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Dora Siliya questions why State appealed when lower court had not granted the relief sought


Dora Siliya
Dora Siliya

Former Petauke Central Member of parliament (MP) Dora Siliya has asked the Supreme Court not to stay the execution of the High Court’s decision to allow her and two others to file their nominations on grounds that the appeal by the State has no legal interest in the proceedings.

Ms Siliya said the State was not granted any relief sought in the lower court and no adverse decision was ordered against it rendering the appeal in the Supreme Court incompetent as it was not anchored on any ground that could be sustained and that no adverse decision against the appellant was ordered.

This is in matter in which the three had applied for judicial review following the decision by the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) to bar them from filling in nominations in Petauke, Malambo and Mulobezi constituencies.

Lusaka High Court Judge, Mungeni Mulenga in her judgment ruled that aspiring candidates for Petauke Ms Siliya, Maxwell Mwale for Malambo and Hastings Sililo for Mulobezi should file in their nominations.

But the attorney general Mumba Malila appealed against the High Court’s decision and asked the Supreme Court to arrest the execution of the judgment pending hearing the outcome on whether the trio should go ahead to file or not.


  1. It will be comical if the the Supreme Court finds anything other than to uphold the decision of the High Court. The ruling in the High Court was simply to confirm that the ECZ erred in “Acting” on the statement from the Public relations officer and their is no other way to “make that right in Law”.

    • We need such kind of people in Zambia,u did your analysis before blogging.i think the state is just playing some chess games.

  2. With madam Chibesakunda (P.F chief cadre) at the helm of the supreme courts, the ruling will be in favor of Winter and his boss Ukwa. This lady has made history as the most compromised supreme court chief justice. What a disgrace!

  3. why,just allow them so that you gauge your party.
    HH is a good economic manager.
    Mumba is a good vision carrier.
    General muyanda is a highly principled leader.
    Sata he was a very good organizer and performer
    Mpombo is very loyal
    chipimo good at talk,good in public relations etc.
    if you combine these we can have good Zambia.

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