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Nkomeshya in multi million Kwacha illegal mining scandal


Chieftainess Nkomeshya
Chieftainess Nkomeshya

Senior Chieftainess Nkomeshya Mukamambo II has been linked to an illegal multi-billion Kwacha mining deal involving a Chinese construction company China Jiangsu International Limited in her chiefdom.

Chieftainess Nkomeshya is linked to the deal through two companies Busoli Development Company and Skyline Quarry Limited, companies that are registered in the names of Nkomeshya’s daughter Mainza Elizabeth Mkomeshya, her husband Lenard Kawanu in collusion with some Chinese and Zambia nationals.

The directors of Skyline are Xue Buhai, Yajun Dong and the shareholders are Xue Buhai, Shuke Doreen Mwamba.
In the other company Busoli Development Company, the directors are George Mwamba, Mukuka Munkonge, Lenard Kawanu and Maiza Elizabeth Nkomeshya, who also pose as shareholders for the firm. The directors for China Jiangshu International Limited are Zou Chang Shan, Zhang Da Quing, Yajun Dung, Ling Diang Shun, Hnglun Zhang and these are also shareholders for the company.

The three companies have been denied mining permits and environmental permissions from the Ministry of Mines and Zambia Environemental Management Authority to conduct mining activities in an area because the area was owned by other businessman.

According to investigations conducted, the government issued a mining license to Vikram Investments Limited on November 12, 2012 for large scale prospecting on license number 16703-HQ-LP.

However, before Vikram Investments Limited could proceed with mining activities, Nkomeshya’s daughter Elizabeth, her husband Kawanu, George Mwamba and the Chinese moved into the prospecting area and are currently conducting mining activities.

According to investigations, Vikram obtained a court injunction to stop the illegal mining activities, but Nkomeshya’s Busoli Development has defied the court order by proceeding with mining works in which the firm is producing over 11, 000 tons of aggregates per day.

According to villagers in the surrounding areas, Nkomeshya had remained adamant that they would not allow Vikram to operate in her chiefdom because that was her land and she had the audacity to do what she wanted with her land.

China Jiangsu International, Busoli Development Company, Skyline Quarry Limited, Economic Technical Co (Z) Limited and George Mwamba have disregarded a High Court injunction and have grabbed a mining area dully given to Vikram Investment Limited and have started mining activities and quarrying.

Investigations have exposed that Nkomeshya’s companies had encroached Vikram Investment Limited prospecting area 16703-HQ-LPL which was formerly given to the company by the Ministry of Energy and Water Development.

Vikram Investments Limited was awarded a large scale prospecting licence number 16703-HQ-LPL in Shantumbu area in Chongwe but before the company could commence its mining activities, China Jiangsu International Limited ruthlessly moved on the site and started quarrying.

During the week, some Chinese nationals found at the mining site harassed journalists who visited the place to stop them from recording footage of the illegal mining.

On Wednesday,some journalists was almost fired at by the Chinese workers who claimed that they had been granted surface rights title by a local chief in Chongwe.

Despite the Ministry of Mines Energy and Mineral Development ordering Jiangsu International Limited and Skyline Quarry Limited, Economic Technical Company and Busoli Development Company to stop the mining activities and quarrying, the companies had continued their illegal mining activities, ignoring the court Injunction that was granted to Vikram against the companies.

Vikram Investment Limited had gone to court seeking a court injunction to restrain Jiangsu and Skyline Quarry Limited from conducting mining activities its large scale prospecting area but even after the injunction was granted, the Chinese company along with some Nkomeshya’s local companies have continued quarrying.

Vikram had applied for the large scale prospecting licence and the ministry of mines dully gave the company the licence and the Zambia Environmental and Management Agency had approved the environmental project brief and granted Vkiram to commence its mining activities.

One of the letters from the Mines Safety Department addressed to Vikram Investment Limited, the government felt Vikram Investments had fulfilled all the conditions of the Environmental Assessment Impact.

However, its prospecting areas were dubiously and maliciously invaded by China Jiangsu International Limited with the assistance of Busoli Development Company, a company owned by the daughter to Chiefteness Nkomesha Mukamambo.
Efforts to have China Jiangsu International Limited stop its illegal mining and quarrying activities in the prospecting area have proven futile.

Investigations showed that Vikram alerted ZEMA and the agency instructed the Chinese and Nkomeshya’s companies to remove equipment and stop the illegal mining but the companies have ignored all orders with impunity.
The companies have also defied orders from the Zambia police to move from the site and have arrogantly continued with its illegal mining.


    • Thats Masebos’s domino effect beginning to follow all those connected to her.

      Is her still an envoy in Japan?

    • Nkomeshya is right, its her land she can do what she wants with it. I am just comparing with my grandfather’s land, if I see anyone there.. pakafwa umuntu.

    • @Nostraamus
      There is a George Mwamba involved in that scandal.. is that name familiar or related to you and bwana GBM??

    • @Ndobo, you mean George Mwamba is the very brother of GBM, I don’t think so. Anyway, Mwamba sounds very Zambian compared to a Vikram.
      Man Ndobo, I grew up in villages, I understand who owns land. It is like me coming to dig diamonds at that ka plot of yours in Matero.
      Mwandini Bana Sylvia Masebo, hold your grounds, I just hope that Sata will not dis-gazzette you.

    • @Nostradamus
      so you mean that if copper is discovered under my house in matero that copper is mine Sata cant dis-gazzette me and get copper to help with dollar instruments which are giving ba chikwanda headaches

    • Nostradamous please do not mislead Ndobo. If you have a title deed please read carefully what it reads on the extent of land you own and what it says about minerals. The top of the land is yours but what is under it belongs to the goverment and may be grabbed from you and given to someone else to develope it. If in doubt ask a lawyer.

  1. It’s misleading to say ‘Nkomeshya is involved in an illegal mining scandal’. The story shows that she has no role in the mining activities. The daughter and her husband are adult who operate of their own free will. Whatever the case, who says when one is a chief’s daughter they cannot engage in any form of business?

    • so in that peanut u call ur brain u think she doesn’t know or she is not involved in the illegal activities of the person who sleeps in her bed daily??let alone land over which she presides??what sought of dullness is this??

  2. these 1diots think pf will be in power for ever. one day and just one day things are going to turn upside down for them and it will be time to dance pelete. masebo has been fired, nkomesha you were used by sata you are now simply a disposable hyena

    • Matipa, one fact we often overlook when speaking about political parties is that these are just names; the individuals are the same. Are you now trying to educate us that Sata is actually PF having been MMD and UNIP thus far? What we should be seeking to do is resolve not to recycle too much of our leadership, otherwise – yes – PF will not be forever but the gullible voters will still usher the same people into power time and time until biology takes care of their participation. That is the lot of the Zambian electorate.

  3. St. Jude, the issue here is Illegal Mining and the rest was the issue that we wanted to know who is involved in this illegal mining.

    Illegal mining is an offense who benefits the money that comes from there? Does the govt get taxes from there or the money goes to China? Hey only the people who are doing such things are able to know

  4. LT, I do not see any illegality by the chieftainess She is neither a director nor a shareholder of any of the companies in subject. You are ones in illegal activity of Defamation. pls correct the story quickly.

    • What LT are saying is that the Chiefteiness allocated this land to the Chines when the ministry responsible had already allocated it to another company which was going through the process of starting mining ie impact assessment report etc. If a ministry allocates the chief must not intefere if necessary she should have followed laid down proceedure to challenge the issuance. If you are familiar with the proceedure for an EIA(environmental Impact Assessment) you will not that there is a time for the community to make their observations on the proposed project.

  5. what is a Mine? quarrying aggregates? OK then that useles VIKRAM how did theyget the licence? they have no capacity? the choncholiz have the capacity , equipment and technology, please just let them continue and Govt just makes sure those chaps are paying tax

  6. It is her land. Let her mine and the equipment is of good standard. Is Vickram from India? They can be given another land.

  7. First, her maiden name is elizabeth mulenje,secondly the ministry of mines has been giving large chunks of land to foreigners denying rights to owners of the land.elizabeth has a right to demand a share within her chiefdom,those indians should go mine in india.the ministry is full of charlatans!

  8. Ekulilapo mwandi Mayo Nalufyala Mfumu! You just cannot have even grass from your own backyard taken away leaving you with nothing! Where does then Ubufumu get the benefit from? Some Chief somewhere has sold all the land that was in his chiefdom!


  9. Vikram my indian brother go to Muchinga Province to grab mines there.
    And please my brother help me get a mine in india.

  10. Without even delving into the merits of which side has valid mining claims to the area in question, I can sense anarchy in the conduct of affairs that are at the very heart of the exploitation of the nations resources. No respect for the rule of law, court decisions or processes. When we say it is important that we have Constitutionalism ( that is ensured by clear provisions and delimitations of powers, respect for the independence of professional institutions ) because of its linkages to accountability, economic planning and a check on corruption and excesses, myopic people say there is no nexus. They cannot discern that the realisation of real economic development sprouts from a base of good governance.

  11. And just like that, PF shot themselves in the foot and lost Soliland. The little votes they got in Chongwe, thanks to Her Highness and Sylvia, will not be had next time around. Congrats, PF for digging your own grave. You are shi.tting on everyone who helped you get in office, and short of dictatorial tendencies and fraud/rigging, you are on your way out.

  12. This is the reason she is protesting against a people driven constitution. That is not her land personally. It is her people’s land. She is just the custodian. Nowonder people submitted to the constitution technical committee the incusion of the clause that the president be the ultimate custodian of the land because some chiefs had started begining to think that the land they had jurisdiction over was their personal property. We definitely need a people driven constitution now.

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