know that mining companies can at anytime terminate the contract of a contractor who in turn will also lay off workers and this is a minus to Government’s policy of creating jobs,” Mr Chewe said.

He said the shift of focus by mining firms to rely so much on contractors for labour had resulted in job insecurity among workers.

Mr Chewe said there was need to revert back to situations like the Zambia Consolidated Copper Mines (ZCCM) era when even a tea man was engaged on a permanent and pensionable job, a thing that guaranteed his job.

“The purpose of creating jobs will be defeated if we see on a daily basis people’s jobs and contracts are terminated,” Mr Chewe said.

The MUZ general secretary said handling matters involving contract workers had been a challenge for the union because no sooner are they brought on board than they lose their jobs.

In such situations, Mr Chewe said, the union was left in an awkward situation because they could not speak on behalf of the contractor to be given back the contract as was the case with Kascco.


  1. constitution will be handed in at the end of the month, link Zambia to link every district in the country,650 health centes to be built across the country, 5000 boreholes to be sunk in rural areas, pave Zambia to pave all roads in tounships,5000 agric extension workers to be employed , 4000 zawa officers in rural areas, the harmonisation of salaries in the public sector with the lowest earning 2700 as from September and we are not even half way through our term-seleni tubombe ko

    • The claims by Govt, and the likes of you, that they are delivering is an insult to the Zambian people especially those that voted them into office. From your list, there is nothing that has been hatched and delivered by this Govt. There are few projects off the ground but most of those were not this Govt’s thinking. Link Zambia is an MMD project which the PF have done well to take on. The 5000 bole holes, is an international aid project that this Govt has neither hatched or committed any funding to. I imagine the rest is just empty rhetoric and “BUFI” as we well know. Ask the farmers, students and FRA transporters if this Govt is delivering. You can even include Times of Zambia on that list. Infact ask anyone who is not in cabinet or paid to be loyal to the PF.

  2. I suggest Nevers shud concentrate on building the MMD than talk nonsense!The MMD is facing a serious crisis becausd of Nevers Mumba’ s failure to run it properly.Most people have lost hope that the MMD will ever come back to power because Nevers is power hungry and he is a dictator.By the way can Nevers give us his plans on developing Zambia.This guy has put the MMD in reverse gear and soon the MMD will go into political oblivion!!

  3. Thanks 1.1 if our government turns from thinking they have delivered
    And accept some of their failure the country will improve as long as they
    Are in denial we going we are going the downward spiral

    • l am Zambian and very proud of the work this govt is doing -they are restoring the lost decade under mmd when copper prices were $10 000 per tonne but yet we have nothing to show forth as a country.With copper prices under 7000 now- this govt is working wonders thru the king cobras sheer will and determination albeit with resisitance and ill will from alabee and his criminal carltel

  4. How come we have high unemployment if the MMD created jobs in the 20 years they were in power? Thinking with his ass instead of using his brain! If MMD had added any jobs since taking over from UNIP, we would talking of single digit unemployment figures at the moment. Many people lost more jobs under MMD in the history of this nation, whatever they can claim to have created is nothing compared to the number of jobs lost under their watch. How do you close companies and make people wait for 20 years for their terminal benefits? Nevers is no different form a beggar, he thought those handouts from church members will sustain him, no wonder he has no house at his age. Have you ever heard of of former Vice president of a country who does not own a house? Pastor, VP, HC and no house, weird!

  5. “Useful *****s”Pathetic Failures(PF) cadres pronouncements is not development.Laying a foundation stone does not mean development.Development requires money,the money which is not there.The money has been wasted on bloated PF Govt.,By-elections,trafigura oil scandal,unbudgeted for new districts,useless Commissions of Enquiries,the list is endless.The projects the PF are boasting about,are all MMD Programs.The MMD had planned for all these.PF with Sata-CNP,our economy is going no where under this Palibe Future(PF) Government.

  6. Yaba!! aba na bo! Yapping, yapping!! Politics is very different from preaching to the ignorant, who are asked to believe without question. In politics however, everything govt pronounces is, or should be supported by facts.

    IIf this clown of a dwindling party cares to verify govt pronouncements, he should check what is happening on the ground.

    Dont just yapp for the sake of yapping

  7. Evn to implement wht previous govt faild by pf is plus on pf.Dont u thnk implemtation is by far more regarded than a planer?Moreovr whn RB tookover frm Mwanawasa he refused to acknowledge wht the formr had planed.Why?Ask RB he has the very reason to answer why pf is suceding in al those scores being outlined.Moreovr mmd had alot of plans bt diversion of designated ws their or of implemtation of projects.Now here is pf implementing without diversion of funded projects?This includes even donor funded projects.Pf is corectly implemntng these without doubt.Wht else do want?Kagone naupuba wako.

  8. awe mwandi ka neverlands,no wonder everyone is running away him and mmd. Only Dora Clit can stay in neverlands mmd.

  9. Mr. Mumba, just prepare for a loss of MPs in 2016. I see MMD winning 10 seats at most in 2016.

  10. What is this “Al” or is it Owl talking about? What has PF done? Are you a minister you *****. Ask UNZA students and komboni dwellers what PF has done. If you have a ka job and you are promised peanuts in September, don’t think everyone is employed. Don’t mislead people ba Pama Fi twasela munyeleko.

  11. I for one I can say PF has done something for me. Used to live in a one bedroomed house but after PF increased my salary I am able to find a better house. Cant I say thank you PF?

    Peace and Prosperity to mother Zambia.

  12. MMD was in power for 20 years and the poverty level reached about 64% in the history of Zambia, under the MMD govern. Industries destroyed, ZESCO generating capacity barely (marginal) increased, ZRL is in deplorable condition, corruption & abuse of power were rampant, Even failed to give a report on Air Gabon Air Disaster. If for 20 years MMD failed us in the above stated areas save empowering tenants(Gov. workers & miners to own houses, even if MMD came back to power it will fail us even more. The fact that Nevers & some of MMD leaders who denied that MMD was not corrupt indicates that MMD is not sorry for what it did. Nevers should give PF a chance to prove itself. People have eyes to see what PF Gov, is doing. Nevers doesn’t need to tell people that PF is doing nothing. People see

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