Wednesday, May 22, 2024

FAZ files in 2019 Africa Cup bid


FAZ has announced that it has successfully presented the bid to host the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations.

The association said in a statement that its General Secretary George Mwila Kasengele filed Zambia’s bid at CAF headquarters in Cairo on Monday.

“It’s a very proud moment for all of us and we believe that our candidature to bring home the Africa Cup will be successfull,” FAZ President Kalusha Bwalya said.

” Zambia is prepared; Zambia is committed; Zambia will be ready,” Kalusha said.

He added:”We have indicated in our bid to CAF that we as a nation are united in this endeavor and together we believe we can be the best hosts Africa has to offer in 2019.”

“Through the vision of our government and in particular the support of his Excellency President Michael Sata, we are able to proudly declare that Zambia is ready and willing to put on Africa’s showpiece event with new stadium and infrastructure development.”

Zambia is facing competition from Algeria, Ivory Coast, DR Congo and Gabon.


    • This could explain the rationale behind the Mongu 50,000 seater stadium, as part of the bid to include Levy & National Disaster stadium to show that we’re capable and would only require new few stadia…blah blah blah….

  1. But meanwhile mulaponta about the new stadiums being built, ati the govt has no priorities. Ba blogger too much ibange mwe!

  2. Long Overdue, at last FAZ have realized importance of Hosting games, boosts tourism. Prepare the best team so that we win the AFCON Again.

  3. I think its about time we expose ka mushota……the friend told me about this mushota person but does not know how to do it… he asked if we can do that……Watch this space people!!!
    Soon and very soon someone will be shamed rite here!!! Oh and a real pic will be revealed too!! Interesting stuff people….


  4. Iwe Mushota…..kapenene uko no bushilu bobe. How do you call soccer lovers as less educated people in this age. Its you who has an inferiority complex and look at issues the other way round.

  5. Has Gabon also presented the bid to host 2019 afcon? its better Gabon hosts the afcon so that we become champions again, remember what happened in 2012.

  6. Bravo FAZ 8 Bravo Kalusha! Start making preparations immediately. Hold a series of consultative meetings, indabas and the like. Tourism is one key stake holder. Sports community is the proprietor.

  7. The war here is between zambia and ivory coast just like the final in 2012, cairo can not host in 2019 because of instability in that part of africa just like DR Congo, gabon(i dont like the name anyway!) hosted in 2012 so they are out of the way, then algeria will just be thrown out because arabs in general have had their share for sometime now so it leaves us with ivory coast in the final but surely the timing is right this time around we are champions again.

  8. I really hope we wont wein the bid, too much madoti ni zambia…..the citties are all now stinking due to uncollected garbage, places are unsightly in the rain season because of blocked drainages….we zambians are very dirty people.

  9. Then i will come back as your coach so that i can win it for you again. Mushota yaba pamenso nga akaswende nangu bola bola.

  10. All work and no play makes Jack a dull goes the English adage.Football is now big business Zambia stands o benefit a gredat deal.
    We must host Africa’s showpiece not jut ending with COSAFA and ZONE 6 games. nonetheless, a task force is required to spearhead these dvelopments such that quality hotels are increased in number.FAZ secretariet take note of what benchmarks can help you succeeed in this bid.For example Lyambai hotel in Mongu is below par.

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