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Kafue riots leave one dead

Headlines Kafue riots leave one dead


One person has died in Kafue’s Shikoswe compound while two vehicles were burnt and 15 others damaged by a rioting mob in Kafue.

According to local residents the deceased, identified as Muselise Kambakamunyama, aged 25, was confronted by a named lady to pay her the K30 he owed her.

The lady sought the help of one of the neighbourhood watch members who allegedly beat the deceased leaving him unconscious and later died at Kafue District Hospital around 18:00hrs.

The situation angered the community and burnt the vehicles parked at the police post, throwing stones breaking windows and forcing the officers to flee the post in the process as they were overpowered by the community.

Suspects in cells took advantage of the situation and fled, leaving all the documents destroyed.

Meanwhile Kafue District Commissioner, Grace Ngulube, has described the situation as uncalled for and cautioned the community in the district to desist from mob justice.

The District commissioner has also regretted the loss of life and called on all stakeholders to ensure that such distractive incidents are prevented.

Efforts to get comment from the Police Public Relations office proved futile as local police refused to say anything on the matter.


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    • @Watchman
      Kafue is has a PF MP… The man is called mwaliteta with an unsolved murder case of his cook in livingstone bye election,,, if you have blame anyone then thats your man

      Otherwise,this a case of desperate poverty in Zambia,,, killling someone over k30 debt about 6 US dollar

    • I have said it so many times that when people really get angry, police is nothing. There will be more such incidents unless the police start dealing with criminality for what it is and not paying a blind eye when PF cadres misbehave and run amok.

    • @watchman.

      Your thinking is one of the worst cases of “donchi kubeba brain wash. Anything that PF cadres does ,you were told to blame it on HH. PF cadres butcher each other its HH’s fault. How is it HH ‘s fault?

      I am seeing a sense of paranoia engulfing the PF camp. HH is becoming threat each day that passes.

      Viva HH.

    • @watchman,
      Leave HH out of your failures. It’s you and your Sata leading Zambia back to the stone age and you know that very well.

    • Like a Forest Fire – This breed of Up-Rise is what will bring PF Down.

      This sort is always manifested from issues concerning the state of Social & Economical Injustices and the frustration that people carry in everyday lives.

      The Political will is dwindling so rapidly. Though one cannot blame PF for this act of evil and loss of life, but there is a correlation to the Social & Economical Injustices being experienced from this government.

      Communities in these townships are on 24 hrs Boiling Points. And when an opportunity comes to open the Ventilation System to let the anger escape, one grabs that prospect by doing so.

      Its sad that a soul has been lost over such kind of amount. I also condemn the neighbourhood watch chap for taking things so far and the community at large.

    • 30 is not a good number. Jesus and Judas both died just because of 30 quids.
      When I got my current job, I was offered $3000, starting salary, I said no thanks, I don’t need all that for 19 days of work, just pay me $2950.
      I never pay for anything with 3-and zeros.

    • All those bloggers condemning for saying it is because of HH. You may have your meaning of HH and hence your own HH causing all these problems. It is clear you are biased for one man. My meaning of HH is not Hakaivotela Heka ……NOOOOOOOOOO! I just meant HIGH HUNGER levels………. SHAME ON YOU!!!!!

  1. madam district commissioner whatever your job entails.people of kafue complained before about the corrupt conduct of your police for a long time ,so you had it coming and must stop whining about this

    • The madam DC is also corrupt, she and all the top provincial executive of PF in the district last week got the cream of the plots in Greenfield. Please ba PF even us citizens we need affordable plots not the K15,000 per plot plus K400.00 for the application form. Then, how much will a china-man pay?

  2. This is completely different from Komboni radio reported. According to Komboni radio the deceased was owed money by this assailant and when he went to ask for it a fight ensued, that’s how he was killed over K100.00

  3. @Wanzelu,
    ba Wanza lembeniko bwino ifisungu naimwe, muletusebanya. at “Anything that PF CADRES DOES (cadres do) ,you were told to blame IT ON (delete the captioned words) HH.

    ba Ndobo naimwe titeniko insokoshi. ati Kafue IS HAS (has is enough here) a PF MP… The man is called mwaliteta (the man is named, not called) with an unsolved murder case (how can u solve a case?) of his cook in (during) livingstone bye election,,, if you (to) have blame anyone, then thats (that should be your man) your man

    Otherwise,this a case of desperate poverty in Zambia,,, killling someone over k30 debt about 6 US (why are u converting to dollars, bonse twalifishiba, so not necesary)

  4. U are really sick u feel good when Sata is included in everything but when yo demagogue-hh is mentioned u insult.DEMONS! Are u born today u fo ol?Don’t u know dat under both Levy nd RB pipo burnt Police stations in both Misisi and Chaisa cmpounds.?

  5. LT i think sometimes u had better use yo mother language rather than English.Moreover,like the evil ZWD,u’ve yo lost journalism ethics.You are a disgrace to this field. Was it the riot that caused the death or was it the death that couased the riot?

    • Case of the kettle calling the pot black. In terms of English, you are unfortunately not qualified to caution LT since your spelling and sentence construction leave much to be desired.

  6. ninshi fyonse ni sata, bafikala mwalatapa ukusheta amapepala. u need to charge ur thinking ama rubish. any 0ne who wil talk about sata is an *****.


      Just continue to carry buckets of amafi like your leader Sata used to do in London. At the time his friends went to UK to study, he was busy carrying buckets of amafi .

      Amafi yalapenya ka.

  7. All thiese because of Choolwe Beyani, an UPND old man, who fought and lost election in Kafue. He is instigating a lot of trouble,this useless man.

    • “He is instigating a lot of trouble,this useless man”. Thats rubbish. Did Beyani borrow the money? Where does he come in? Typical pamafi thinking as you are scared of your own shadows.

  8. Uncivilized minds resort to damaging property! That is not a sign of anger. Of course we know there was loss of life, but has that to do with the property that was destroyed!!! Tomorrow you the same people will be complaining if crime escalates in your area due to the absence of the police post that you the same people have destroyed!! Same behaviour with people in Garden Lusaka. Walila pa mabale pakulekelesha watoba. That is the same, who do you think will come and repair what you have destroyed intentionally?
    Learn to resolve issues in a mature manner.

  9. LT, is it the riot that left one person dead, or the riot was as a result of the death? Are you people professional journalists ?

  10. @wanzelu u are a lunatic person, learn to respect elders, u living *****. wanyela ku tulilo mwenda pabi. walasheta amapepala kafula

    • Nothing wrong with stating the facts as they are. The same elder of yours disrespected the nurses by likening them to garden boys and cleaners.

  11. Jairos are you so dull?
    “The lady sought the help of one of the neighbourhood watch members who allegedly beat the deceased leaving him unconscious and later died at Kafue District Hospital around 18:00hrs.”
    Simple and straight forward elementary English. The victim was beaten by the neighbourhood watch member, leaving him unconscious and later died. Stop blaming LT for your dullness.

  12. LT, which caused what? Is it the death that caused the riot or the riot caused the death. Any way for you LT its special paper 1.

    Peace and Prosperity to Mother Zambia.

  13. Lusaka Times, please report things properly, the riot was as a result of the death. you headline is what is wrong. facts are correct but your heading is very wrong. The guy’s death is what led to riot. NOT ‘riots leave one dead’ as though the frukas led to his death.

  14. That neighbor hood watch man must be in jail and the riot is not cause of death muhammad was hired with a k30 and that’s his behavior.

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