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HH’s letter to President Sata on His election as UPND Leader and copied to the media

General News HH's letter to President Sata on His election as UPND Leader and...

FILE: United party for National development president Hakainde Hichilema (l) greets President Sata
FILE: United party for National development president Hakainde Hichilema (l) greets President Sata

Dear Sir


I acknowledge receipt of your letter dated 12th July, 2013, on the above captioned subject.

I note with disappointment, that your response does not address the issues that I raised in my letter. In your usual manner, you have avoided the substance of my communication and have veered into trivialities.

The office you hold is a public office and should therefore be accessible to all citizens regardless of whether those citizens were elected or not. Following the “logic” of your letter, suggests that you will never respond to journalists because they have never been elected at section, branch, ward, constituency, district, province or national level. We now understand why you have subjected the nation to the “silent treatment” for 22 months by avoiding to hold press conferences.

For your record, I put it to you that I was elected president of the United Party for National Development on 14th July 2006 at our second general assembly that comprised of 777 delegates from branch, ward, constituency, district, province, national level and Members of Parliament. At this assembly held at Mulungushi Conference Centre, I obtained 512 votes which represented 65% of the total votes cast.

Further the United Party for National Development 2009 extra ordinary assembly extended the mandate of the National Management Committee members to allow for the electoral calendar adjustment. From the resolution of the extra ordinary assembly, the United Party for National Development general assembly now holds mid-term of the Zambia Electoral Cycle, and not in the election year.

We note with contrast that you were “elected” as Patriotic Front president at Mulungushi Rock of Authority in Kabwe in a strange way. No single ballot was cast, yet you and your entire central committee were “elected!”. Strange form of democracy indeed! It is my earnest prayer that you will not import this type of “democracy” from your party to the nation.

Having furnished you with the details of how I was elected, I now await for your serious and non commical response to the issues I raised in my letter of 9th July , 2013

Yours Faithfully

Hakainde Hichilema


    • That HH letter is headed for the shredder on receipt. It has intonations of ridiculing the president.

      Since HH is a political neophyte, with little or no etiquette, who only love to infuriate Sata by making him look like he (HH) knows it all.

      Sata is way way ahead of HH at this political game and HH stands to lose all the time.

    • @Aromatic Aldehyde Banda, So you are proud of the fact that Sata is merely a better politician than HH who can management to con the 90 percent poor and youths of this country to vote for him. You yourself have been a victim of the “silent” treatment this president has bestowed upon the Zambian people. Let him answer the question that was asked of him. If he doesn’t want to answer HH then answer the many Zambians who have asked the same like Miyanda, Chipimo, Nawakwi, Milupi, Nevous Mumba, LAZ, and others. Do not simply be a cadre my friend. Rise above that or maybe you are one of the many relations who defend his mediocrity and incompetency daily .

    • Hahahaha HH 9 years and counting… this is madness. How about you prove your critics wrong.. go for another convention…

    • Just the picture above must remind HH that Sata is not on the same level as he. Bloggers take a look at it again…it says a million words..

    • @ Ka Gelo, your argument is baseless and only premised on tribal innuendo. Let HH rule and then we shall judge his performance. All we have now is an act of “Tom and Jerry” in an important office on Independence Ave.

  1. Let us have a response in the “first person” and not the “second person” George Chellah responses that we have been constantly subjected to. He is already running the Nation the way he runs “his” party in that he does not explain appointments like permanent secretary at State House and moving the management of road contracts to State House.

    • what the president was saying is that under five is not in his league , which is very true ,the president is just too busy to attend to under five’s cries. i believe the shredder is busy doing its job at state house.

  2. HH my friend, while you have met the other conditions to get your response, it looks like you have just violated another one, that is, DO NOT COPY a letter to Sata to anybody else. It will end up in a trash can, but again you could argue that you have never been in Government. Didn’t you hear how he shredded his educated Minister in public?

    Bottom line is hard luck trying to get sensible answers or engage in a sensible debate with this Government. Their logic is twisted beyond belief, somebody needs to change the curriculum of Kulima Tower or Matero University where Kaponyas are educated.

    • Hahahahahaha…..kikikikiki.. Who needs Satellite television for entertainment. But then again, I might not be laughing when this circus deprives me of my children’s and my daily bread like it has done so many of God’s innocent children! Shame.

    • @MMD Chief Bootlicker are you insinuating that Kaponyas are not human beings who do not deserve to lead others? Please let us respect individuals rights. A Kaponya is just as a Zambian as you and deserves to rule the country as well.

      For what I know the PF are doing wonderful things for Zambia. Of course they may make mistakes once in a while – but that is just human life – mistakes are made; and the wise correct them just as the PF have done on many occasions.

      With regard to the National Presidents response to the UPND president, it is clear that Mr. HH has no respect for the president. Up to now he has not accepted that he lost to Mr. Sata. These two people need someone to help them to be brought close together for the Sake of Zambia.

    • By the way I ticked down your useless comment will do the same when I get to the office on my pc, my workmates phones and at home.

    • @ 4.3 is that really the most productive way you and your workmates have to spend their time? You can’t even say what you disagree with? Eish, get a life!

      (btw – I didn’t bother to tick your comment one way or the other).

    • get down to earth and join the kaponyaz otherwise up there you will never touch the door of state house, you’ll forever be building castles in the air.

  3. Sata will shred the letter and say it should not have been copied to any other person.Surely,little education is dangerous.

  4. Hope he wont shred this letter since sata does not read letters addressed to him & copied to other people like in the case of Foreign Affairs Minister,Effron Lungu. Ba presido address the issues raised dont beat about the bush

  5. With all due respect Mr. Hichilema, you cannot sign off a letter as President. That said, please continue to press Sata on important matters.

    • How should he sign off the letter? As National Secretary? Isn’t he the President of UPND and that’s the reason why he signed off the letter like that especially that all the letters are on official UPND headed paper,this above is a copy and paste of the actual wording from the letter am sure not the actual signed letter.

    • @Lord Voldemort, This thinking is backward and UNIPist. How does a person reserve the president title only for the Head of State? During those days even Citi Bank struggled to use that term because of Wamuyayaya. Yaba!

    • He is writing in response to Sata’s letter on appointment of CJ. Not too sure if ‘Re’ is the right thing to use…it looks like an e-mail response.

  6. HH just shut up. You will never have my vote in your entire political career. Sakwiba Sikota would have been a good replacement than this chap.

    • I agree, the lozi man was sidelined for aa tonga HH who did not have xperience compaired to the might Sikota.

  7. Very disrespectful of our president. This guy thinks Sata went to State house on his own. You are insulting Zambians. Respect president sata for sake of those who voted him into power. very stupid leader. with this kind of arrogance you will never attract a vote from me not even my family members. Ataseee

  8. #MMD Chiefbootlicker and HH. This discriminatory behaviour of labelling Kaponyas will never get you any place. By saying that word you have no idea how many Zambians vote you have denied the parties you represent. There are a lot of Kaponyas in this country who vote. It is the same as saying UPND can only be ruled by a Tonga. In your own intelligence and tribe just try to count the Educated and the Tongas in the country and try to tally them with the uneducated Kaponyas and none Tonga. Coming to democracies in these Parties none of it exists because MMD becomes violet on that day and there is the “annonimous” endorsement and UPND is equally questionable. We watch these things and Vote at the end of the day

    • I suppose we should not be talking about elected personnel in these parties then? So it means we should address issues regardless of whether the concerned person is elected or not, shouldn’t we?

    • Glad people have realized and acknowledged that Kaponyas can not adhere to rule of law and democratic principles. Zambians have witnessed how court orders are ignored without any challenge undermining the judicial system, chief justice is in office illegally etc.. which is what Zambia is passing through because its being ruled by Kaponyas. A government of kaponyas, by kaponyas for kaponyas.

  9. HH is very childish. Mr. Sata is the president of the republic of Zambia and HH will not be addressing him in that matter. that chap will always be arrogant butwill not achieve a thing in life.

    • Bwana. It is your Pres. who is childish.

      HH wrote to him on a serious matter in a serious manner, but your UKWA choose to trivialise and joke about it. Maybe this time, we, the nation may get a better answer from UKWA since the matter was written in the language that I believe your comic UKWA understands.

  10. Like I ve always said, lets stick to principles of democracy. Shifting positions just to extend ones stay in a position will not help our democracy at all. If a party constitution says elections should be held every five years, so be it. Our political parties only hold democratic elections the first time, thereafter goal posts start to shift. Opposition parties especially, should set the standards that they want to see in government. We shouldn’t be treating politics like a business. I have invested so much, therefore, I wont leave until I reap my profits. With good democratic principles and governance, one can benefit from any position if you contribute in putting such systems in place and the system is “Hold Regular Democratic Free and Fair Elections”

    • My dear, Zambians are not happy! You will only accuse of LT being hijacked by ZWD, when it is people commenting that have realised that UKWA is up to no good!

  11. As most adult Zambians who speak Bemba and Bisa are aware, the meaning of ‘Sata’ directly translated is ‘Talk-without-applying-thought’. Old folks would tell such a person to shut up by saying ‘Iwe leka uku sata’ (Hey you, stop talking without thinking). Once we understand the true meaning of his name, we will realise that Sata’s lack of ability to think before he talks is inborn. Nothing apart from brain surgery will change that. Nothing.

    • That is right, an advise to those still having children beware of the names you give to your children. Try as much as possible to give your children names that mean positive things. Otherwise you will end up with a disaster child.

  12. Really sadding indeed this is indeed a jungle!
    How, who does that? what are you trying to achieve honestly speaking? Do you expect a positive response when you present yourself in such a manner? I really have no words, i cant even imagine someone aspiring to be president can behave in such a manner! Who are the advisers? I wouldnt respond positively if the letter was adressed to me, i dont think i would even respond. Whats the essence of sending that letter copied to third parties, why then not just a press confrence so the entire universe can hear you, really this is a jungle indeed, and people are happy that they have opposition leaders, i would be very disappointed to have my leader behave like an uneducated frustrated mongrel! Some of you are even applauding….., MTCHEEEEEEEEW…

    • Shut up! Your Sata asked for it. It is Sata who trivialised the first letter HH wrote to him. HH has simply answered Sata in a language he understands. Sata is going to be respected only when he respects the office he is occupying. He has soiled that office. There’s nothing Presidential about Sata.

      When Sata trivialised the letter HH wrote to him maggots like you were busy cheering him on…..And now you demand that he should be respected! Please take him back with you to Mpika. He is not fit for that office. Even Morsi in Egypt had a sense of decorum and respect for the office of President. Not this clown at Zambia’s State House!

  13. HH Needs respect in addressing the president, am afraid that even when he means sensible things if he does not use discretion he might be harassed by Zabwino Palibe. (ZP) his humble appeal will work better than antagonizing with the incumbent president, just thinking though.SMH.

    • Really? Tell you President to start respecting the citizens of Zambia no matter their station in life. Sata wanted an answer from HH before he could address the issues in HH’s letter. He’s gotten one, and we expect him to give us an explanation. This will teach him a lesson that he has no monopoly on sacarsm!

  14. HH….Pure and clear jealousy. Firstly, you address the Republican President, who was elected by the masses……as His Excellency (which you will never be) and whether as party president he was not elected…does not matter. People still voted for him to be addressed as “His Excellency the President of the Republic of Zambia. Mine and your President. Take note Mr HH, when signing off, sign correctly……..You are president of what and who?

  15. Wasn’t UKWA’s response to HH copied to the media? We all read the rubbish CNP wrote to HH. Why should it be a secret when HH responds and copy the media? You must be sick in your head. Who is UKWA anyway and why do you think this dictator should even deserve respect? Some of us are even tired of waiting for the time when we can gather at embassy park putting to rest this comedian and dictators. Probably Zambia will have some free air to breath!

  16. HH should know that lunshi nangu engapupuka shani teti afike apafika akoni

    in this case HH nilunshi and Sata koni

  17. Hakahi votela Heka sober yr ambitions & be realistic, the problm with u is always thnkng u re beter educated & inteligent!If u re why dont vote u president al ths pat genral erections.Yr ego is too far fetched why u u over rate yrself ….one wonders yr gloted boastng fr being the most prefered lone pair.Now recent mmd ve falied,recent previous it ws pf u failed to go to bed with,the other tome on UDA comprisng FDD UNDP & othr politcal parties,so al these re not suited except u?Fr u evry one is not yr much looking at yr ego!Individual self conceit embroiled in sociopathy kind of character has realy messed u to the borne.

  18. HH should know very well that lunshi nangu engapupuka shani apatali mumwela teti afike apafika eagle

    in this case lunshi ni HH and eagle ni Sata.

  19. well, in gvt i hv never seen a senior officer writing an official letter to supperiors coppied to junior officers. e.g head writing to debs then it is coppied to class teachers. in politics it might b there to show off.

  20. Under5 boyi has the cheek to sign of the letter with Yours faithfully this used to unknown person on business. The chap is very very very disrespectful.

    PS. Under5 you will never be president of Zambia.

  21. Sata is doing fine as far as I am concerned. What is HH crying about? Zambia will soon be networked through RDA and Sata is concentrating on improving Zambian livelihood. Why cant HH congratulate the big man

  22. mr. president hichilema sir, i like your letter, the only problem is that you have also trivialised it by expressing yourself in a manner not worth of your calibre, and that may make mr. Sata respond in the manner you might not want him, by maybe responding to the trivial issues you have raised. but anyways, lets wait and see who is more mature at this, thanks for putting it in public domain.

  23. sweet is leadership that people, fight and insult each other over it just to lead others? if anything, i think its not as easy task. this is where you can see the calibre of leaders that exist in zambia

  24. Iwe Hichilema: seven years without a fresh mandate? Another wamuyayaya syndrome? No democracy in UPND, at all.

  25. I like the political maturity in HH, but at the same time I wonder whether Ba Sata will read his letter since it was copied to the media. Lol!! “Ati no comical
    response this time”. Yaba, way to go HH…….

  26. SATA does not need HH at all. SATA is currently the President of Zambia and therefore HH must respect that period.


    • Mulishani mukwai? A tribal Party that goes by the initials PF is already ruling Zambia. 90% of all appointments in the public sector are all from Bemba speaking ethnicities. Ukwa is the worst tribalist that has ever occupied the office of President!

  27. HH wamu UPND will be president come 2016!! Miracles will happen and the PF boat rowers will not know what hit them !!! SHOCKER ! UPND support from the NORTH POLE ! YES BELIEVE IT WE ARE MOBILISING ENMASSE !!!!!!

  28. HH is a true Zambian citizen. I wonder what voice Zambians would have had if there was no UPND. Zambia is a blessed country. The MMD ruled for 20 years after inheriting a bankrupt state with inflation running at 200 % but after 20 years they left national coffers in the blue, single digit inflation a robust agric sector with bumper harvests, but people wanted a change so they changed to something. Zambians we can do itagain by changing to vote UPND in Govt. We have three major parties that is the blessing I am talking about. So let us try HH. Even America has had some very bad presidents but they changed them. Zambia is truly on Auto pilot, at least RB was present not absent as we have seen. We do not know what the president thinks, we do not know where we are going as a nation…

  29. The letter from Mr HH to the President of the Republic of Zambia is so high-handed… This man HH sounds so arrogant he may never make president of any country. Humility is the first test of leadership, sir! President Michael Sata was majority-elected by the people of Zambia for 5 years! That was a huge result. Trivialise to your own peril.

    And for the very first time, we have a leader who doesn’t dance around for the press every now and then but chooses to use his Ministers and VP for that! What are government structures for? Lose your fetish for press conferences! We are not going to experiment with you, Mr HH, Sir. Not in 2016. People vote for those they feel they can humanly relate to. You, sir, are still too ‘some-of-ussy’ for the kabovas who actually go out and vote!

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