HH congratulates PF for the victory and thanks Mansa people for peaceful elections

Hakainde Hichilema
Hakainde Hichilema
Hakainde Hichilema
Hakainde Hichilema

United Party for National Development (UPND) President Hakainde Hichilema has congratulated the Patriotic Front for wining the Mansa bye election held on Friday. In a statement released to the media, the UPND leader also thanked the people of Mansa for their hospitality and peaceful campaign during the bye elections period.

“The people of Mansa, I cannot say how proud I am of you. First you received me very well, and secondly you have shown the entire country that you can hold a peaceful campaign. No incidents of harassment, let alone violence were reported,” read the statement.

Below is the full statement

24th November 2013



Country men and country women. Firstly congratulations to Dr Chitalu Chilufya and the Patriotic Front for scooping the Mansa Central by-election. Let me also congratulate our newly elected UPND councilors in Kasempa and the PF councilors in Bahati and Malambo as well as the MMD councilor in Kaputula in Kabwe and others I might have omitted. To all of you I say congratulations.

To Rosemary Mwiche, we could not have asked for a better candidate. Rosemary took a huge risk on behalf of UPND. From not having a candidate and solid structures in 2011, she offered to stand on our ticket. I take my hat off to you Ms. Mwiche for the courage you have exhibited in this particular instance and we urge you to continue. You are a courageous woman from whom many candidates and women in particular could learn a lesson or two. Do not be discouraged by the margins, that is all part of politics.

Those voters that voted for the UPND, also deserve our recognition. These are the people that will carry the message forward and I am confident come 2016, this number would have gone up a hundred fold because of the hard work started by this group of people. I can only say I am grateful.
The people of Mansa, I cannot say how proud I am of you. First you received me very well, and secondly you have shown the entire country that you can hold a peaceful campaign. No incidents of harassment, let alone violence were reported. Let us recognise the attitude you have portrayed in this election.

To Percy Chanda, our chairperson for Labour and campaign teams throughout the country, you did your best. We have a lot of lessons to learn but for now thank you for taking time off to get into Mansa and other parts of the country to present the UPND programme of development which will surely be realised in 2016.

Let us soldier on colleagues and the sky will surely be the limit. We have used this opportunity to create structures. Let us go flat out and ensure we improve this situation. This election was lost due to many factors, but let us embrace the loss as UPND and plan for upcoming elections by carrying lessons from this particular election. I can assure you that UPND has best and genuine message for the people of Zambia that is currently attracting attention everywhere, including Mansa where we could previously not get such votes.
Thank you.

Hakainde Hichilema


    • I bet the man had no option but to thank us the Liverpool(Luapula) people.We don`t tolerate nonsense like his Mapatizya formulas.Explains why in his campaign he even said that if he was “younger he could have married from there.” Luapula will forever remain one one of the most civilized provinces in Africa.We will welcome you back HH if you decided to come back.Cheers !!!

    • You are welcome HH. We were also proud to see you in Mansa for first time, I could see the way you were holding that roasted Pale fish at lunch, and how you were folding that nshima into imbowa-fish… and that the sign that you are our brother.

    • If the only sensible thing you utter is conceding defeat, then there is clearly something wrong. But every journey starts with one step – so please keep it up

    • Wise and encouraging words from HH . Sata should learn to accept defeat and congratulate the victorious party when PF loses, not bitterness all the time.

      4th position in Mansa bye elections not bad,given the fact that Mansa is not UPND ‘s stronghold. Biggest losers are UNIP,and MMD.Biggest winners PF and FDD.

      HH is surely the leader Zambia needs. He has shown us beyond doubt that he is going into politics for a genuine cause to help build the country and not to enrich himself on the back of the poor like most PF leaders. He made his vast wealth out side politics so he does not need politics to be rich unlike Sata. Without politics and ukutolafye from government coffers ,Sata would be nowhere?

    • UPND is gradually maturing in humility, except you have only ignored the advice of the only remnant political dinosaur in Southern Province Mr. Munkombwe at your own peril!

  1. Thats how a mature,civilised politician and statesman does his politics.HH you’ve set the bar high with your civility for these ill mannered PF villagers.

    • Tell also Sata that in Luapula in bars we halt the stereos at happy hour and then `we sing our anthem “.. TUKAFWA FYE KU MANGA TE KUMAKOFI IYO LELO!….” It means, we may die from witchcraft, but not fighting!!

  2. That was great HH. There is always a beginning to everything. You have now tested the waters of Luapuls and I have a read a lot of potential in your ‘Vote of Thanks’ to the people of Mansa.

  3. This sound good but its not HH and his official UPND headed letter. Now you should accept that it is very possible to hold violent free elections in Zambia. Please stop importing your mapatizia formula.

  4. some bloggers on this site do they even go to church? saturday, sunday they are busy on the site. I presume you dont go bonking either just to register you comment as the news breaks. bloggers like @pio whatever the name means. in my language it means (ukunya) shiiting

    • Matipa, the truth pains you were born from the wrong side of the bed hence you keep on insulting others, just like your god HH. I have respect for people like Siavonga UPND Member of Parliament Hon. Kennedy Hamudulu he is mature and pragmatic politician.

    • @pio,
      there is no insullt in my post, is there? go to parliament website and get your facts right, siavonga mp is siamunene and not the one you mentioned. when he has no moral principals by joining pf indirectly, he becomes mature! what a yardstick of measure you are using! besides, you have not proved me wrong whether you go to church or not because every moment I check on the site you are featuring. is your job just blogging?

    • Matipa, I will go to church when claimed christian like HH and Nevers Mumba stop lies and insults. HH ni chipempe whilst Nevers ni pente all with no morals and no truth in them.

    • @Matipa what are you doing here yourself ? You are one of the ever present bloggers only second to ndobo and Engineer chibolya.

    • aaaahhh ba zebige naimwe, I am a sabath keeper, so you will observe that I go missing on sabath (saturday). inga imwe mulapepa?

    • @Matipa , Ndapepa naine bakamba.I have already come back.I went for early morning devotion.Glad that naimwe Lesa tamumulaba.Epashili pakuleka.

    • @Bwalya Chiselema.If kaponya`s don`t go to church then i`m the first Kaponya to break with tradition.I`m a proud catholic my dear brother.

  5. “The people of Mansa, I cannot say how proud I am of you. First you received me very well, and secondly you have shown the entire country that you can hold a peaceful campaign. No incidents of harassment, let alone violence were reported,” read the statement.

  6. Imwe ba fi colour ba opposition you are embarrassing us. Why don’t you unite and work together? No single one of you can dislodge PF. Twa musapota sana pafula . Twalamibwelamo nomba.

    COME ON….HH….

    • To receive someone is not equivalent to voting for him/her as such, but that they serve you their food, listen to you as you speak/allow you to speak to them, give a place to rest or spend your night/day which they think befits you and NOT necssarily their bedroom which maybe in this case their entire support i.e. votes. But give you something as they want to know more about you, meaning they can give you their bedroom or votes after seeing that you are better than the one sleeping the bedroom or the one they have been voting for.
      I think and believe the Guy was received there and his speech above shows maturity in the highiest ORDER.

  8. This message sounds like the one coming from some one who is already in state house. President HH you are a true leader and surely the people of Zambia should try you in 2016.

  9. Inference: Dr Chilufya is much more intelligent than HH,
    Somebody listening to HH’s radio campaign message asked whether the man is really an adventist.

  10. “Let us soldier on”

    Are we really, truly and sincerely in a crisis with so much development going on in the country for the first time?

    Tell me..
    How differently are u going to address the issues of underdevelopment of our country besides holding regular press conferences?
    How different will your approach be from the current effort?

    • Luapula premier, am in agreement with you because I am the luck few ones that had chance to visit all the 10 Zambian provinces. The under development and poverty i saw, you can not believe. The truth is Luapula Province is far much better than Northwestern, Western, Muchinga and Northern Provinces.
      If you visit Kaputa constituency were Mutale Nalumango was a Member of Parliament for 15 good years then compare with chiyengi constituency for Dr. Katele, Chiyengi is more developed than Kaputa. Any genuine humane and reasonable man must show gratitude and respect for immense work achieved by PF government in 2 years

  11. Dear HH,
    The Mansa area has been a PF stronghold all along,that’s why dictator Michael Sata did not bother to send his PF thugs from Copperbelt towns and Lusaka to disrupt your meetings and beat up your supporters.Sata knew that his corrupt and tribal PF would win hence his decision not to deploy his unruly militia.


    • I like it—–his excellence Gaddaffi, indeed Sata is like the late Gaddaffi, no direction at all, he rules by try and error!
      Talking about the Mansa bye-election, the opposition should not be discouraged at all because as things stand now, out of the nine provinces, Sata has only three, and that is his Muchinga, LP and Northern. Actually I am not even sure about Northn, because in his usual state of madness, he has chosen to be toying around with the Bemba’s chosen Paramount Chief. I come from the Northern part, but I have a strong conviction that UPND’s HH will win the next presidential election because he will sweep through 6 provinces which matters most when it comes to elections and that is, LK, CB, Westn,N-W, Central and Southn. MMD will get Eastn + part Nortn. PF are going…

    • Gaddafi no direction? Please. Do some research. Libya under Gaddafi did not owe a single penny to the international banks and money lenders. Even the USA, the UK and the entire Europe cannot boast this achievement. Gaddafi’s Libya had enough resources to invest throughout Africa. Do not make shallow and st.upid comparisons or statements.

    • Gaddafi had made Libya a strong and self reliant nation in Africa, he was one of the few real sons of Africa true to their own and not willing to sell their country to conmen & women (the Europeans and Americans).
      The GREAT son of Africa, may his body rest untill that day


    • Ba Mwana Paris you are not a good analysist.Politics is about influence abd numbers.We have more people from Copperbelt (Bemba speaking) who have spread in every corner of Zambia and majority of them support HE M C Sata.I was in livingstone,Mazabuka the poplular language in Shoprite is Ichibemba.

    • @ Amaka… Bemba is a dominant language on the copperbelt, yes, but that does not mean they are all Bembas. This would be tantamount to saying that the people who speak Nyanja in Lusaka are all Nsengas or Ngonis. Please try not to be shallow. Bemba from the copperbelt moved to Nyanja speaking Lusaka and Southern province (yes, besides their tribal languages, the language of communication in business areas, public places and workplaces in Southern Province was/is Nyanja for non-Tonga speaking communication) due to economic migration when the copperblet collapsed. It is not a migration of the Bemba tribe. It is the migration of people of various tribes who speak Bemba as the lingua-franca of the copperbelt. I myself grew up on the copperbelt and thus speak Bemba, but not a Bemba myself.

  14. While we congratulate PF in scooping the Mansa seat, we are alive to the fact that tribal voting won the day. Let us assume this will continue and permutations matrix will characterize future elections results in Zambia.

    • Everywhere in Zambia people choose a member of parliament from their local crop. Do not just be negative for the sake of it. How many non-Tonga MPs are in Southern province, or non- Esterner MPs in Eastern province, or Non-Lunda/Luvale/Kaonde/Chokwe Mps in North-Western province, and so on? Be objective.

  15. HH “there are two ways to be fooled.One is to believe what isn’t true,the other is to refuse to accept what is true” in your case HH you have admitted and accepted what is true may it also continue in other sectors as well not only after a by election.I would love to hear you comment both on the positive and negative of the economy.

  16. That hall mark of performance is typical of UPND. In Kafulafuta, results were so good for UPND simply because MMD pulled out. Statistics have not changed so much. You headed for another defeat in general elections. To be realistic is good. Thanks for your defeat message.

    • sometimes just give credit where its due. HH has spoken well. i know you are used to your insulting president. lets wait for eastern and north western provinces elections that is when you will know that the bold head hater has lost popularity

    • Sata will not be able to carry his urine bag in 2016 unless you will help him do so. By then ninshi minsu everywhere!

      Nurture someone educated otherwise Zambians will not be deceived by this illiterate clown in State House!

      We are tired and ashamed of this chizende in State House.

  17. Ba Floyd, just wait for 2016. Even with your rigging, you won’t fool everyone with your lies this time around. Mansa was a well known case of tribal voting!

    • Wenzelu, this has nothing to do with tribe. We in Luapula are not Bembas. Just go and ask the voters why they voted the way they did. Luapula even has a Tonga as a Chief because he happens to have a mother from that particular tribe in Mansa.

  18. Victory was on tribal voting and PF were aware of this. Wait and see where PF know that their chances are not good, they will bring Ngoma to brandish and fire his gun in the air to intimidate people. Any where they know their chances are not good, PF will ferry their cadres from lusaka and copperbelt, then blame the violence on the opposition as was the case in Livingstone, eastern province and northwest. PF knew that this was not worth fighting for thus the quietness of the whole campaigning. We know them. They dont stand a chance in 2016

    • You dont even vote. This country was brought down to its knees so what do you expect Sata to do do. Wave a magic wand and abracadara we are like UK? There are things which ordinary are seeing as signs of hope not what you read on the Watchdog. I was very surprised at the way you guys out there look at things the time I visited USA. My hosts believed that Elais Chipimo was going to win the last election because of what they see on the internent. I had trouble telling them that the battle was between RB & Sata

  19. With men like HH as president, Zambia will be transformed into a country worth of praise. Look at the mediocre of a president we have who cant even hold a press conference!

    • Holding a press conference does not solve any country’s problems. There’s no point in a president calling everybody out just to say “hello contrymen” and then returning to the same status quo. We need to understand that real development begins in academic institutions (schools, universities) and extends to econimic and financial institutions (trading markets, companies, banks). That is where transformation and growth takes place, NOT at State House.

    • @nine chale
      the head is what generates plans and ideas. state house is the sanctuary of the head of the country where all directional steering of the country begins. if there is no direction or indication of it from there how do us followers follow? mulesumina ifintu ng tafilibwino not ukulakonkelesha chinampofu.

    • @matipa I do not despute the fact that we need direction from State House but much as direction is needed, it is equally important to understand that there are many other factors which play a fundamental role in shaping the economy, among them academic, business and financial institutions.

      In many cases, the government actually relies on positive economic indicators from business and financial institutions and makes use of the data to implement or alter programs or make policies (e.g to ward off a recession.) This is why for instance, some gov’t policies never work because an economic trend/pattern has already been established.

      PS. That’s what I have observed in German politics. In Zambia, however, it seems typical to exagerrate the role of the State in shaping the economy.

  20. @Teddy

    “With men like HH as president, Zambia will be transformed into a country worth of praise. Look at the mediocre of a president we have who cant even hold a press conference!”

    Hallucination..Zambia WILL be transformed?
    Like which country?
    The reality is…Zambia is BEING transformed.

    Press Conferences?
    For what? Please ask Mandela’s SA or Tswanas of Botswana before your leader vanishes with his lofty dreams like uncle Harry..

  21. Thats my HH…. I love this one Zambia one nation we are starting to experince! Next we will witness a squash of tribes in Zambia and that will be the Genesis of oness and equality.

    • @ cindy, its people like you who are always complaining about spaces in other people’s eyes ignoring the logs in their own eyes that deters peace in Zambia. Why do you expect other people to accept you when you yourself do not accept them. Wouldnt it be better if we all worked together, embracing each other and tried to cure this disease called tribalism rather than one expecting the other to bend down to u? The onesided expectation in your sentments above leaves much to be desired. This is the 21st century, let us think progressively.

    • Ba Chinsembe Sir,
      With all due respect there is no insinuation in my statement that the big man HH is a tribalist, infact am I have never ever stated anything near to that, the only people whom I have accused of being tribalists are bloggers, in most cases people at the helm are never tribalists, followers tend to distort information. I ofcourse leash out blows here and there when he goes over board. I do the same thing with the president as well as other people in authority, just yesterday someone called me a Flip Flopper, which made me realise that you guys dont understand my point of view, am neither here nor there, but an advocate of positive change for whoever, that means today I can criticise you and tomorrow agree with you, so dont misunderstand my views on this Blog, cheers.

  22. Cidy, its a good dream but read the Mumpasha commission report what happened. Its difficult for HH to work with other tribes, he failed to work with Sakwiba Sikota, Edith Nawakwi, Michael Sata and Nevers Mumba.
    Who need alot of people like Hon. Kennedy Hamudulu to change the mind set and the tribal tag.

    • @pio
      I am beginning to think that you are quite a dull person. even after correcting you previously you still insist there is a Kennedy Hamududu as mp. check the parliament website. there is Hyde Hamududu for bweengwa constituency. yaaaba, bokopo nabo bulweele

    • @ Pio,
      I think he knows that to be president he has to be a president for every one not individuals, so I believe he means it.


    • Be realistic. This speech has actually attracted another 1000 votes. Wait and see.

      Who do you vote for GBM or HH
      Kabimba or HH

      What is your answer?????//

  24. For those who termed them thick headed, means the Luapula people are not easily manipulated like those in southern. Try next time HH. We teach those who come with wrong ideas what Luapula is capable of doing. Anyway we enjoyed your money but remember we did you a “donchi kubeba”

  25. A good message, good politics, giving hope for the future. With this kind of messages , there is no need for violent cadres, political intolerance and all other negative vices associated with elections.

  26. 2016 elections will be very very, really very interesting. Many are called but only one will be chisen. Its not easy, it takes real stamina, tactics and strategies. In western countries once a lewder of opposition looses one election he is automatically replaced. In Zed, its wamuyayaya, especially when supporters behave like maggots, feeding until hosts remains skeleton. Lets go on. Tulyemo until the pocket has holes. Blind following even when you know your leader is a pepertual looser. Until their leader ditches them, they clang to him.

  27. Dr Chilufya next time will be standing on the UPND ticket! In 2011 he was MMD, in Nov2013 on the PF and in 2016 will be on the UPND ticket which will then be the ruling party – no principles ba Doctor aba!

  28. HH has no option but to say congrates.Pipo of Mansa u have tought him a lesson.His gullible supporters see him winning 2016.That’s having unco ordinated dreams. U are very poor analysts who do not want to be real.Shame on u demons!

    • Are you the same Deja Vu of 2011? I used to follow the postings of one Deja Vu pre-Pf govt and he/she disappeared after the elections.I thought he/she was rewarded with ‘aka poto’ (a position) in the new govt. If you are the one, welcome back.

  29. How many votes do you think sata will get in 2016 in Southern Western Northwestern and Lusaka? Think about it. The is no way PF can win in 2016 without rigging!

  30. When are we going to grow as zambians.what caused genocide in rwanda was ethnic, hatred.800,000 rwandas were killed because of tutsi and hutu hatred to each other. and it can happen in our country. let us preach love,zambia belongs to all of us.let us stop politics of identity.when zambia won afcon, we celebrated together.we so hichani homonde and cristopher katongo hugging each other.

    • You have a point on tribal unity, but on Rwanda you are wrong my friend. What happened in Rwanda was not just tribal hatred. It was a well orchestrated machine. In Zambia we hosted Rwandan refugees, and despite both Hutus and Tutsis being here, you never saw them fight. The people at the bottom, the grassroots, never have problems with each other. Its some smart-as.s at the top who creates these impressions and takes advantage of the “illusion of tribal hatred” to create chaos. Beware of politicians and controlled media.

    • @ The Equaliser,

      You are so right. I am from Muchinga and obviously the only local language I speak is Bemba. i spent a few days among the locals in Kalomo and Sesheke. I was humbled by their kindness to me. They treated me like a person and not as a Bemba. They were happy to “show-off” there Bemba and Nyanja to me.

  31. In all honesty, this is the first time I have seen any semblance of level-headedness in this man’s comments. If he continues like this he might eventually earn my respect, but it is too early to dance. For those saying tribal voting in Luapula, are you that blinded by hatred or do you not see that in every province (except the industrialised areas) people mostly choose local candidates? Grow up. For those who have need to disagree with anyone, or any comment, please desist from provocative language. BTW, the word st.upid is not a curse word. It is simply an IQ classification.

  32. Why can’t PF cadres just acknowledge that HH is a good leader? Most die hard cadres have a distorted view of HH because they have been fed on a diet of lies, hatred and negative propaganda by Mmembe. For whatever reason, the Post Newspaper has mellowed out on HH and have now started reporting the truth about HH and people are beginning to appreciate his messages.

    • @Zed Patriot: Not everyone who disagrees with some of HH’s inconsistencies is pro PF or is blindly misled by Post propaganda. Some people criticize neutrally, and will criticize HH when he “misbehaves”, will criticize PF and Sata when they mess up, and will also criticize MMD when they fall short. Even HH supporters, not all of them are blind loyalists. Some support when he is right and criticize when he is wrong. It is the die-hards, whether PF, UPND or MMD who are the real problem, those who see nothing wrong with their leaders wrongdoings, and see everything wrong in everyone else. HH’s record has not impressed me, but in this case I can at least agree that he has made sense, whether for lack of choice or not.

    • @The Equalizer

      The problem is that there are some people who are prejudiced against HH and will always find something wrong in what he says no matter how positive it is. Some do it out of a natural desire of not wanting him to be president. If you try to read into HH’s messages without any form of biasness you will begin to appreciate his messages.


      I do not disagree with you. Like I said in one post above, which I think is in agreement with what you are saying, the problem is people who argue with blind loyalty whether PF or UPND or any other “following”. In this article, for example, I agree with what HH is saying. He is not always right, but neither is Michael Sata or anyone else. I do agree that there are people who will disagree with HH without objectivity, and there are people who will support HH, or Sata or anyone else even when they are wrong. This I see as the problem. As long as we can agree on the content of the matter rather than who is talking I believe we can make progress.

  33. “We are very happy they are upgrading this road; we use it to take our vegetables to market in Lusaka. President Sata has done a great job because this will make life easier for us,” said 31-year-old Simon Phiri, a small-scale farmer in the area”

    Very soon I will no longer be carrying a shoe brush in my pocket whenever I walk around Lusaka. Thankx to King Cobra. Where were you?

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