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Antonio Mwanza advises youths in the continent to take a leaf from Julius Malema


 Economic Freedom Fighters President Julius Malema

Economic Freedom Fighters President Julius Malema

Forum for Democracy and Development spokesperson Antonio Mwanza has called on youths from around the continent to take a leaf from Julius Malema whose party the Economic Freedom Fighters came third in the just ended national elections in South Africa 7 months after its formation.

Commenting on the recent national elections in South Africa Mr. Mwanza said African youths can learn a lot from Mr. Malema who has shown that it is possible for young people to stand up and fight for what they believe in and what is rightfully theirs.

He said though some people may dismiss Mr. Malema because of his unpopular economic stance in his country, one has no choice but to admit that he is a smart and effective politician whose massage was head and believed by the majority of the poor and unemployed south African youths.

“There mere fact that a party that has only been in existence for seven months won over a million votes is testimony enough that comrade Julius Malema, 33 is an effective and smart politician whose message resonates with the majority of the poor and unemployed South African youths.

“I personally do not agree with some of his populist rhetoric and not ascribe to his somewhat uncouth public antics but his boldness and commitment to the cause of South African youths many has won him the admiration of millions of young people across the African continent,” said Mr. Mwanza.

Mr Mwanza further urged youths to stop being distant spectators in the political arena but to vigorously pursue both economic and political power as opposed to slogan chanters of older politicians.

He said Mr Malema has shown that youths in the continent should be counted and refuse to ‘tails and tools older politicians but instead strive to be brave and patriotic enough to stand up and fight for what is rightfully theirs.

“As young people we should not accept to be tails and tools of the older politicians. Youths should be brave and patriotic enough to stand up and fight for what we feel and know is rightfully ours. African youths should stand up and be counted amongst the first and not the last as we stir the continent forward,”

The Economic Freedom Fighters Party scoped 24 seats and came out third in the recent polls in South Africa.


  1. Zambian youths are a disgrace :: beer drinking and casual sex, they are certainly the best. There inclination towards whites is another source of worry : real madrid , man u, man city liver pool, stoke city etc boyfriends ,& girl friends they want colourds

    • Malema may be retoric but is a damn good mass mobiliser. Chipimo and HH should learn something from Malema. There is a youth vote out there waiting to be mobilsed and harnessed. Get to Colleges, universities, townships, and mobilse. It is not about going to synagogues , cathedrals to ask for GOD,s intervention. It just about mobilsation. The time to get youths to register as voters is now in readiness for 2016. Ba opposition are a let down.

    • Kill the boers. drive them into the ocean?

      But Antonio walishalila sana. Abena Zambia mwampapusha.

      Of all things RSA Malema being a model and to who????

      No wonder some politicians in Zambia are behaving like Malema and we call them Malema

  2. To hell with your Julius Malema. We will continue with the Panga Family cheered on by the old, tired, sick and finished Chumbu Kelenka.

  3. Antonio Mwanza is a disgruntled individual with nothing to offer the nation. The chap is in politics not to contribute but to benefit. I know this guy from UNZA. He will jump at any opportunity to make a buck. Shut up you failure!

  4. Iwe Mwanza do you know what you are talking about to hell with your useless advise for nothing that’s the worst dull chaps in SA if you don’t know

  5. Malema’s massage is for the illiterate and lazy ,they want to grab other peoples sweat.
    Economic freedom fighting must be about innovation not nationalization.

  6. Ba Mwanza, if Mr. Malema is your mentor, just emulate him yourself. Don’t force it on our innocent youths. What is there to learn from this rubble rouser called Julius Malema?

  7. Antonio Mwanza i think you have no idea of what you are talking about, you can not encourage the Zambian youth based on the EFF party and Malema going to parliament. The electoral process in SA is very different from the Zambian process and a party sends its members to parliament based on the number of votes they get. There are no parliamentary elections at all. Below are National Election Results (SA);

  8. A record 29 political parties contested these elections and 13 have received sufficient votes to have representation in the National Assembly

    These parties are:

    The African People’s Convention (APC) with 1 seat
    The Pan Africanist Congress of Azania (PAC) with 1 seat
    AGANG South Africa with 2 seats
    The African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP) with 3 seats
    The African Independent Congress (AIC) with 3 seats
    The Congress of the People (COPE) with 3 seats
    The United Democratic Movement (UDM) with 4 seats
    The Vryheidsfront Plus (VF Plus) with 4 seats
    The National Freedom Party (NFP) with 6 seats
    The Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) with 10 seats
    The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) with 25 seats
    The Democratic Alliance (DA with 89 seats
    249 seats is the African National Congress…

  9. Why are you people always saying that the opposition is failing to mobilize people, can see or head how UPND supporters were crushed in Mambwe, Ndola,……Fr Bwalya was poured with beer…….and many……the current environment under this PF is violent. No freedom of expression. But Summer is busy organizing people to vote for PF in 2016. What a country. MMD was smart and a better political party in this era.

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