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Select Committee rejection of Justice Lombe Chibesakunda is final, she can’t be Chief Justice-LAZ


LAZ president James Banda
LAZ president James Banda

Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) says the decision by the Parliamentary Select Committee to refuse to ratify the appointment of Justice Lombe Chibesakunda as Chief Justice was final.

This is contrary to the argument by Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba that the parliamentary select committee has no powers to make a final decision over the appointment of acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda.

LAZ president James Banda has also maintained that it is also morally wrong for Justice Chibesakunda to continue acting as Chief Justice despite her rejection by the Parliamentary Select Committee.

Mr. Banda has however told Qfm in an interview that in terms of Article 44 of the Constitution, the President is still entitled to send another nominee to the Parliamentary Select Committee for scrutiny before such a nomination is ratified by Parliament.

Mr. Banda explains that it will be unconstitutional, however, if the President was to make another attempt to nominate Justice Chibesakunda for the vacant position of Chief Justice.

The LAZ president has stated that as far as his association is concerned, Justice Chibesakunda will never be Chief Justice in the country because she currently does not qualify to hold such a constitutional office.


    • LAZ says her ACTING is MORALLY wrong. I wish LAZ said LEGALLY wrong. LAZ should discuss the legality of issues, not the morality.

  1. I think we need bodies that can over-rule the President, but the way things are LAZ, u will speak yo lungs out no one will hear or rather things will not change,

  2. If this Constitutionally wrong why not impeach the culprit. You Parliamentarians what is your job, please work up, LAZ is with you but you have gone to bed.

  3. Let Justice Chibesakunda know that a bill of her wages paid from the time of her appointment to the day she quits will be sent to her.

    Make no mistake, she will pay back all the money she is getting in full with interest compounded at that time. The sensible thing to do is to minimise the debt.

    You are warned in advance Madam Chibesakunda, don’t say you were not informed.

    • We need to bring sanity to this Country. Politicians and anyone getting paid using tax payers funds need to be accountable.

      Getting these moneys from Justice Chibesakunda will save as a deterant to any public servant that may want to play deaf to the voices of the majority.

  4. Let Justice Chibesakunda know that a bill of her wages paid from the time of her appointment to the day she quits will be sent to her.

    Make no mistake, she will pay back all the money she is getting in full with interest compounded at that time. The sensible thing to do is to minimise the debt.

    You are warned in advance Madam Chibesakunda, don’t say you were not forwarned.

  5. So why is Madam Chibesakunda still clinging to that job when she has been clearly rejected.She shouldn’t allow Sata to dishonour the Chibesakunda name.

  6. PF and Lombe Chibesakunda will be accountable in 2016 for all what she is receiving as salaries and benefits.

  7. Two things here. First, opinions of Select Committees are not necessarily final. Or is LAZ implying that SC is above House and Laws of Zambia? Second, the conclusions of SC also need to be critically examined. If an element of politicization can be proved, then a second opinion would be necessary. Humans are prone to error. Absolutism is myopic.

    • Dr Makasa, have you read what the constitution says on this matter? While the Ruling of the Select Committee may not be final, but the constitution states that if the candidate is not voted for (approved) by the Select Committee, the President will submit another name (not the same name). Only when the candidate has been approved by the Select Committee will the name be brought before parliament for ratification. The process is clearly laid out in the constitution. All these machinations are designed to undermine the law and the constitution. The powers that be and the acting Chief Justice know what is obtaining is illegal. No one including the Attorney General nor Justice Minister want to speak out as their job/s will be on the line.

  8. When power gets to your head……..
    I wonder why she cannot see anything wrong with this situation. Who has bewitched her??

  9. If the select committe rejected her appointment it is final. Full stop. Problem with winter Kabimba is that he has never faced electors and this makes him vulnerable to the appointing authority.

  10. Iwe cimayo Chibesakuda please fumapo.why ukusebanya banamayo.iwe u’ve failed to run the country.Winter Kabimba doesn’t understand law.sata made a mistake to appoint this toothless Chief justice.

  11. ACJ understands what she is doing and she knows it is wrong, the right thing to is resign.You can not lose your respect, simply becos Mr President is forcing you to go on.Wake up madam.

  12. Some one to inform mama Lombe Chibesakunda in Bemba for her to internalize what Zambians are lamenting at, mwebeni chesi, chesi, chesi atase!

  13. The PF must realize that it is decisions like these that are costing them votes. PF listened on naming of the Stadium and one wonders why they cannot do the same on this one. Ndelolesyafye!

  14. i wonder why LAZ chose this boy as their president just coz the other day they saw him attending a law night class.
    James banda or whatever you call yourself, discuss legal implications here not warped opinionated views. Your statement above has left me more confused as it sounds very elementary and partisan. If this is what has become of LAZ, we ve trouble ahead.
    Lets move on with life. Why make a meal out of nothing?even this under5 boy called ”aromatic aldehyde formaldehyde zambeef boy”(HH) has been punching on this same issue as if he has nothing else to do.
    The president chooses who he wishes to work with not what some young inexperienced LAZ president prefers. Does this boy even qualify to be LAZ president. Days of late sachika sitwala, Lmwanawasa gkunda, they wouldnt…

  15. Chanda Kasolo is Permanent Secretary of Luapula Province!
    My God! Why has it come to this Zambia?
    Chief confidence trickster.

  16. Does Chanda Kasolo carry two passports?
    Is he PS as a Zambian or as an expatriate?
    What is his connection with Yorkshire Consulting?

  17. George Bush is trying to justify a wrong but he is doing a bad job about it
    Trying to attack the messenger with zero knowledge of our constitution

  18. Some bloggers have no shame. It is unbelievable to read the comments they are now posting following the loss of PF in the 4 by-elections. So PF is a paper tiger!!!! The thugs who have been embarrassing PF with their careless and arrogant talk and supporting thuggery against humble gentlemen (HH, Nevers, Chipimo and Frank Bwalya) and helpless poor sister Kabwiku (undressed) are already sugar-coating their vile language on the way to defecting should PF lose a few more bye-elections. Repent genuinely, please. Get some morals. It will do you no good if you help set Zambia on fire. Our God reigns, though.

  19. Never mind. We will try those who have been following his illegal orders. Everyone, kaufela, will be in masipa when Sata goes. Hakuna ati, ‘I was just following orders.’ You are going to jere from Libongani to Wynter, from Solomon Jere to Judge Ngoma. 3 more years to mend your ways!

  20. was this the best LAZ could come up with for its president or was a question of all those capable refusing to offer their service coz they are seriously payin attention to detail of cases before them and this loser was the only one available. To boost his self esteem after losin so many cases, they offered him that position. LAZ is in disarray and appears LAZ now is UMKHONTO WE SIZWE, the armed wing for the opposition in this country.

    Before offloading his political statement on an ethical matter, james should ve sat with jm kabimba hear his legal standin on the matter. James was not on firm grounds legally when giving his advice.his talk of morals, who has morals in this world?
    I ve come to learn that james is a minor, therefore, cannot sue or be sued. I demand an explanation from jm…

  21. The explanation by the LAZ president raises one question. For how long can a person act as Chief Justice? Does the constitution say anything about that?

  22. Why cant laz members boycott appearing before the courts? Dont let a kaponya like sata control everything and yes i with Actionman on 1.1 that it is a matter of legality and not morality that laz must be addressing. Ignore sata even if he calls to threaten you, he is a scarred little man that is all he is. Winter is a chicken; sorry for giving a chicken a bad name, that is all i could come up with.

  23. LAZ executive is just a bunch of crooked men and women masquerading as Lawyers but full of political

  24. What is morally wrong is why Chibesakunda can not step down when she knows that people of Zambia don’t want her to occupy that office.

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