Teenage pregnancies; Education Minister says the devil is at play

Education Minister John Phiri and Turkish Ambassador to Zambia Ahmet Arda sharing wards during Horizon Education Trust School ground breaking for the Girls Secondary School
Education Minister John Phiri and Turkish Ambassador to Zambia Ahmet Arda sharing wards during Horizon Education Trust School ground breaking for the Girls Secondary School

Education Minister John Phiri says the high number of school girls falling pregnant shows that the devil is at play in the education sector.
Mr Phiri said he is shocked that School Headmasters are proudly releasing figures of pregnancies each time without any shame. He said School Headmasters must take it upon themselves.

And the Secondary School Teachers Union of Zambia (SESTUZ) has condemned teachers in the habit of having sexual relations with pupils.
SESTUZ Deputy Secretary General Emmanuel Zulu has told Qfm in an interview that teachers are supposed to be role models to children.

Mr Zulu says it is worrying teachers are the ones involved in sexual relationships with pupils who they are expected to protect.

Mr. Zulu says apart from disturbing the girl’s progress in school, sexual relationships between teachers and pupils also eludes the confidence that children have in teachers and the children begin to lose respect for their teachers.

He states that teachers should be more responsible in instilling discipline and good morals in their pupils by playing the role of parents instead of abusing them.

Mr. Zulu states that SESTUZ strongly condemns the acts of sexual abuse on pupils by teachers and that necessary punishment under the law should be meted out on the culprits.

He has further appealed to the teachers to conduct themselves in a respectful manner and desist from such habits so as to protect the teaching profession.


  1. Oh stop it! You have given away neighborhood spaces meant for children’s parks for house construction and deprived the young of all manner of extra-curricular respite and all you can think of is that elusive guy called the devil?? At your age and with your standing??? I cannot even begin to believe such trash.

  2. Ba sushi ba Education Minister. Like his boss and the rest of the PF government. All farts! old ones at that and those are real stinkers.

  3. That’s because nobody wants to talk about sex and it’s potential consequences. Why give the devil more credit/power than he deserves?

    • @Soap Opera, my point exactly! Actually we don’t even need the devil, especially in Zambia. Man himself has crafted enough evil to even shame the one who is continuously accused of originating it! It is disgusting when people decide to stop thinking, isn’t it?

  4. We need not to say the devil. Its the whole system that needs to be looked at Critically including the Parents. For instance in Nkeyema district western province at Munkuye primary right at Munkuye Cross. A teacher was caught having sex with a 14 year old pupil of Munkuye Primary. The teacher was beaten by the Community & family members of the girl Instead of reporting the case to the relevant authorities. The following day the parents & the teacher negotiated for a settlement of K30,000.00 to be paid by this teacher. This is not the only case at this school. Some grade Nine & Eight pupils have been impregnated by the same teachers. Sanity needs to brought to this school & i call upon the higher authority to investigate on how this school is being managed.

  5. When you don’t have a government policy then blame the devil. In other words he is confirming that his government has no clue on what to do. Chimbwi no plan.

  6. Sex education is needed in schools. That’s one. Two:carnal knowledge of a minor is rape.Doesn’t matter if she went along with it. Obviously it’s coercion. Three:Teacher+Student sexual relationship = Instant dismissal for the teacher.Period.And one more thing; blaming the devil for society’s ills is done by people who don’t want to think and find solutions to life’s problems.It’s a tragedy that such a one is charged with heading the education of the nation.A tragedy!

  7. The minister shudn’t be much blamed becoz that’s afterall the best we can go as a Christian nation.He’s merely echoing what the church is telling us every day. So, why the hypocricy? I however find reason to be apprehensive with the unionist for finding a scapegoat in the teacher.The same old, boring crap without evidence let alone statistics to show the teacher culprits.We all know that these pupils can commit sex anywhere,with anyone and not any less with fellow pupils.Were there teachers at C’kankata,Chingola sexcapades?Let’s be objective and rational instead of being shallow

  8. “the devil is at play in the education sector”? very ignorant remarks honourable Phiri…its poverty,in short poor governance…zambians should stop making any problem to look like its spiritual.

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