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Kambwili-They are no excuses to lose in Kumasi

Sports Kambwili-They are no excuses to lose in Kumasi

Sports minister Chishimba Kambwili has warned the Zambia players they will be no excuses to lose to Ghana despite missing two days of training.

Zambia missed 48 hours of training after they were stuck in Lusaka due to a logistical problem with their charter flight to Accra before leaving for Ghana Thursday morning.

“There should be no excuse that the players lost two days of training,” Kambwili said at a press briefing in Lusaka today.

“They have training when they arrive this afternoon and will be accorded an opportunity to train on the pitch where they will play tomorrow.

“Cognizance of the fact that Zambia is not an island and we live in a global village I don’t want to apportion blame at anybody but I think by and large you the people in the media know what happened but we cannot cry over spilt milk.

“All I can say is that we had logistical problems that have since been sorted out.

“Let me also state that the high commissioner (for Ghana) here in Zambia called me this morning and apologized for all the short comings she was also claimed that they were informed at short notice to make the clearance of the Zambia national team that has been given for both Kinshansa and Accra.”

Second placed Zambia on 11 points face hosts and leaders Ghana on 12 points in a 2014 World Cup Group D qualifying decider in Kumasi on Friday.

Zambia must beat Ghana to advance to the final playoff round while a draw will suffice for the latter to book their last 10 slot.

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  1. They can have an excuse because they have lost out on valuable training time.But who is saying the truth now ? The Ghanaians are blaming FAZ and FAZ is blaming the Ghana football association.Anyway whatever happens we will wire that overrated team even if they look strong on paper.Katongo and Chisamba Lungu will do us the honours.We will beat them by a lone goal.

    • hahahah continue to live in dreamland. you will come down to earth in the next 24 hours. damn zambia is no match for the Great Black Stars

  2. if we should win, its not by any man’s interligence rather what God has prepared, alot of irregularities and unknown circumstances, starting from injuries, arriving of players in the camp, climate and traveling, its really a bad moment for all zambian fans like me

  3. the minister is telling a fat lie. the Ghana high commissioner did not call the *****. why would the high commissioner apologise for the incompetence of your FA and government? utter crap. only gullible zambians will believe that crap. hahahahaha can’t wait for tomorrow to truly roast the tupolopolo or is it cheap- polio-polio? hahahaaa

  4. Please let us use correct English. It’s not “They will be no excuses”, but it should be “There will be no excuses”! Mwilatuchita embarrass twapapata.

    • The reporting and the English are pathetic. Looks like the editor is fast asleep. Or is this one of the adverse effects of the basic education sysytem.

  5. Iyo ni true story because instead of eating yams in Kumasi..they have eaten Nsima twice in 48 hrs and it has made them strong.

    Above all they are our employees we expect the best from them.

    Signing off.

  6. Does the team now train day and night for it to miss 48 hours? There is room for recovering the hour then if training takes about 2 to 4 hours. Go Chipolopolo go.
    Ghana twaisa to make your stars very dark not even black

  7. Minister disaster please dont speak, am afraid every time you do so disaster hits, i hope there will be no need for that.

    • Ghanaians have done nothing wrong, you say. Why did the chose a venue with substandard infrastructure? I mean, a bumpy road/highway (Accra-Kumasi road) and a disused, rundown airstrip.

  8. chi kambwili has messed up,who is he to take over logistics of the team when there are competent people who can do that

  9. Renard should not expect penalties in this one. Just attack with everybody including mwene. pressure is on them who are used to going to the world cup. When it looks like we’re losing, that’s when Chipolopolo win.

  10. kambwili shut up or else you are just exposing your ignorance,dont you know sports has gone scientific now?thats just a match which you have failed to organise properly renard is a profesional both on and off the pitch take away your kaponya mentality.chiyooko.

  11. The players are arriving there with tired legs. they should have arrived there on wednesday.. settle and then prepare.. now they are still confused as to were they are.. which direction is their home country etc.. A win will be a surprise BUT a draw or loss is expected 😐

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