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Why dissolve parley over docile Cabinet, Kaingu asks Sata


Mwandi MP and MMD vice president Michael Kaingu
Mwandi MP and MMD vice president Michael Kaingu

Opposition members of parliament say they are baffled by President Michael Sata threats to dissolve Parliament on account that his Cabinet ministers and central committee members are failing to defend his bloated Bemba Cabinet.

The MMD and UPND legislators have said the threat by President Sata that he would dissolve Parliament so that the country could go for a general election was an indication that the President was not only politically fatigued but that he was telling the world that Zambia had become politically unstable under his leadership.

MMD’s Mwandi member of parliament Michael Kaingu observed that it had become clear that President Sata was looking for excuses to call for early general elections as he had failed to govern.
Dr Kaingu wondered whether President Sata comprehended the relationship between his Cabinet, his party’s central committee and Parliament for him to have threatened that he would dissolve the House and call for general elections.

Dr Kaingu said it was not the fault of Parliament that his Cabinet and central committee members failed to perform to his expectation.

He advised President Sata to dissolve his Cabinet if he was not happy with their performance instead of threatening that he would dissolve an institution that did not have anything to do with his ministers who were failing defend his policies.

He said the MMD was ready for general elections and that if the President had run out of ideas of what to do for the people of Zambia, it would be politically prudent for him to resign so that Zambians could correct the mistake of voting for him.

“What is becoming clear is that President Sata is showing fatigue and his government is giving up. We are wondering why the President would threaten to dissolve Parliament which has nothing to do with his failing Cabinet. It is baffling and we would want to think that the President has surrendered and is looking for excuses to call for early general elections because his government has failed. For the MMD we are ready and we have men and women who can easily take up the running of government again,” Dr Kaingu said.

And UPND’s Choma Central parliamentarian Cornelius Mweetwa said the statement by President Sata had the potential to scare away prospective investors because Zambia was being portrayed by the Head of State as a politically unstable country.

Mweetwa said President Sata was telling the world that there was an eminent general election and that the government was about to change because of the perceived political instability in the country.
Mweetwa explained that President Sata’s statement was highly irresponsible because it had the potential to affect the economic outlook of the country because investors would have to think twice before committing their money to economic productive ventures in the country.

The Choma Central parliamentarian urged President Sata to concentrate on delivering what he had promised Zambians rather than issuing alarming statements about the political environment in the country.

“President Sata is telling the country that Zambia had become politically unstable to a level where the President was ready to dissolve Parliament. This is a highly irresponsible statement coming from a Head of State which has the potential to scare away prospective investors. Investors will be looking at Zambia as a highly unstable country where the government was about to change,” Mweetwa said.

[Daily Nation]


    • Sata comes all the way from the dictatorship of UNIP and has the same mentality as his UNIP colleagues, who became MMD and now PF. Wake up, all these so called politicians have been painted with the same brush, same stigma and same sense of selfishness and lunacy. The only way out is a tsunami to come and deep clean this once promising country. That Tsunami is on its way, not even Sata’s rhetoric will stop it from reclaiming the country and placing it back into the hands of the rightful owners…the Zambian people.

  1. Mwa bika imbutuma mu state house,do you expect anything good to come out of his mouth?Lets just wait to vote for a sane person it will salt out this mess we have created period.

  2. “parley”? “parliament” only has 4 extra letters. Is this a typesetting issue, why not use the correct term?
    Yes, I’m being petty.

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