Don’t doubt Nevers’ sincerity on alliance – Ngo’ma

Former Zambian High Commissioner to Canada Dr Nevers Mumba
Dr Nevers Mumba

Political Analyst Alex Ng’oma says people should not doubt MMD president Nevers Mumba’s sincerity with regards his statement that he is ready to sacrifice the party presidency and work under any leader chosen to lead an opposition alliance.

Dr. Ng’oma told Qfm News in an interview that there is need to respect Dr. Mumba’s view and position at the moment because he has the right to do so.

Dr Ng’oma added that Zambians should simply wait and see if Dr Mumba will stand by his word.

He said one’s past conduct should not be the basis to doubt their present commitment.

Forum for Democracy and Development leader Edith Nawakwi was quoted by the Post Newspapers as saying that Dr Mumba cannot be trusted on issues of alliances because he once betrayed the opposition parties when he was entrusted and sent to present a petition to former president Levy Mwanawasa but ended up accepting a job as vice president.

And Dr. Ng’oma said what is important for the opposition at the moment is to unite and move forward in providing checks and balances to the ruling party.

He said once the opposition is united and agreed on a common agenda, the possibility of a strong opposition alliance will be realized.



    • Surely some characters have no morals.Surely can immoral Namugala say anything to make some simple minds believe?God help us.

  1. Nevers is like a prostitute. He can do anything for money. Remember how he used to lie to gullible Christians on Zambia shall be saved. They donated all sorts of things to him and what did he do when he thought he was rich enough? formed a political party. What did he do when his party did not do well? dumped everyone and joined Mwanawasa. Shimo fye ne hule.

  2. Let Sata and nevers share the votes so that HH gets western. South. Nortwest. and part of central. Hh is never been my candidate but he could win on simple majority current constitution.

    • HH will be another disaster. He will take tribalism to the worst levels. And his ideas doesn’t show him as a quaified economist. His only qualification for UPND presidence is the money he has and being a tonga.

    • @Kwatu, Tribalism is already at its worst levels with your PF criminals. By the way your mention of HH’s ethnicity makes you a tribalist. Just admit that you will not accept someone who is not from your tribe to be President. You must stop projecting your tribalism onto other people. Deal with your demons!

    • This is the problem with the UPnD.They’re so hateful of Dr Mumba,they only think of HH.Please you cadres of HH,start to see other pipo in UPnD as possible leaders.Money is not everything.Remember FTJ and Sata became presidents without money.This Internet campaign for HH won’t take your HH to Plot 1,maybe to Plot political oblivion.Just wait for 2016,wina azalila.Politics is pipo,especially the grass roots.Not these ba some- of- us internet ex-ses,ba Yo Barries.

  3. That was really wise. But a wiser statement came from HH who said he would rather not discuss strategy issues in the media based on past experience. The question is what is this pact really all about? Those that are pushing for it, what interest do they have especially the likes of Fr. Bwalya and Chipimo who are presidents of parties but have no base. It is just a fact that MMD can never win PF as it is too early since we all hated MMD to the bone no matter how good their presidential candidate would be. They are still surrounded by the same people who we hated just like we hate the current leadership. Moreover Ps Mumba himself has a legacy of opportunism when he damped the old pact for a job. Therefore the most suitable person is UPND to lead the pact but why are the advocates of the…

    • Therefore the most suitable person is UPND to lead the pact but why are the advocates of the pact not coming out in the open immediately that they will support HH in the next election if UPND is interested but are just jumping up and down making noise over the grand pact? Are they trying to hijack other parties just like FTJ hijacked the MMD movement in1990 which was started by others? People are now clever than then. Or are they trying to have the other stronger parties let them contest some by-elections building their parties with no MPs or councillors in the name of the grand pact? Who knows who has been paid by the PF to organise the grand pact that will be infiltrated and in which the main activity will be fighting internal wars instead of building their bases? For now the best is to…

    • For now the best is to maintain a loose alliance of working together in parliament and non-partisan issues like the constitution process, corruption etc. but contest by-elections separately unless a party feels it has to let another party with a really strong candidate stand. Coming together now concentrating on the grand pact as a single entity and losing the identity of individual parties will be easier for the PF to infiltrate and then cause confusion like they did in the MMD through the Kachingwes and Namugalas.

    • In the previous(2011) general and parliamentary elections SATA +- 43%, RB +- 35 % and the rest +- 22%. Where does “we all hated MMD” come from? Let us make statements that are factual and make sense not just throwing words any how. We all have a right to support any political party of our choice thanks to MMD who brought multi party democracy in Zambia, rescuing us from the claws of UNIP’s failed ideologies.

  4. Most people commenting here are *****s sent by ichumbu. They are having diarrhoea day in day out and they know that the opposition alliance will be strong this time around and remove Pama Fi. Mwanya,your days are numbered.


  6. Iwe Nevers never started this issue of sacrifice,if that is what it will take to eject PF out of power, then so be it.

  7. God is trying to find solution to remove you from your misery there you are insulting nevers instead of supportting what saying.huh muntu awe sure no wonder God is punishing you for voting for PF.

  8. Mumba Mumba..sure UPND is waiting for MMD sell. How much is MMD worth sir? Of course when an asset has depreciated the next thing is selling it . So Mumba is correct, MMD has depreciated so it must be sold to UPND period.

    Peace and Prosperity to Mother Zambia.

  9. He may sound right in the public eye, but the whole point is that they now know that the Bemba vote will be divided between the 4 political parties lead by Bemba President, votes for MMD, Chipimo, Fr. Bwalya and His Excellence The president of Zambia making HH to have the majority. It is a pure strategy to help the big man maintain the seat if there is alliance which the public may not really like at some point knowing our leaders. These are just thoughts alyways, I my be wrong, but I am thinking so.

  10. Ba Pastor Mumba balisebana, he was appointed messenger and spokesperson for the united opposition and later told to go and deliver a letter to statehouse. AWE SURE ku state house on that appointed day, ba mwine prepared a feast and ba Pastor ukuisanga muli lyeee!!!! eat, eat, eat….balamyanga ne minwe ba pastor. Ba mwine mushi ku plot 1 ati… mune mumba, i need someone as intelligent as you to help me run the country..i need a vice president. bushe uletilapo shani mune???? Ba Mumba ukulaba ati niba messenger,…kusumina. NOW THE REST IS HISTORY. Let me remind Mumba, that the bible says that a good name is better that sacrifice….you sacrificed the trust of your friends,,,,today you want us to trust you with the presidency…awe reflect BA PST.

  11. Nevers Mumba and his thugs beat Kachingwe. We do not trust him. He is not to be trusted. He is evil.
    HH distance yourself form this evil man. We trust HH. He does not send thugs to beat up harmless people like others do.
    LOVE HH!
    UMOZI! I am in

  12. And when did N’goma become the spokesperson of Nevers Mumba? Isnt this N’goma the same guy who stole a ballot paper in South Africa to give Sata?

  13. Yaba beautiful Namugala said it, MMD under tradeoff!It happened to NCC party now ths Pwete Pwete Pweteka has no shame.Kachingwe also asid it ths Patawako chap likes leadng to no where.Check where ever he became leader if any is still existing today?Patawako Pwete Pwete evn leadng paper said it.Only fools can doubt Patani Patawako Pweteka he is l dont know!

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