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Government rejects donation made by GBM towards the construction a bus terminus in Kasama


Local Government minister Emerine Kabanshi
Local Government minister Emerine Kabanshi

GOVERNMENT has rejected a monetary donation made by suspended Patriotic Front (PF) Kasama Central Member of Parliament Geoffrey Mwamba towards the construction a bus terminus in Kasama.

Local Government and Housing Minister, Emerine Kabanshi based the rejection of the pledged funds amounting to K100, 000 on grounds that the project to build an ultra-modern bus terminus in Kasama is a Government programme for which funds had already been allocated.

Ms Kabanshi who is in Northern Province to inspect works falling under her Ministry accused Mr Mwamba, who has seemingly lost clout in the PF, of employing political gimmicks in donating the money.

“The project is already planned and budgeted for by Government and as such there is no need for the MP to make any donation,” she said

She encouraged Mr Mwamba, who is popularly known as GBM, to find a stand-alone project he would start on his own from scratch if he wanted to make a mark.

Mr Mwamba during his month-long festive season holiday in Kasama promised to contribute K100, 000 towards the construction of what will be Kasama’s first ever bus station.

Mr Mwamba announced the development after touring Chikumanino market adding that he would personally spearhead the construction of the inter-town bus station which has stalled for some time now.

When contacted for comment, Mr Mwamba said he was in Kasama and would issue a statement later.

Meanwhile, PF deputy secretary general Bridget Atanga says the lifting of suspensions of party members across the country does not include those of Kasama Central member of Parliament (MP) Geoffrey Mwamba and Member of the Central Committee Elizabeth Phiri.

On Saturday, the party announced the lifting of all suspensions of its members across the country in the spirit of harmony, peace and hard work.

Ms Atanga said the cases of Mr Mwamba and Ms Phiri do not fall under her jurisdiction and were being handled at a higher level.

“The lifting of suspensions I announced doesn’t include that of GBM and Mrs Phiri.

Those cases don’t fall under me…if you can remember, Mrs Phiri was suspended by the President, and for GBM, I don’t even want to talk about it,” she said.

But when contacted for a comment, Mr Mwamba said since his suspension is being treated differently, he would rather keep quiet.

“I don’t have anything to say as it [his suspension] is a special case,” Mr Mwamba said as he laughed.

And Ms Atanga said the party decided to lift suspensions of PF members so that it can concentrate on delivering development.

She said there were some suspensions that came about without following procedure.

“We should not just suspend everybody anyhow. Somebody should be warned at least three times before that person can be suspended.


    • GBM is spent grain, it is PF who who made him win Kasama Central seat. Politically Mwamba is still under five and can not turn tables for PF. He made same noise when he lost ownership of Savoy hotel in Ndola which he tried to buy through corruption. The man wants to clean dirty money through pseudo donations.

    • Ba Emerine Kabanshi, sorry that I made such romantic comments the other day, you don’t deserve that.
      A woman who insults other women’s husbands like GBM may not win respect in society, learn from Ba Inonge Wina.

    • Mrs kabanshi or whatever ! How come this project whose funds where already budgeted plus the mwamba’s donation is now stuck. Did you steal the money yourself ?

    • My once hero party has exhibited extreme childishness which it never were expected to be is truly made of! I think we are pretty done!

  1. In effect this govt is rejecting a role model of what GBM can do for his country in favour of the cancer of what your country can do for you.PF govt is such a great example for our kids

  2. Petty Minister/Government so what if he is playing political gimmicks the money was donated to the people of Zambia not PF. Use your brains not emotions OK you hate the guy but GRZ needs all the money it can get its hands on so learn to separate the 2. Pleas stop seeking revenge at any given opportunity silly things like this keep holding us back.

  3. What description can we give to a party full of confusions like the PF ? Can such a party charaterised by confusions with unpredictatble characters honestly deliver and run a smooth government to the expectations of the people ? What wrong has GBM done apart from a mere resignation from a government portfolio for himto face such opposition ? Can the Patriotic Front be trusted anymore ? Some people thinks when they ascend to power they become angels or half gods and therefore, have got the right to step on other people’ s rights or toes. Days are numbered and whatever goes up comes down. One day, those who consider themselves to be elephants will become rats.

  4. Well done GBM, keep them on their toes. These guys are having sleepless nights over K100 000.00? PF is self destructive, it is just a matter of time before more people start jumping ship. GBM stay in PF for more confusion!

  5. Kwena am disappointed with pf and its petty politics. GBM has been making donations in his constituency ever since he became mp way back from mmd time. I remember him donating the whole gratuity he got that time, which went towards the construction of location market, now whats wrong this time but ba pf namupwa. Ubupuba nabwingila, you think by rejecting the donations people will hate GBM, mwalabafye bane he is the icon of the land, and please continue making him popular and wait patiently for 2016.

    • First PF says there is no money for the Constitution referendum.

      But now they say they do not need money???

      Confused liars!

  6. If we could all back to memory lane for a minute and reflect on the sacrifices GBM made for Sata and PF, then we can make better conclusions.. a few examples include donation for the Kabwe Convention, Sata’s Vehicles, Campaign Funds etc…Who would love to be repaid like this anyways??
    Karma is real..

  7. The thing with GBM is that he wanted to take it that money bought him everthing he needed in PF. Just because he greatly helped during the election he wanted to take other people for granted.

    • Thats not the issue here. GBM is still waht he was then and PF knew it but PF didn’t think that mattered. The crime is that the man resigned from government and this hasn’t gone well with the powers that be. This has been taken as GBM doing a “Dora Siliya” to PF (raising the middle fingure – for those who cant remember). Suddenly the veil has been lifted from the eyes of the PF and GBM is now the crook we all have known him to be. Just swallow your pride and accept the fact that GBM did nothing wrong by resigning. Move on ba PF.

  8. It seems this government would rather borrow than receive a donation from a citizen, I personally find this illogical. GBM was trying to donate to the people of Kasama not PF, why refuse? I don’t think the government must be “emotional.” Anyways, Mr. GBM may you donate that money towards the modernisation of the Chitimukulu’s palace. Let the government tax us the poor more and borrow for that station project if that’s what please.

    • This is NOT a donation its money from GRZ so GRZ will be making its own donation if you like. Hence the probing go to Defence and see how many people GBM laid off when they advised him he was not the only supplier who needed to be paid. Go to FRA and see that no one was paid before GBM was and at times he wiped the budget clean. Yes it is sad that PF are only ‘cleaning’ house now but this mans actions where reported to DEC,ACC a long long time ago. You will see what will happen the day Alex Kakwanja ,Summer Kamimba or Sylvia Maroads step down… Corruption the length of Gt. East road with no shame in old age.

  9. The donation should have come from some white man from European Union for the construction of a modern market. That was going to be News on Meanwhile TV. Donation/Grant is only from outside the country as per Govt definition. All those Europeans who are donating funds to govt for particular projects should be told to start their own projects?????

  10. Hope by Ultra-modern we mean it to the letter; a bus station that is well sheltered with loading utilities that make it worthwhile for safety aspects. If it is just a large roof over a space with concrete floors it is subliminal.

  11. What us wrong with successful wealthy Zambians giving back some of the wealth to the pople who made them rich? This is really cheap of PF. We have seen the Bill Gates and the Patrice Motsepes of this world do just that. People must be encouraged to plough back what they have accumulated to alleviate the many problems unfortunate Zambians go through everyday. We are a nation of plunderers and as such we find it very alien for one to give. It is always steal, steal like Sata and his family are doing. I was in the process of donating my hard earned money in South Africa to a deserving charity but this has put me off. What a pathetic bunch of people masquerading as leaders.

  12. No matter what, it’s wrong to refuse donations meant for the people. That aside if this was the first time GBM was donating questions could be asked. The man has been donating ever since even before PF was of any significance. He donated to UCZ 100 000, he donated to Catholic 100 000, the man has set a standard of 100 000 and nothing less. Which of those ministers have ever contributed to the people with exception of Miles Sampa using their own money. When GBM bought them cars it was fine but now he wants to build for the community it’s wrong. PF could have instead channeled their big money to other projects. Kasama is in dire need of so many things. Anyway people of kasama lets welcome their money and projects, in their fear of Ba Shilubemba, we will capitalize and enjoy their…

  13. Today you can afford to reject his money because you have tax money in your pockets. But don,t forget that mwamba bought you vehicles and hired planes for you to get into office. Shame on you…. mwamba may not be very educated but is very principled.( ok but ubupuba tafwaya pantu nabakashi alalopola)

  14. If it was a foreigner donating, govt would have accepted the donation but because it is a Zambia, they don’t want to get the money.

  15. The statement that this will be “Kasama’s first ever bus station” misleading and a clear misrepresentation of facts. Kasama used to have Inter Town bus station during the UBZ days. Most of the structures being used as warehouses by the people selling fish where waiting rooms, ticket sales centres and other offices. I remember that the bus station even had public toilets where people have built the small shops. PLEASE GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT

  16. @PM please donate it to me towards so tht I can pay towards my Tuition Fees. I can send u the account of my school here in India.

    • How is it that all these Blacks can be scared of GBM, its also interesting that the Guy is being called to he cop shop NOW , when this issue came up no one not even the toothless Anti Corruption Commission… said anything .. Now that the chap is out of Government They shoudl find a case. ….

      Governemnt of Jokers … and scared liitle men

  17. Sorry development. One thing I have learnt is that politicians are not reliable today they may be at each other’s necks tomorrow they will be buddy buddy and you and I waste energies picking one side after the other! The motives for both are bad each just want political mileage towards the anticipated by election. It breaks my heart at the poor leadership we have in the country.

  18. People are not interested in donations with strings attached. Why didn’t he donate before all these squabbles with his masters? Remember the Hammers mills were removed from Kasama when someone lost the elections. We don’t want to see even the bus terminals to be abruptly removed when he says I have resigned as MP from Kasama.

    • You are an ignorant GBM has been donating not only to his constituency , but to numerous other projects and causes, including churches, NGOs and clubs outside Kasama for many years now, even before he became MP. Get you little brain from your butt for some fresh air instead of commenting out of ignorance.

  19. As I have said before I’m no fan of GBM or the PF but it’s now clear that the PF leadership for no apparent reason is having sleepless nights over GBM. What is worrying is why the authorities are not telling the nation exactly what wrong this man has done.
    Why treat an innocent man with such malice and hatred? Leave him alone to lead a normal life with his family and friends. Who knows, perhaps without GBM’s financial and material inputs the PF would not be in power today.

    • @The London Eye
      “Why treat an innocent man with such malice and hatred? ” The same reason Sata is treating bashi Lubemba and Chanda Sosala in particular. This govt of PF has a serious problem of inferiority complex. They react emotionally, not professionally, to every problem, like a woman scorned. How could we have ended up with such a situation, mickey mouse actually in charge of serious business of governing our republic.

  20. GBM, Kasama is poor through and through. There are many areas you casn touch people’s lives with that money. Just look around and identify where you can plough in that money for the benefit of the poor in Kasama. This same govt is broke already we know even though they are refusing the money.

  21. @ saul,

    Don’t say GBM’s money is from GRZ. What you may wish to know is that the man has been doing well in business for years, before he even went into politics.
    I have know people who will accuse any successful person of being a witch or a drug dealer. They take themselves to be the standard – thinking since they cant make it, then everyone cant. Such thinking is very little.

  22. What is the fear now? You told people “dont kubeba” get whatever MMD gives you as long as you know you will vote for PF. Speak the same message in Kasama today. What has changed?

  23. What a useless PF Gov. being proud for nothing when it has not much money to meet the needs. The money budgeted by the government for the new bus terminal should probably have been used to buy a scanner for Kasama General Hospital or build a laboratory for a school. Why being proud for nothing when Kasama has many needs to meet. Just accept the fact that GBM is generous.

  24. Tell him to donate to me! I will put that money to good use! Stop the cheap shots and get real GBM. This world is not for quitters! You had your time and now it’s all over. The wheel of fortune still churns over. You missed or jumped off your space on the wheel but now let others have a go! Take your money and enjoy life – try Brazil!

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