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President Sata swears in Dave Chikamata to replace Max Nkole(updated)

General News President Sata swears in Dave Chikamata to replace Max Nkole(updated)

President Micheal Sata has sworn in Dave Misheck Chikamata as new Home Affairs Permanent Secretary.

Dr. Chikamata replaces Max Nkole who was retired last month in national interest.

Speaking to journalists soon after he was sworn in at State House, Dr. Chikamata said that he was grateful that the Head of State has appointed him to serve as Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Home Affairs.

He has since pledged to be dedicated to his duties.

Before his appointment, Dr. Chikamata worked for the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) as Head of the Paediatric wing.

Dr. Chikamata had also previously worked for the World Health Organisation (WHO) in Geneva as Medical Officer in 2002.


    • Funny how the first thing you notice is tribe instead before knowing whether he is Zambian or not.He is not bemba for your own information.

    • Instead of jumping at insults and trying to address the symptom, wouldn’t it be reasonable to look at the “root cause” (umushila) of people commenting about the tribal issue? This is a new phenomenon and I suppose there is a reason why some like @Inaluya will raise that issue. I am not saying the man is Bemba, but that curiosity must have an origin. Cheers.

    • of course he has to be one of us………………….welcome to the government of the bembas, by the bembas and for the bembas………..

    • We can’t just have a different tribesman being sworn in for a change!? Pleeeease…

      That’s why people are talking tribal. It’s been too much. I can’t remember when a non-bemba name was being mentioned as being sworn in.

      Old people are a problem. Please, let’s sort them out in 2016!

  1. Not sure whether congratulations are in order considering this is one govt you do not want to be appointed in since dis-appointment follows very quickly with immediate effect or in national interest so as not to pay dues. This circus surely has to come to an end. I had an idea that the president did not have a plan of what to do when he takes over let alone know the sort of personnel necessary but this is now bordering on insanity. Almost every other day it is hiring & firing! At that age we could be witnessing a presidency in a state of dementia or some other serious mental health ailment. I will not even mention the possibility of just plain old –DOBO/MATOKWANI/CHAMBA/IBANGE!!!!!

  2. Did we ever have so many swearing-in ceremonies (nearly weekly) in previous administrations? These Sata ceremonies do not make sense, they just confirm how much time is spent on dubious appointments. I don’t think the president knows who is who in his enumerable cabinet and the cost to the taxpayer.

    • just own up guys, it’s now been too much! i for one, am bemba but with the status quo of swearing ins, i am not happy! just like ba shilubemba, i as their subject, i’m not happy also!

  3. Inaluya,
    You have inferiority complex and there is no medicine cure you, learn to appreciate and improve you qualifications to contribute positively to the development of our beloved country. All animals are equal but some are more equal than others, to do not look at the tribe but at your education and professional qualification.

    • naimwe ubutuutu! medical doctor ku home affairs ati qualifications! what thinking is that? diagnosing a headache and running a council are two very different things!

  4. He is not Bemba but a Kunda from Malabo village in Chipata. This man is one of the best qualified Russian trained medical Doctors who has worked for WHO for many years and abroad. We hope he will be professional in delivering not babies but good work.
    Mr Chikamata now you have a bigger responsibility please stop those bad habits which you know yourself.

  5. The appoihtment of Medical doctors in these purely administrative positions is misconceived. Most of these doctors are out of their depth in these positions. We know the capacity the strength of our medical practitioners and general adiminstration is not one of them. This is what is leading to some of the confusion in PF adminstration. Secretary to Cabinet is a medica doctor and has little experience in adminstration of public or private instutions or policy formulation. It is very clear that Dr Kaseba , and Sata’s stint as Minister of Health seem to be the major considerations in these appointments. They are appointing their friends from medical background and relatives. Zambia is in trouble.

    • You obviously have a prejudice against Doctors. General administration and policy formulation is not rocket science, so it doesn’t need a genius to do it. Your foolish assertion is nothing but a product of jealousy and sour grapes. There are good and bad managers in every profession, even among the so called professional administrators. You are out of line.

    • Nonsense. There are good and bad managers in every profession, including among the so called administrators. Administration is not rocket science, so anyone with leadership qualities can do it. Do you have something against doctors?

    • Zambians are crazy [email protected]#K useless. It’s the only place I know where doctors leave practicing in a hospital to managing an office. Please use your brains. Doctors you are better useful taking care of patients than signing MoUs. In the west the most respected among doctors are those who have done great things among their peers such as research, medicine, etc


    • Judge, you deadly wrong, GBM is a bemba from Kasama chief Munkonge, then Mwansa Kapeya is not from Chitulika but a village near danger hill.

  7. Misplacement of human resources a pediatrician to PS at home affairs when we are crying that we don’t have enough medical practitioners. I know this guy used to operate from Lusaka Trust Hospital at times.

  8. My Advise: If you stay in the copperbelt don’t move with your family to lusaka. Coz you can be fired the following Month.

  9. @abeenaaa, you never know why certain regional names are not sworn in. People have bn told not to accept appointments and fear to be disowned. These political leaders kano ngani bena. Remember ba Nevers Mumba, he abandoned is party coz he was appointed VP but wouldn’t allow his MMD members to accept any appointment by the our Head of State.

  10. This is terrible. Head of the Paediatric wing at UTH being appointed as Home Affairs Minister! I feel for the gap left at UTH. Professionals should be left to do their jobs or be appointed in positions which will allow them use their skills. I wonder of this Dr will have any opportunity to do his work

    • I totally agree with you 110%.The problem we have in this country is misplacement of labour or skills. As said above I do not see the logic in crippling the already crippled UTH by removing some of its best brains which was educated at tax payers high cost and put this in a different ministry or field. Does this mean that we as a country do not have personnel who have the home affairs background or experience? This ministry is vast and has a lot of problems that requires personnel who has knowledge of this ministry to try and help sort out the mess in this ministry. I stand to be corrected and challenged intellectually to say this appointment came about because Mr Chikamata’s work relationship with the first lady at UTH and she is not the first or last as her predecessors have done it…

  11. Article is very clear that person has been appointed P.S and now you are saying head of Paediatric wing has been appointed Home Affairs Minister! You do not know the difference between a P.S. and a Minister seriously? Some of you people do not bother to read contents of articles and just rush to comment. Read!

  12. Chikamata nayena asumina job he doesn’t qualify for? Chikamata will now be looking after immigration (deportees), bakaidi (prisoners), bakapokola (cops). Wait until he is also fired in national or UTH interest.

  13. Ndipo bashinganga nabafula mukamfulumende ka kwa cimbwi no plan.

  14. Sata as usual, out of touch with the people who put him in power, i don’t think people voted for swearing ins everyday , real issues arise he is nowhere to be found, but come swearing in, commissioning a fridge, bye-elections he shows up fast, very selfish and self centered President in Zambian history

  15. Please Zedian’ STOP This Tribalism Crap!!
    You may think its a joke, but before U realise it will become a Cancer Zambia cannot get rid of. Please GROW UP!!! There’s only One Zambia One Nation!
    Congratulations Dr Chikankata.

    • I know the man. He’s not bemba. He’s from the east. Even all his children has eastern names. I am anti PF but this is not a tribal appointment.

    • Tell your Chief Tribalist to stop making Tribal appointments and Zambians will stop talking about Tribalism. Let him fire all those appointees appointed on tribal lines in Foreign Service, Parastatals, Pemsecs, Ministers etc,etc and Zambians will stop talking about tribalism.

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