Thursday, February 22, 2024

Rapper CRI$I$ has song selected to be played at Olympic games



Zambian rapper CRI$I$ AKA Mr swagger has had his song “The fire inside” selected as one of the songs to be played during the Olympic Games.

This is what he posted on his official Facebook page :

“Oh my God! Wait! I really should be saying “Thank God.”
Just got a message, thanks to ReverbNation. My song ‘The Fire Inside’ has just been selected as one of the songs to be played during the Olympic Games  this year. Only 19 musicians were selected out of 7,857 applicants worldwide. Millions of people will be watching this major world event. More updates later. 
Meanwhile, imagine ‘The Fire Inside’ playing during the Olympics…..close yours and feel the vibe. ~ Mr. Swagger 

Check out “The Fire Inside Feat. Linx (Hot Version with New Verse)” by Crisis Mr. Swagger –




  1. I am not much of your fan but hey congrats its really a great honor to be shortlisted that shows that you did put in yo effort. However, b a humble person too much of yoself. By the way I do agree with Mushota can you find better name(s)? Wishing you the best in music if you act upon this advice.

  2. Nice one but I thought it is Commonwealth Games this year. I must be dozing in my alternate universe again…

  3. Chisenga never seizes to amaze me.I remember one time he was at my place 14 years ago and I asked him to rap in our local languanges not knowing he had gone globle in his mind.
    You doin it son .Congrats Mr.Swagger?

  4. Mr. Swagger , while I really appreciate your archivement, there is need for you to be original, by that i mean Zambian. when one listens to your music , one tends to think like you are an American.

  5. CRI$I$ ALL I can say is good music man! People will want to bring you down but you a strong character, keep doing your dream bro!! Haters, still there in there places where they belong!!!

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