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HH urges the Copperbelt to be resolute

Headlines HH urges the Copperbelt to be resolute

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema gestures to the audience during the meeting that was held to demand for the release of the draft Zambian constitution
UPND president Hakainde Hichilema gestures to the audience during the meeting that was held to demand for the release of the draft Zambian constitution

Opposition UPND president Hakainde Hichilema over the weekend told Copperbelt residents never to be duped by the PF lies again ahead of any elections in future.

Speaking at Kitwe’s Radio Ichengelo and at various meetings he held in Wusakile and other compounds, Mr. Hichilema said the PF’s 90-day slogan left a bad taste in most people’s mouths to a point where no matter how they try to sugar coat it, it will not change the fact they are just a bunch of liars who have polluted Zambian politics.

Imagine if it was former presidents Rupiah Banda or late Levy Mwanawasa (MHSRIP) who announced that they were going on a 14-day working holiday “somewhere

Mr. Hichilema, who toured various markets and was also part of the Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), who held prayer meetings at Kitwe’s St. Margaret United Church of Zambia to fight for a new constitution, said it was sad that PF leaders had no shame in glorifying a grand deception 90-days slogan.

He said PF had really polluted politics to a point where the population may no longer trust genuine leaders in future because of the culture of lies.

“Can you imagine we are still quarrelling on the constitution making process when President Michael Sata promised to deliver a people driven constitution within 90-days. Mr. Sata kept repeating the same promises even after being elected during his address to parliament. Now he has completely changed and is saying there is no need for a new constitution,” Mr. Hichilema said.

The UPND leader said what was even more painful is that the process was funded using tax payers money which is the more reason Zambians should claim for the constitution even without the 90-days bufi promises, because any Zambian in his right state of mind would not want to see tax payers money being put to waste.

“Even if all the Zambians accept the PF lies and character of deception, I will stand alone defending what I believe is a virtue in humanity which is, the need for integrity. Imagine what will happen to the fabric of our society if all people espoused PF lies and grand deception as a way of conducting social and commercial transactions,” he asked.

“Mr. Sata on his own accord promised to lead Zambia in accordance with the 10 commandments. So, for him to deliberately and persistently go against the commandments is a clear attempt to mock God for personal gain, it is very unfortunate to say the least, and honestly, I fear for him,” Mr. Hichilema said.

He said the 9th Commandment in the Bible found in Exodus 20 v16 and in Deuteronomy 5 v 20, reads “You shall not give false testimony against your neighbour”. This is essentially a command against lying. To give false testimony or bear false witness simply means to lie about another person, especially for personal gain.

Mr. Hichilema said the Bible was full of warnings about the consequences of this sort of behaviour, for example in Galatians 6 v 7 “Do not be deceived, God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows”.

“What do you do with a person who confesses to you that they did not mean what they said after you have fallen for the lie?,” Mr. Hichilema asked as the crowd responded “you remove them!”

He said PF should just admit that they are political failures who are in a scramble for personal wealth going by the numerous contradictions, instructions and counter-instructions among themselves as no one seems to know what to do.

“Be it on the constitution, referendum and distribution of farming inputs, it is all lies and someone has made money over the inflated and over priced fertilizer. They cheat you that a constitution referendum is very expensive yet they are inducing a countless number of by-elections almost on a daily basis,” he said.

He warned that Zambians should now brace themselves for increased mealie meal prices, fuel costs, electricity tariffs, increased transport costs, a raising national debt due to borrowing, and other hardships while PF leaders are enjoying free medical services abroad.

When asked about president Sata’s holiday, Mr. Hichilema said the norm in the civilised world is for the country to know where the leader has gone for obvious reasons, such as security, diplomatic considerations and for the stability of the country, as it leaves no area for insinuations.

“Yes our president deserves a holiday but the office he holds demands that where he is on holiday is known. Can you imagine David Cameron (British Prime Minister), Barrack Obama (USA President), Angela Meckel (Germany Chancellor) disappearing without people knowing? In fact, for our colleagues, we would even be seeing holiday pictures of the president laying on a camp chair; on some beach somewhere but in a known place,” he said.

“Imagine if it was former presidents Rupiah Banda or late Levy Mwanawasa (MHSRIP) who announced that they were going on a 14-day working holiday “somewhere”, there are no points guessing who would be the first person to be making noise in newspapers and morning radio stations”, Mr Hichilema concluded.


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  1. Yasa chilombwana. Well said but how do u cut such lies wen u come in power? Give a vivd solution. Just hammer the nail on its head.

    • Well this is good news! CB is beginning to respond positively to HH , the future Zambian president who will restore rule of law, real economic development, and freedoms and stop rampant corruption and financial recklessness.

      HH is the leader Zambia needs right now to propel our country into a decent future. He is NOT tainted politically because he has never been part of all the failed political regimes. What he brings to Zambian politics is credibility, honesty and prudent economic policies.

      Why people need to believe HH is because he is not doing it out of financial gains. Unlike most other opposition leaders he has enough money he made through hard work without any political favours. Just imagine, why would he steal millions from a broke government coffers when he has K350 billion.

    • HH – I will need you to tell me what you will instead do for the people. But again moving forward anyone aspiring to be President of this Country will have to sign a social contract on which they will have to step down should we prove that what they said during campaigns is at loggerheads from how they deliver.


    • I’m sorry but didn’t he say anything about his manifesto, how’s hes going to do things differently? Is this all our ‘Obama’ is made of, how about taking advantage of his time on the copperbelt to explain the plains he has for Zambia? If attack and ridicule is all he knows please give me strength because we would be in trouble if the unthinkable was to happen in 2016. At least his friends promised us 90days to hold them to.

    • Apparently he had to travel with his car windows closed on the copperbelt because of the ridicule,booing and humiliation he received on the copperbelt.

    • @OldRugs. Don’t pretend to suffer from Selective Amnesia. HH Talks about WHAT He will do several times. Don’t just pop-out your head only when it suits you. Be objective.

      As for @Msana. Go to the UPND website for the manifesto. In fact a few portions in the Perpetual Fraudsters (PF) were cut and paste from the UPND Manifesto. But the Paya Farmers hev failed to implement let alone interpret.

    • Bwana mkubwa
      That’s fine I’ll do that but what about my aunt in chimwemwe who doesn’t have access to the Internet? I’m not bothered that your Obama is not doing the right thing because to be honest I want him to lose heavily in 2016 and consign him to the political dust bin once and for all.

    • @Msana. Your concern in your blog was What he said. And from your sentiments I take it you are one of those filled with bitterness for some unknown reason. Get healing my Bro.

      As for your Aunt in Chimwemwe, if she is objective, you would probably be surprised that she can even tell you more about what HH says he will do for Zambia.

    • Believe it or not she doesn’t know much other him nor his party. If it wasn’t for her Tonga friends at her church she says she wouldn’t have even known UPND exists. I hope they will explain UPND policies to here because am afraid HH and his clueless mob are clearly useless when it comes to the business end of it.

    • Ha ha ha…Funny how UPND internet trolls like Wanzelu and Bwana Mkumbwa makes it look like UPND is doing fine on the ground apart from the tribal Western and Southern province.

    • @Njombwinjo at Large, Tomb A No call. How is Western Province tribal when the majority of the people in 2011 voted for RB and MMD? HH and UPND were second. Sata and PF were third. Milupi who is a Lozi actually came last with his ADD. Western Province is the only Province that took to Parliament MPS from 4 different parties. Now tell me how your Province voted.
      Honestly, it is high time morons like you were called out to stop projecting your own primitivity and tribalism onto others. Just remove that big and empty head of yours from your rectum and join the human race! !diot!

    • Dos Santos, well said mate! These PF monkeys have a tendency of creating their own reality! Its cheeky for supporters of a tribal regime to turn around and accuse innocent people of being tribalists when they are the same people who stand on rooftops to declare that they will never “allow a Tonga to be President”! The same people who unashamedly say that Sata is appointing mostly Bemba speakers because those are the people who ‘voted for Sata’ and he can ‘trust’ to ‘work with’! Deal with your demons @$$holes!

    • Njombwinjo I feel pity for you. What has Western Province done here honestly? For your own information WP is the most liberal Province in this Country. Go and do your research of the voting pattern in Western Province. Even Southern Province is Immaterial to this topic!!!!

    • @Njombwinjo at large…why do guys like you always rush to taint political leaders from other tribes as tribalists? It is apparent to me that what suits you isn’t right for other people to emulate. Mark the word EMULATE. I find it pathetic that every time someone in the opposition issues a statement you always rush to label them as being tribalist. Disgusting!

  2. We’ve been lied to for so many times by presidential aspiring candidates. Its no longer easy for many Zambians to know who’s really genuine!

    • @Luapula. I agree with you. The real problem however is that you have been using the same people since independence. Try to change this time.

    • Yes that is true.

      But we KNOW FOR SURE these Poor Fools are complete liars, and they are not even ashamed of it !!!!!

      ANYBODY would be better than them!

    • @Shootist. I agree with you. Change for the sake of change is truly dangerous. In fact that was the biggest mistake Zambians made in 2011. “They just wanted change” – Now see were we are.

      That is why I don’t buy the reason these guys forming the alliance are giving ati – “To remove PF at all cost.”

      The focus should be “Who do we want to put in place, and what will they give us?”

      In other words – Let us VOTE FOR, and not VOTE AGAINST.

  3. Well this is good news! CB is beginning to respond positively to HH , the future Zambian president who will restore rule of law, real economic development, and freedoms and stop rampant corruption and financial recklessness.

    HH is the leader Zambia needs right now to propel our country into a decent future. He is NOT tainted politically because he has never been part of all the failed political regimes. What he brings to Zambian politics is credibility, honesty and prudent economic policies.

    Viva UPND.

  4. I have never heard any of these so called opposition political parties articulate a well rounded manifesto except fault finding. They just yap when something happens which they can capitalise on. Cheap politics. They think being in the opposition means only criticising the ruling party. It is more than that. You need to sell your manifesto to the Zambian people and let them decide. PF is busy developing the country and I am sure that people will be more than convinced before 2016 to give PF another mandate. The people of Zambia are too intelligent to be duped by the rantings of the opposition.

    • go to their website and down load their manifesto. you seem to have an opposition phobia, everything they say to you is criticizing. learn to decipher what you hear. pf is developing which country? certainly not Zambia. you have a myopic view of development. a road to mupika is not the only yardstick for development. its social, political and infrastructure advancement my friend. go to school and learn

    • True my brother. Let me tell the things Sata has done that were not done before: 1) Upgrading the airport and building a new one (Over $400m). 2) Kitwe-Chingola dual carriageway. 3) Rural electrification. 4) Constructing and upgrading of 5 universities. 5) Link 8000. 6) L400. 7)Pave2000. 8) Constructing of chongwe bridge. 9) Constructing of schools. 10) Constructing of hospitals. 11) Revamping of Zambia Railways. 12) Increasing perks for GRZ workers. 13) Revamping of new districts. . 14) Grading and tarmacing of Mwinilunga road via chief Chibwika. 15) Opening of mini hydro in Muchinga. 16) Modernising of UTH and double car park. 17) Toll gates. 18) Roads in Ndola are nice. What different things would HH do? . When the projects are over in 2 years or so, the opp will have nothing to say

    • @Loyal. Be objective. Most of those projects you mention here were initiated, planned and budgeted for by the MMD SNDP and the Vision 2030. Only a few projects have hastily been set up by PF mostly for political expediency. If you observe carefully, you ll notice that chaos and corruption are the order of the day with the implementation of these projects. Even processes that were done orderly like FISP are in chaos.


    • Bwana Mkubwa, well always excuses. I never heard of L400, Link 8000, pave 2000, Upgrading UTH and double car park. I never heard of new district let alone the new airport. I never heard of revamping the railways by the MMD. If anything the PF overturned things for the better. They had 20 years to rule and did nothing and all you can say is that they were MMD projects. Give a break. For God’s sake 20 years? Besides there is no chaos in the implementation. All is well as far as I am concerned. Offcourse there are delays in constructing certain infrastrucures but all is on course. The ministers under PF are hard working. I never saw ministers MMD work so hard.

    • I still maintain that most projects are carry overs. Merely renaming a project does not change its initiator.

      As for confusion. Visit Choma and feel the confusion.

      Hardworking? Playing to gallery does not constitute hardworking for me. I see a habit with most PF officials redressing people at project sites in front of cameras – just to be seen as working. e.g. I saw Sichinga flagging the fertiliser trucks, but up to now some areas don’t have ferts. Last year Kambwili proudly saying the Heroes Stadium would open in Oct when no water, electricity, or access roads were in place. Several contracts given then cancelled, projects stalled etc.

      As for the new districts – the less I comment the better.

    • problem is you spend so much time listening to people like munkombwe and kambwili.you can’t listen to people like HH and chipimo because their english is beyond your understanding.

  5. The kind of leadership we have in government today is a reflection of what kind of people we are because if we were a serious people, we would not allow such nonsense to continue. But here we are going on with our lives as usual as if all is well. Anyway, we are reaping what we sowed. If we are a serious people, this useless PF government should have been kicked out a long time ago. You can imagine even Ms Elfidah Kansembe claims PF is so popular that the opposition has no numbers and can easily be defeated by PF if an election was held. The woman still lives in a dream world full of illusions. PF is a confused party. That’s why each time they have functions, they always want to fight because it is not known as to who is responsible for what. Sata appoints everyone, including sweepers.

  6. Zambia’s next president speaking the truth there and people responding postively. Let’s be all behind HH and remove Pama Fi.

  7. Ba HH come up with an agenda, even PF shouted ‘lower taxes, more money in your pockets for 10 years’ it didnt matter how realistic that was, but atleast they had an agenda other than just saying we need to remove the government, everyone knows that no wonder you are called opposition. the question is what are you bringing to the table thats what we want to hear!!

    • do not say ‘we’ makaka iwe. just speak for yourself. I for one have head sense come from his mouth through ‘let the people talk’ and other media houses

    • True bro..PF made noise for 10 years say the same thing…what is HH saying…same petty stuff which will make it hard for me to vote for him.

    • Who told you? Shame.
      I was there myself and it was great.

      Mulechita verify before speaking otherwise bakalami suwin’ga kwati ba Namakando

    • @ Chisokone market
      if HH was booed,do you think m’membe would have let it pass,you iddiot. just own up and say haleisa haleisa.

    • @Chisokone. HH was well received except for occasional rowdy behaviours from some either sponsored, jealousy or disillusioned hooligans and die-hard PF Cadres. They really didn’t disrupt anything.

      I hope you were not one of them. You come across as refined to me.

  8. Time is on the side of the non politicians in this great country, each day we wake up in this misery, we are drawn closer to the time when we are supposed to make an informed descision, to our friends in the rulling party, they are not seeing how fast time is running because they are enjoying, very soon they shall wake up to the election date of 2016, but it will be too late to make amends, Rupiah woke up overnight and tried to mend the pot holes in two months but it was too late. To PF, they shall try to fix the contitution, the wrangles with chiefs, the sky rocketing commodity prices, high electricity tarrifs, indefference to the electorate etc, the list is endless but it will be too late and the sun shall not stop rising to allow them fix all these things. Time is Running and very fast.

  9. FAKA PRESSURE! HH you are the next president, do not over promise like the current did, be realistic. This country is in a mess already so even before you start thinking about what you are going to do you need to find a good mop to clean out the mess already created by the paya farmer.

  10. It has been a while since a Zambian presented a statesmanship speech until now under HH.
    Mr Hachilema has stated truths that have eluded the Zambian political platform ever since Mr Sata began to breach both divine and Zambian law and betray the trust of Zambian people. The post election triuph victory of Mr Sata has been to deploy armies of lobbyists to plead their promises (90 day mantra) as a tool to woo support on their side. Hard truths have began to haunt the false promises.
    The burden of falsehood has fallen hardest on those who invested wholly in Mr Sata’s rhetiric such as the hard working people, the youths, farmers, small scale business people, pupils and ordinary people not to mention the Copperbelt people.

  11. There is an overwhelming national consensus that Mr Sata has presided over the worst presidency so far in the history of our country. And yet this is a man who has served in the pre independent government of the colonialists, served in UNIP KK governments as well as in multiparty post independent governments of late Chiluba.
    This made Mr Sata stand a good chance of providing one of the best presidency of our nation. Alas! to quote HH “Mr Sata on his own accord promised to rule Zambia (God’s people) in accordance with the 10 commandments. To choose deliberately and persistently go against the commandments is to mock our Lord the creator”. In Mr Sata’s case for personal gain. God can not be mocked, a man reaps what he sows- failed presidency.

  12. UPND manifesto is there for all to see, its only that some people like hearing lies and are still drunk with Pama Fi promises which will never materialize.

    • Panga Family are finding it difficult to access it because it’s online and technology is allien to them. Just see how excited Ukwa is about the recent discovery, Face Book…lol. He even wants to govern the nation from a laptop…yaba..

  13. That’s why you can’t rule because you can’t even understand simple English Ba cholwe imwe. Having something and selling it are two different things. You can have the best manifesto on paper and yet fail to sell it. You are referring me to your useless website to download your ka useless manifesto. If that is the way you will go about campaigning with your under 5, then mwaloba ilyauma Baice!

  14. Let HH mock himself, sitting in State House 2016. I even wonder how possible it is for him to become president of Zambia in 2016 since his own political party UPND will go for another person at the next convention. If he forms his own party, maybe he can be another President Ackim Ngosa, going for nomination alone and claiming his Scott cart of oxen is stuck somewhere in Monze and his supporters can not be with him, thus pulling out of the race.

  15. Well said HH mbuya! This is the man my family will give a vote in 2016 as we wait for the Barotseland State to be a full-fledged State.

    I truly believe in HH’s philosophy shared some time back that lack of corporate leadership makes it almost impossible for a country to have economic development. Allow me to use your own words HH: “Corporate leadership allows for the effective management of finances, the elements of financial systems, property rights, and economic development that in turn influence national development”.

    These are the premises on which I draw a conclusion that Zambia will never develop until it is led by you HH with technical competency in corporate leadership.

    • Sorry – Zambians can’t understand that affluent speak! Educating Zambians is like watching a plant grow…they seem never endowed enough to learn or understand anything. They are truly the real Africans and are synonymous to perpetual brain stagnation. Something to do with their brains being cooked in the godammit scorching heat which is a curse rather than a gift from God.

    • Sorry – Zambians can’t understand that affluent speak! Educating Zambians is like watching a plant grow…they seem never endowed enough to learn or understand anything. They are truly the real Africans and are synonymous to perpetual brain stagnation. Something to do with their brains being cooked in the godammit scorching heat which is a curse rather than a gift from God.


  17. @Shi Mwape….You are cheating mamambala. You just HATE him coz he is LEARNED. Go to school…!!!


    Lsk, Central , Western, Northwestern, Southern & Certain parts of Eastern Provinces he is well known.

    Game CHANGER has just begun.
    Viva Fr Bwalya Viva HH Viva UPND

    • But where do you stay my good brother/sister? Visit CB towns, especially Chingola and Chililabombwe and see how unemployment is increasing by day. contracts are being terminated every day and hundreds are being offloaded onto the streets. That’ why even crime has gone up . . pipo have to survive!! Continue thinking this is 2011 and you’ll get the shock of your life come 2016. Don’t say you were not warned. THINGS ARE REALLY BAD.

  18. Oh my word, this speaks a lot about the falling fortunes of PF. Who would have ever thought that HH would be able to talk like this Pa Copperbelt without being lynched?? I suggest he continues this momentum. From there, travel to northern province, shower praises on GBM and the Shilubembas then travel to Luapula. Don’t worry, I will have my people on the ground to tie up Luapula Premier and confiscate his war loin cloth and tuma spears before you get there.

  19. No matter what negatives the PF supporters will say about HH, I will still support the man. HH has leadership qualities. My own family members and the extended ones we have resolved to give HH chance to rule this country from 2016. I’m not Tonga but Bemba but have been disappointed by the way PF is governing this country. Bane lets not just support because we speak same language with Sata. Ba HH put more pressure on them. I know the man has blocked you to voice many major national issues. You cant move freely because he knows you will finish him in a short possible time. Nevertheless we are behind you HH. Some of us we are right now busy campaigning for you. Ba Kaponya should pack their bags in 2016. There is no unit in their party and fighting amongst themselves is the order of the day.

  20. Iwe @ ka G or whatever you call yourself. Where did you get this useless idea that PF are not learned? Keep on dreaming Baice. That’s a very basic thing that every normal human needs – EDUCATION. Twaliya ku Sukulu Baice Bandi, belamibepa. Ifwe tukafwa nefi book muminwe. So apa mwaice wandi G, ndepandaula ci Second Doctorate. I already have my first Doctorate Degree. Waumfwa mwaice wandi, umfwikishe!

    • Hahahahahaha eish you have cracked my ribs…problem with these HH supporters they think we are not educated..which isn’t the case. Some of us wont talk about education as it is not a major factor when making decisions on who to vote for..so for as long as they will keep looking down on us their ka HH will never be prez.

  21. Could someone please provide me with more information regarding HH. Why do people say he is tribal? What did he say or do to conclude that he practices is a tribalism? I just want to make an informed opinion about this Zambian. All I hear is HH is tribal without people really illustrating what it is that he has done or said. Or is it just like labelling someone pompous just because that person scares you down to your pants?

  22. This i diot that thinks with his tribe and race!Tell us what u are go to do and stop insulting the coparas that voted for [email protected] with your minions cease from thinking we are gullible who can be sweyed by yo hypocritical leader. fo ol !

    • We know you are not gullible Osmore, what we do know is that you are thick-skulled and I wish you wouldn’t generalise ati ‘we, we’ unless you have a pet rat in your pocket.

  23. one thing l av goten frm him is he agrees he wil not bcam president at any day zts why he has now turned priest.most zambians live fo a day so if u want their votes preach shot term.its z reason we av pamelas in our country.is realy a under 5.thanx

  24. I like (in the comical sense) the manner in which PF sycophants and fanatics defend their party even when the writing is clear on the wall that PF’s performance is thus far way below the bar Zambians had set for them. I am sure if all Zambians were such zealots in their work as these guys are in defending even indefensible shortcomings of their party this country would be developed and without the abject poverty we keep talking about. However much as they have the right to be this egocentric they should once in a while listen to advice and criticism. They provide a good yard stick with which to check one self’s dispensation of duty to others.

  25. HH, hammer them. PF will not get away easily. Ask KK, where is He? MMD, where is it. Zambians when they say enough is enough it is enough. PF will try all the tricks in the book but I am afraid, that is politics, if you do not deliver you are out. It is like dying, when time comes, you go. After all God puts govts and removes them, even strongmen like Gaddaffi gone.

    • Great questions…but ask yourself how long did it take.? who was the leader of the said movement.? If you put HH vs MCS politically you will realize that ka HH is truly under 5. Do you understand why HH is called under 5.? This is actually an understatement.

    • It is not true that HH is under 5. The truth is HH is actually an under 3. Adult people who rate HH as an under 5 at least listen with a blind eye at him. The man is an under 3. He belongs to the antenatal clinic every Tuesday of every week of every month of every year until he enrols with Primary political education system in 2030. I know that I will live to that and prove to all that HH is then will be under 5 (political – learner) Politician. But there is an option for him to shorten the duration for his political status. By correspondence he can apply now for tuition. Just call George Chella & he may help.

  26. @ Shi Mwape……but u reasoning is sounding different frm someone persue a PhD.

    For your info Sata’s son has just married a Tonga woman…!!and my Bemba tribesman married a Tonga woman.
    And my Father is Bemba and Mum is Tonga.

    So in your reasoning “REASON UNDERSTANDABLY”.
    @ DudeLove thumbs…..I am heading my Village to in Northern Province.

    Viva HH Viva UPND

  27. I have done a quick analysis of the presidents we had in Zambia. Key highlights of the analysis include the facts that:
    1st President Kaunda- bemba/bisa, was a dictator, but was development oriented;
    2nd President Chiluba- bemba, was a thief, crook and plunder but introduced democracy;
    3rd President Levy Mwanawasa- Soli/lenje-was a democrat, development- oriented and was practical in approach to politics;
    4th President RB-nyanja/tumbuka- was a domecrat, had bumper harvests and central bank reserves;
    5th President- Sata- bembe, is Pathetic failure, dictator, thief, and will soon be dying of some cancer.
    On average, the performance of non- bemba presidents has resulted in the stability of the kwacha, bumper harvest, respect for human rights, reduced corruption, etc. so the choice is…

    • @AM you pathetic tribalist. We will continue ruling you. You are a wasted sperm. A f.ool and stupid. You will die of envy and soon you will be swallowed up in depression. There isn’t even any analysis in the nonse you have scribbled. Don’t you know that Mwananwasa found Chiluba has already laid a foundation for HIPC completion point? Did Mwananwas or RB give us a constitution? You pathetic liar. Who did the construction of this country? You i.diot

  28. It is all hallucination from these demons,@dudalove,Wanzelu and others.More cries in 2016,tribalists.fi upnd are u not the ones that hated Levy?l can c that u are indeed demons who keep on changing all the time.Sick minds!

  29. Bembas are egoncentric….and very ardamant…..very tribal but always pointing fingers at others that they are tribal.i dont know wat they use when thinking…..are your brains in your rectums for u to cling on tribalistic elements all the way.and why do u feel more superior when there are many tribes in zambia.and why do u feel its only bembas who were predestined to rule this country for ever.The moment u will realise zambia is bigger than one egoncentric tribe,the better.dont feel u are the only people who voted for sata.without votes from different tribes and provinces sata wouldn’t have been in state house.We told MMD we were fade up with their stupidity,they were very pompous,but they licked their wounds.we the people who voted for sata,can still vote him out if time to retire him…

  30. O how I look forward to 2016. Some people will die when 2016 election results are out. The same people were saying in 2011 were popular and that they would win elections. What did Zambians see?…they came third. Even this time they are busying saying are wining while back in their minds they know they will not. Any way , I am just looking forward to 2016, there is no need of quarreling over who will win or who will not….Zambians will decide the fate of PF , UPND, FDD, MMD , PP, NAREP, …so please let me end here.

    Peace and Prosperity to Mother Zambia.

  31. Cease fire! Listen and listen gud.
    Pf has done its part despite duping the masses.
    Having said that ,i think in 2016 we desperately nid change.
    We were is free education? Were is the new constitution? Were is better medicare?

  32. PF will soon be history. If the party members within this party will not stand up like GBM has done, they will be obliterated form the Zambian political landscape like UNIP. Like a house fly which fails to recognize that the corpse it is feeding on will one day be buried and sticks to it regardless so will the party membership be buried from the Zambian political scene. I feel pity for this party. What a grand squander of people’s confidence

  33. Sorry – Zambians can’t understand that affluent speak! Educating Zambians is like watching a plant grow…they seem never endowed enough to learn or understand anything. They are truly the real Africans and are synonymous to perpetual brain stagnation. Something to do with their brains being cooked in the godammit scorching heat which is a curse rather than a gift from God.

  34. Supporting something does not mean you have to do it at the detriment of sense when things are going wrong. A lot of Zambians lack objectivity. If something is good, say it is. If HH says something sensible, accept it. Being pig-headed for its own sake doesn’t take you any where. When the wheels of the revolution begin spinning, you will be left floundering in the ruins of the Party that you blindly followed. A man who has never submitted to anything, will soon submit to the burial mat.

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