Thursday, May 30, 2024

New video by U.S based zambian rapper Princess Mwamba



U.S based Zambian rapper ,Princess Mwamba released a video fro her single “Jungle”



    • Leave her alone, or its better she continues to comment here as “Numbian Princess”.
      Mwebana imisango ububi?

  1. Kudos to her for trying and doing what she is doing. Takes courage to pursue your dreams, But I don’t really get the concept of the song. All the best to her.

  2. yaba ma rubbish are you sure ba LT uyu is a U.S based Zambian olo you mean Uganda based Zambian..stupid video just get married bemba hule iwe

  3. … princess Bwamba…… In zambia ifi ninshi uli hule ilya kapela makufi. Seriously ! kamo waba fwalila ifitenge natumaliposa ninshi uli mwanakashi wamucinshi.

  4. Rubbish indeed. The song sounds Indian yet full of blacks. Our local boys are doing better videos than this cra.p. However, it would be sweet to place what I have between those legs though.

  5. Clearly she has talent, great music, great beats, great singing skills, great dancing skills and choreography the ONLY problem is the MESSAGE, princess Mwamba you have to work on your message, the message has to be clear. In this song the message is unknown. We can hear that there is something about single ladies and about your jungle but we cannot really connect what you are really talking about. What message you are trying to put across. Re-do the songs message and everything else is cool. Wishing you all the Best you GOT TALENT let no one discourage you. I LOOK FORWARD TO HEAR A GREAT HIT FROM YOU NEXT TIME.

  6. Zambians you are so out of place, this is her profession and suits her environment considering she is based in the states, you are busy calling her names, shame on you all, you support other foreigners with even worse antics in their professionalism whilst throwing stones at your own, you want people to pretend they are virgins when they are not, hypicrites you are shame on you!

  7. We are quick to critisize and no positive critic the chap can rap. Maybe needs a bit more coaching and things may lead somewhere. Princes someone sang never give up on a good thing. Its not easy but keep on keeping on bebes. Yours big Luka Mr swagger man. Cao.

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